Thursday, August 29, 2013

MarkZ Chat Posted by GdsGrl21 at I4U Forum Thursday PM

MarkZ Chat Posted by GdsGrl21 at I4U Forum Thursday PM

[caddylady89] MarkZ long time noo see

[MarkZ] caddylady89 I have been trying really hard to do the responsible thing and keep quiet. ;)

[tampa---dd] MarkZ One half of a great steak tour .. how's it going buddy?

[MarkZ] tampa---dd Hungry for steak

[TRudinarfreedom] MarkZ miss you bro

[MarkZ] TRudinarfreedom It is good to be here.

[caddylady89] sept 1st look good ? is that simpler

[MarkZ] caddylady89 I do agree with that timing

[notsoguru] MarkZ what tidbits can you share with us without causing any problems
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[MarkZ] notsoguru Safe things to share..... a touch over 660T moved around. I know that figure will cause some flaming from the negative naysayers on the comment section but they can kiss my grits... :) HUGE shake up and come to Jesus moment for the brass at WF again. I believe it worked this time.

[MarkZ I would like to do some shaking on my way to WF too as for the come to Jesus part i say let it pour!!!

[MarkZ] notsoguru I believe we moved past any chance of needing Mt Goat's plan B a little earlier this afternoon. Right now it appears the bright light on the road to Damascus was finally seen in the desert of Reno at corporate. There is a huge amount going on at this moment

[caddylady89] ok lets see if i can push it little farther ... u agree with rates that have been floating around...

[MarkZ] caddylady89 A lot of them have been placer rates but I am confident that Mt Goat is accurate about the street rates. Keep in mind the street rate of the kuwaiti dinar and what it went for at the bank level. We all need to keep an open mind but also a realistic grounded level of questions we ask our intel folks

[notsoguru] MarkZ I think plan A has a lot less problems to it than plan b - too many could cause problems with plan b if given a little time - hopefully the PTB see the light on the road to Damascus

[MarkZ] notsoguru They were offered a Judge Roy Bean option which looks to have finally made it through their greedy skulls.

[caddylady89] MarkZ can u explain

[MarkZ] Did anyone see the Life and times of JRB? Favorite line, hang 'em all and let God sort em.

[MAC] MarkZ By chance are you in the heating and cooling business

[MarkZ] MAC None. I am way too familiar with it from my Bar/Restaruant owning days though.

[tampa---dd] MarkZ Do you feel a backwall date is even possible to implement in this scenario?

[MarkZ] tampa---dd It is a difficult thing to set but the one Okie is looking at will be (strong explitive) difficult one to go past.

[fhdinar] MarkZ does this have to happen tues-Thursday due to banking or any day?

[MarkZ] fhdinar no

[notsoguru] MarkZ if Iraq gets put back under chapter 7 sanctions wont that have more of an adverse effect on possible fighting in the ME

[MarkZ] notsoguru they need it avoid Civil war and to finance any possible flair up in Syria

[sandytob] MarkZ Hey Markz! I missed the beginning when you came in, but do you think we will get this going on Plan A?

[MarkZ] sandytob yes I do

[MarkZ the dinar has already caused a Civil war at my house

[MarkZ] bama It has in a lot of houses

[dilmus] MarkZ i pray we keep our kids out of that war

[MarkZ] dilmus123 I think we will.

[dilmus123] MarkZ we help others and then both sides turn on us

[MarkZ] dilmus123 If our motives were better we would be above that

[misskitty05] cougar428 I think Okie is saying there is no premium over the street rate IMO

[MarkZ] misskitty05 He is saying that on the VND

[sandytob] MarkZ I just hope that vnd street rate comes out waaaaaaaaaaaaay high!

[MarkZ] sandytob logic says .45-.50 but reports are much higher.

[MarkZ] sandytob Lol also I would like to add that this is all just my opinion........

[Stash] jack1977 I would take .50 in a heart beat

[MarkZ] Stash I totally agree

[wisemonkey] MarkZ You thinking before Sept 1?? Thank you Sir!

[MarkZ] wisemonkey I am. I hope to be correct too..... . I am blessed in that I have tremendous sources and contacts so I have a very different level of knowledge to work with on this. How you all have remained sane during this process is truly remarkable.

[notsoguru] MarkZ any other words of wisdom you can share without causing problems

[MarkZ] notsoguru try to stay positive, could something pop up? Yes but it looks to be way past that point FINALLY!!!!!! Stay grounded, stay positive, pay it forward and remember to give thanks.

[Stash] MarkZ do you think we are there

[MarkZ] Stash I do

[terrib] MarkZ can it be amn?

[MarkZ] terrib even though we are allergic to that abbreviation.... yes

[wisemonkey] MarkZ Can you tell us any more about the "bright light on the road to Damascus" in Reno?? Thanks again

[MarkZ] wisemonkey Just that the leadership there seems have finally seen the light and got their butts moving in the right direction

[sooner84] MarkZ So its sounds more like people delays instead of IT delays.

[MarkZ] sooner84 it has been both but things are cooking right now. I am grounded

[waiting] MarkZ sorry if a repeat question... Do u know which "plan" is in the works?? Just signed in

[MarkZ] Waiting plan A

[MarkZ] Hey folks...... What comes before Part B?

[oxglove] MarkZ from where you sit, can you see this being clear to go with no obstructions now, finally, like between now and Aug. 31 midnight? in your opinion of course

[MarkZ] oxglove I believe so and am VERY hopeful.

[viper1] MarkZ - I understand there is no 50% withholding of taxes. Is that your understanding?

[MarkZ] viper1 Yes. I believe Zap was referring to a tax the Chinese got stuck with when they refused to allow the banks to screw us on the rate and spreads.

MarkZ] viper1 I am fortunate in that I have some excellent contacts with the Chinese and yes they are more worried about our well being that our politicians and bankers. It is sad and disgusting......

[nolaspice] i have a bible in one hand and a 5th of grey goose in the other today - we are prepared to give thanks and party - so bring it on MarkZ

[MarkZ] nolaspice I like your style!!!!!!

[MarkZ] I need to run for a bit. IMO if you want good intel listen to ZAP, Mt Goat, Jester and Tony has great sources. When in doubt though just ask Okie. He is the Yoda of gurus.

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Concerned Reader said...

I and many others happen to be deeply offended by the following above quote, "When in doubt though just ask Okie. He is the Yoda of gurus." In my neck of the woods, Okie has been the source of much misery and sorrow when absolutely calling the RV done in the past. Sorry to burst your bubble but he just doesn't know when to stop being the "first". It's difficult for many of us to believe he is actually still posting. He must be an expert at wiping egg off his face by now! Seriously, he has done damage with posting inaccurate information and jumping the gun!!