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Pastor Emry may have nailed this one!

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Subj: Pastor Emry may have nailed this one!
30 August A.D. 2013

Here's the link to the article about Glen Beck's bold and timely statement of his understanding that [the] "U.S." is one of the "lost 10 tribes of Israel."

Of course, it'd be a bit closer to the reality for him to say that the Anglos in America are descendants of one or more of the descendants of Israel, but this will work as an opener.

What Pastor Sheldon Emry believed was that in the "last days," and even at the 11th hour in the "last days," prior to the remanifestation of Messiah, America (some more specifically, that part of America that should long since have recognized itself as "of Israel," i.e., Caucasian America) would suddenly accept and implement the "Nineveh Alternative!"  ("Nineveh Alternative!" is this author's phrasing, labeling of the event).  Pastor Emry would describe it as a material and genuine act of repentance experienced throughout our nation.

It's amazing not only that Glen Beck (a mormon, i.e., a member of one of the most blatant "queen of heaven" sex cults on the face of the planet -- there will be no "mormons" in The Kingdom -- those good people need to start distancing themselves from that school of thought immediately, if not sooner -- if this is difficult to read, know that it's at least ten times more difficult to (have to) write) would not only "get it" but also be that bold on such an issue, especially "now," but also that WND would carry it.  Miracles surround us daily, hourly, which are fully "visible" if we would but look for them. :)  There is no level of sin to which any of us may have grown accustomed that will ever be a (permanent) barrier to the reach of the arm of YAHUWAH [God]!

It'll take that sort of "popular presentation" of the reality to get it kick started, and where there's smoke, there's gonna be a fire, this author says quite hopefully!

The "fire" of purification is, in part, also a fire of destruction, for the impure is released and separated from the pure so as to allow the impurities to be removed "for ever." 

It's not accidental that purification of silver is the typical analogy.  In addition to being God's Money, silver also has inherent healing qualities; hence, a subtle and "hidden" health benefit is derived from its regular use and handling.

This is a terrific development, and God willing, Israel in America will come to recognize in time for it to matter that God's Laws really do matter!  We've got one path that's going to mean anything in our dealings with this monstrous, vexatious, criminal war-machine "Beast" system, and it's called repentance.  Whatever versions of the "blame game" keep one away from looking into the mirror, the sooner we start looking at the person we find in the mirror, the sooner we start to accept the ultimate source of this nation's decline and self-destruction; hence, also, to say in that very same breath, the source of the solution and perpetuation of this nation. Repentance takes on its full significance sometime after the reality of the very real and very direct application of God's Laws in our lives today, as we "speak" (and read), takes on its full significance.

God has first called Israel to serve Him.  We are a servant people, and we do well to make all deliberate speed in acquainting ourselves with what that means and has always meant and will always mean to our Ever-living God.  As it soaks in, crushes in, on those who have willfully denied this aspect of our reality, it will change hearts and minds for the benefit of His Kingdom.

Thus, Pastor Emry may have nailed this one!  A lifting of the glass in recognition of Pastor Emry and his unswerving faith in his God, and to his God, the God of Abram/Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel, Who manifested in the flesh to fulfill all the Laws and the prophecies regarding Messiah, including the realities that the blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk, and the prisoner (of the lies of man) is released, and the reality His being murdered for talking unbearably pure reality and then proving that He is King, not man, by rising again from the Grave.  God and God alone has conquered Death; that's a power that "man" does not have; hence, the conclusive proof that God is King, not man.

May all of Israel in America contribute to this nation's realization of the "Nineveh Alternative!", even if it's at the 11th hour!

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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There is a mountain of information out there supporting Beck's claim about the "lost" identity of people throughout the world, especially the English speaking people and others in countries in Europe. One reliable source is and others are and