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Iranian Filmmaker Alleges Secret Society is Behind Arab Spring Revolutions...Sinister Plan May Lead to World War III - Christian Newswire

Thursday May 16, 2013 [Download]

Today’s Guest: Bahman Nassiri
Topic: Iranian filmmaker and 32nd Degree Freemason Bahman Nassiri gives his last interview to Trunews in which he vows to tell all he knows about the ancient Roshaniya Brotherhood secret society and its connection to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, Western intelligence agencies, the planned attack on Iran, and the New World Order agenda for World War III.

Iranian Filmmaker Alleges Secret Society is Behind Arab Spring Revolutions...Sinister Plan May Lead to World War III
Contact: Chase Anderson,
VERO BEACH, Fla., May 16, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- An Iranian filmmaker told Trunews radio host Rick Wiles today that the current Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East are the work of a secret society that used Western intelligence agencies to plan and instigate the 1979 Iranian Revolution to overthrow the Shah of Iran.
Mr. Bahman Nassiri is the writer and producer of the independent film Golden Veil released in 2011. The movie's plot is set against a backdrop of greed, corruption, and political intrigue woven together in a web of international conspiracies, deception, and secret agendas -- all hidden behind a mysterious "golden veil."
Mr. Nassiri is also a 32nd Degree Freemason. He was initiated into Freemasonry decades ago while still living in Iran. He said Freemasonry was imported to Iran over 150 years ago by the British. Mr. Nassiri said the British frequently set up secret networks of Freemasons in nations they seek to subjugate and colonize.
Freemasonry, however, is not the secret society he alleges is masterminding a spate of violent revolutions and uprisings across the Middle East since late 2011. In the Golden Veil movie, Mr. Nassiri alludes to the hidden influence of the Roshaniya Brotherhood. Roshaniya was started in Afghanistan in the 16th century. The filmmaker said Roshaniya is linked to the Skull & Bones secret society at Yale University.
Mr. Wiles responded, "That explains why George W. Bush was in business with Osama bin Laden's brother in a Texas oil company."
Mr. Nassiri said Osama bin Laden broke off from the main Roshaniya Brotherhood to form his own Islamic secret society known as al-Qaeda.
When asked by Wiles if Roshaniya is the secret society behind the Arab uprisings, Mr. Nassiri said Roshaniya is controlled by an even more powerful secret society. The filmmaker said he had personal knowledge of the top secret group because a high level member in Iran was his deceased father's closest personal friend.
When pressed by Wiles to identify the group, Mr. Nassiri reluctantly said the super-secret society is based in Washington D.C. and is known as "the Eagles." Wiles asked him if he was referring to the Fraternal of Eagles. Mr. Nassiri said, "No, it is another group that goes by the name Eagles."
The Golden Veil producer said membership in the Eagles is limited to the most powerful men in the defense industries, oil companies, and major banks in the United States and Great Britain. Nassiri described the Eagles as "the most powerful secret society in the world."
The filmmaker said that the 1979 Iranian Revolution was secretly instigated by Western intelligence agencies seeking to overthrow the Shah of Iran. Mr. Nassiri named the USA, Great Britain, and France as the three primary Western powers behind the 1979 uprising that brought the militant mullahs to power.
He said the Eagles' master plan is to set the entire Middle East on fire through revolutions, social unrest, and wars. Mr. Nassiri told Trunews that Syria will be the last war "before the big war" which will target Iran. Mr. Nassiri said he fears the attack on Iran may erupt into World War III.
Wiles asked Nassiri why the West wanted to dump the Shah of Iran. Mr. Nassiri said the 1979 Iranian Revolution was the first step in unveiling the secret society's New World Order. He said the secret society's master plan calls for turning the entire Middle East into a seething hotbed of hatred for the USA and Israel. He expects other Middle Eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia to collapse and come under control of militant Islamic groups affiliated with al-Qaeda.
The Iranian-born independent filmmaker said he produced the Golden Veil movie and is speaking publicly about the agenda in hopes that enough exposure will stop the Eagles from completing their plans before it erupts into World War III.

He said the ultimate end-game of the Eagles is the introduction of their New World Order to dominate seven billion humans.

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