Saturday, August 31, 2013

Friday Afternoon Dinar Chatter

Friday Afternoon Dinar Chatter

Currency Chatter/Randy Koonce

How you Makin it ?  Just dropping a note to let people know that we are still in a good window for
the next 10 days, Things seem to be progressing,

It could be any day up to the 10 days if it happens to go past then there would be a hold up and we would need to get information and we will as soon as we can….

But right now the window is very strong for the next 10 days….

Check  every day to see if it has changed… do not take a guru or a post about in
country RV or any thing else do not be fooled just check the CBI

Do not let your emotions get to you.

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Stevo : This will be a lot of lasts for us. The last Friday, the last weekend, the last holiday before the RV.
It will also be the beginning for a lot of things. A lot of really GREAT things!!!   GO RV!!!

[mort] fri-3:22 pm est-just talked with my int lawyer and he just told me that some high up from madam woo-probably one of the elders of hers is already on his way to Hong Kong to swipe one of the cards through from someone there-they do not need his signature-but they do need his card run through to signal to get this rv done...did not say what happened to the guy...but i guess they are glad to help the guy out-lol... There are a certain amount of some kind of cards that all have to be swiped through for the rv to get done-he said this was one of the last one's they needed to get this done..alot going on behind the scenes that we do not know and probably never will! He said this should all be done between now & Sunday! He does not see this going to the Royal Bank of Canada at all. So look for the higher rates!

[jake00] the $660T bonds were completed. A group of US congressmen came from Switzerland with bonds. I got calls from people who received their bonds, they were elated. I actually got a copy of a check (front & back) of $500M that someone received. so this is what okie meant about the swiss watch

[carguy] Words or phrases I will strike from my vernacular Post RV - Soon, Done, There, Wait, JL, O, CL, Wu, Reserve, Any Minute, Reno, IMF, CBI, GOI, Malaki, backscreen, teller screen, place holder, process, rate, Called in, On alert, also all metaphors with ships, planes, trains, birthing babies. My new reply to anyone asking how I am - post RV? - Superfantastic!

[suzy] BLUWOLF I want the President to know that we know, I want all secret societies to know that we know, I want the Queen to know we know, I want your Congress and all 3 letter agencies to know that we know, enough is enough just get the darn thing done no more bs.Bluwolf



[Jamison] BLESSME Everything looks great based on what everybody knows that has happened so far, everything is prepared to handle us when it does happen, eventually that checklist of things that need to happen (which we dont know about) will be done and the emails will start flying

 [Jamison] BLESSME There is no plan a and plan b , there is not a 660 trillion dollar situation, its just stories that are being fed into the system, knowing that certain people will pick them up and run with it to confuse the massess, just take care of your families and when its ready it will happen

[wingnaprayer] Jamison Do you agree that we are in a window for this to happen?

 [Jamison] wingnaprayer based on what we all know that has happened, it looks like it, but a month ago we did not know about the cix, things pop up monthly that we did not know about that actually makes sense that need to happen, like I said, when that list of things that we dont know about is done, we may  see this happen

[Jamison] wingnaprayer In the meantime, alot of disinformation is being put out there, and the part of the dinar world just needs info so they believe that the info is true, when it is so far from the truth. If we dont stay grounded and be effected by the misinformation we might make it thru this winning

[nolaspice] Jamison and all of this is in your personal honest opinion correct? Lol

[t3mpo83] Jamison Agreed, 30 days is nonsense. That whole time limit is disinformation, it's illegal for them to do so.

[Jamison] nolaspice well if the site makes me say it , I guess so lol

[Jamison] If you want to go cash exchange in your home town and that teller spreads the rumor that you are rich you will have ever charity in your area calling you daily, the NDA is also to protect us for things like that happening


Emailed to Recaps:

My brother, a non-dinarian, is beginning to be a believer and shared a personal story with me that I felt compelled to pass on.

 His friends won $50,000000. in the lottery ( around 12 years ago), which unfortunately becomes public info. They have said that it is the worst thing that has ever happened to them. They've had no peace and have had to move several times.

They were initially flashy with their new wealth as lottery winners and said they should have been more prudent with their choices, though they still have wealth they feel was a curse.

Their advice to anyone who comes into sudden wealth; stop, breathe, relax, get advisement, stay LOW KEY in helping people in need, as there are many. Don't let it change your core values, but to let your new abundance be an instrument to enhance those wonderful attributes we hold in our hearts.

For they are the real reason we have been chosen to be here at this time. How we respond to His generosity in this life will undoubtedly impact our next - for we can't take any of our prosperity with us.

As a believer, I know in my " knower" that we are blessed and I put my trust in Him as our prosperity is delivered in His time! Peace, God bless, stay calm and strong and embrace today as the gift that's our present while we plan for for tomorrows!   Savvy1Sez

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Anonymous said...

Are you just kidding? There has been a window of opportunity for the past 2 year! " you're going to have a great New Year, you're going to a a Mothers Day you will never forget, you are going to have an Independence Day you will never forget, now you will have blessings this holiday?if this were a man courting a woman you would say get the Hell away for him because he means you no good. Full of empty promises in every statement. Just stop already. You don't have intel, you just have lies and speculation. I wouldn't exchange dinar with any big bank. None of them can be trusted. Wake up people!