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Trump Refuses To Fly ‘Til He Talks To Injured Officer'

COP ESCORTING TRUMP'S MOTORCADE FALLS OFF HIS MOTORCYCLE AND IS LEFT IN AGONY ON SIDE OF HWY I70                            Trump Refuses To Fly ‘Til He Talks To Injured Officer'

Indianapolis police officer Robert Turner fell off his motorcycle while escorting President Trump on Wednesday
Officer Turner's motorcycle was left abandoned on the road as he was taken to hospital 
Trump was on his way to the airport to board Air Force One on Wednesday when the cop hurt himself. The motorcade carried him on to Indianapolis International Airport where he is seen above afterwards
The president posed with Turner's colleagues at the airport before boarding the plane. He later called Turner to ask if he was OK

  • Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Robert Turner fell off his motorcycle on Hwy I-70
  • He was one of several local cops who had joined President Trump's motorcade
  • It is not known what caused Turner to crash but he suffered a broken ankle 
  • After driving off to the airport, the president phoned him on his way home 
  • Turner was taken to hospital but was expected to be released late on Wednesday 

An Indianapolis police officer fell off his motorcycle as he escorted President Trump through the city on Wednesday.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Officer Robert Turner was one of a handful of local cops roped in to assist Trump's motorcade in the city. 

He was escorting him back to Air Force One at the airport when he suddenly fell off his bike on I-70. 

It is not known what caused the crash but Turner suffered a broken ankle and several cuts and abrasions.

Once on board Air Force One, President Trump phoned the wounded officer to ask how he was recovering and to thank him for his service. 

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the accident on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon. 

'Motorcycle Officer slightly injured during POTUS motorcade. Transported in good condition.

'Officer continues to recover at hospital after accident escorting POTUS. Expected to be released in the near future,' they said. 

The president was in Indianapolis to deliver a rousing and revealing speech on his plans for tax reform.  He used it to describe his plan for the 'miracle middle class'. 

Indianapolis Police Officers pictured in formation after escorting the president to the airport

Critter Pics: Lotsa Laffs

Critter Pics: Lotsa Laffs



Published on Sep 29, 2017
Sub for more: | Kim Smith for the Conservative Tribune reports, Parents are furious after they discovered that a Mesa, Arizona elementary school teacher took it upon herself to revise the Declaration of Independence to reflect gender neutrality.

Tear down this stall!

Me and YouTube and Jerry Day

By Anna Von Reitz

I have a confession.  

I don't watch many YouTube videos.  Even those recommended by friends get screened pretty rigorously.   

YouTube, in my opinion, is a LOT better than broadcast television, more varied, more fun, more real--- and yet, I don't watch much of that, either.  


Because most YouTube videos are long, drawn-out, arcane, boring, and could easily condense their actual content into 5 or 10 minute presentations instead of the two hour long self-promotion extravaganzas that are all too common.

Today I found a very happy exception:  Jerry Day.  

He packed more useful, factual, actual information into just a few minutes than most Freedom Gurus offer up in days worth of zombie-like screen staring. 

Jerry Day packs it in, pulls no punches, and lays it out.  I could have kissed him for his presentation titled, "Do You Know How Much Tax You Pay?"   

I could have (and would have) given him a standing ovation for "God, Money, and Lies"--- if he had been present to see the old lady clapping and stomping her feet. 

If you are going to spend time watching YouTube presentations --- I can recommend that you watch Jerry Day.   He won't waste your precious time. 

Here are some examples of his work on YouTube.   Pay special attention to the last one.



Friday, September 29, 2017



By Gary McIntyre

The National Football League may need to change its logo from a shield to a white flag. 

Because just five days after NFL players and executives made a foolish attempt to stand up to President Donald Trump, it looks like the league is ready to back down. 

Dozens of NFL players kneeled in protest during the national anthem this past Sunday, after Trump suggested that players who protest the anthem should be fired. 

Trump even promised to call for a boycott if the protests didn’t stop. 

Almost immediately, the NFL knew it was in trouble – and now some of the league’s signature teams are promising they’ll begin standing for the anthem again.
The backlash against the NFL was swift and harsh. 

Sponsors pulled their advertising. NFL ticket sales were down 18% after the protests. 

DIRECTV was reportedly forced to give offended fans refunds on a premium football package. One Indianapolis Colts fan and military veteran even burned his season tickets. 

And NFL executives have started taking notice of fans’ outrage. 

Denver Broncos General Manager and legendary quarterback John Elway said the football field isn’t the place to play politics. The Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Green Bay Packers have all announced that they will be standing for the anthem going forward. 

And other teams are certain to follow. 

“I promise you one thing, this week we will all be standing out there for the national anthem. Trust me,” said Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey. 

This comes just one week after the Steelers refused to take the field at all for the national anthem. 

Of course, some NFL players may continue their protests. But what seemed like a league-wide coalition just days ago has fallen apart over fan unrest, financial pressures, and criticism from Trump. 

This latest win is vintage Trump. He used social media and speeches to communicate directly with his base of millions of Americans, bypassing the mainstream media that largely supported the protests.

The NFL learned the hard way that Trump, as president, still has the most influential bully pulpit in the world.
And he’s not afraid to use it when pampered athletes are disrespecting our country or our flag.



By Theodore Shoebat  September 28, 2017

Christian children in Iraq have been begging Donald Trump for help, as we read in one report:
Christian and Yazidi children who’ve been targeted by the Islamic State terror group with genocide are pleading with U.S. President Donald Trump to do more to save them.
Fox News reported on Tuesday that it has obtained photos of the childrens’ messages to Trump from refugee camps in Iraq, some of them reading “God Bless USA,” “Don’t forget us President Trump,” and “Please help us Mr. Trump,” signed as “Christians in Iraq.”
Nina Shea, director of the Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, warned that the State Department is facing a deadline to provide portions of more than $1 billion in aid to religious minorities targeted by Islamic radicals.
“I think it will strike the conscience to see the real faces of innocent children who need to be rescued,” Shea said.
“When images of the Yazidis fleeing Mt. Sinjar were made public, it galvanized the previous [Obama] administration to go back with troops, food drops and other aid after our military had already pulled out of Iraq.”
“We saw something similar with President Trump’s actions after the chemical attacks in Syria,” she added, referring to U.S. strikes on Syria earlier this year.
Although the Consolidated Appropriations Act (??) promised $1.3 billion in humanitarian aid for Christians, Yazidis, and other persecuted minorities, the refugees have reportedly not seen any of that money.
What is more, the Act is set to expire this week at the end of the fiscal year.
In September, Catholic and Christian churches called for USAID to release $22 million of the allocated funds, but state officials have said that there is a “religion blind” policy which prevents money form being sent to religious groups despite the statutory mandate to assist these communities.  (Now WHAT THE LEADER OF WHAT POLITICAL PARTY DO YOU SUPPOSE WOULD HAVE ARRANGED FOR THAT TO OCCUR??)
Fox noted that an exception was made for the Rohingya Muslim refugees from Myanmar, however, who received $32 million in aid.
“It is always good when people who are in danger are helped. But why is there a terrible disparity between our government’s treatment of the Rohingya Muslims in Burma and the absolute lack of help for Christians in Iraq — whom Secretary Tillerson declared last month to be victims of genocide,” Shea continued.
“The principles at stake are enormous. In Iraq we should be helping people that are victims of genocide, but our government is not. We should be caring for all religious minorities, but our government is not. We should be concerned about religious freedom, but our government is not.”
The Trump administration’s first International Religious Freedom Report recognized the genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria back in August, with Secretary of State Rex. W. Tillerson writing: “ISIS has and continues to target members of multiple religions and ethnicities for rape, kidnapping, enslavement, and death. (US SPONSORED) ISIS is clearly responsible for genocide against Yezidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims in areas it controlled.”
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said on Tuesday that while the Trump administration has recognized the genocide, “it has taken surprisingly long for it to do something about it.”  (So WHO in the Trump Admin is a sleeper agent working to counter ANY HELP for Christians?)
“It’s time for the State Department to follow through on its commitment to help these families, who are being hunted down simply for believing in Jesus Christ. The least America can do is ensure that its money is not only being used — but used effectively,” Perkins added. 

BOYCOTT Pilot and Flying J truck stops

Vets & Truckers Are Ditching Famous Gas Station Chain Over Flag Disgrace

Over the past few days, millions of Americans have expressed their outrage over professional football players kneeling during the national anthem. Now, that outrage is turning into actioN.

A number of truck drivers, veterans and everyday Americans are threatening to boycott the gas station chain Pilot Flying J over the actions of the owner — who also owns the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, as well as the actions of one store manager in KentuckY.

Several weeks ago, according to WSAZ,  a group of veterans rolled up to a Flying J in the Bluegrass State and put up flags to welcome a rolling Vietnam Memorial. The manager of that particular store then came out and told the vets they weren’t allowed to fly the flags.

Since the incident, a large group of veterans have been staging a protest, demanding that the Flying J install a flag pole and fly both the American and POW flags.

In a statement, Pilot Flying J claimed the flags are not allowed to fly for safety reasonS.

“Pilot Flying J proudly welcomes the American flag at all our locations. After looking into the concern at our store #660, located at 15236 State Route 180, Catlettsburg, KY, we found that the concerns were not with the flags themselves but with the safety of where they were placed as we need to make sure they don’t block the lines of sight of drivers pulling into our locations,” read a statement by the company.

As if that particular controversy wasn’t enough, another group of patriots are calling for a boycott of all Pilot Flying J locations because of the on-field protests of Pilot Flying J owner Jimmy Haslam’s Browns football players.

In a video recorded outside a Pilot Flying J store and posted on Facebook, a man identifying himself as a Navy veteran named Matt called for a boycott of the stores until Haslam stops supporting those who are disrespecting the American flag.

“We just watched the beginning of the Cleveland Browns (game) and the national anthem, and the owner, Jimmy Haslam allowed most of his team to take a knee during the anthem,” Matt stated.

Matt also spray-painted a big red red circle with a line through it on his Browns leather jacket.

“Jimmy Haslam owns all the Pilots and the Flying Js in the country. What you need to do if you support this (is) do not go to a Pilot, do not go to a Flying J, until he states to his team that no member will be allowed to take a knee during the national anthem” he continued.

 The Cleveland Browns, owned by Jimmy Haslam, were allowed to take a knee once again during the National Anthem at Indianapolis. Pilot and Flying J truck stops are owned by Haslam. Two patriots call for a boycott of these truck stops..

This will likely not be the last boycott brought on by the national anthem protests. These football team owners are about to pay for their actions with their wallets.

If Americans stop watching the games, stop patronizing the team owners’ other businesses, and otherwise stop giving these non-patriots their money, it hopefully won’t be long before they change their tune about allowing players to kneel.



Martial Law declared in Texas

 Military man speaks out about
FEMA death during hurricane Harvey
watch before its taken down

FEMA & Red Cross Exposed * Houston, Tx *
try to overlook this man's racism 



Texans being killed by private contractors terrorists

Texas Walmart FEMA Initiate Martial Law
October 1 2017

Find Out Why They’re Astounded!

Melania Trump Abruptly Departs White House 
When People Find Out Why They’re Astounded!


Red-blooded Americans have had enough

Breaking: NFL Ticket Sales Numbers Are in… Absolutely Brutal News for            Anthem Haters

The NFL and its flag-disrespecting players just got the worst news possible, which is topping off a week of nothing but bad news.

First, one of the biggest broadcasters of football games announced that it would break its own policy and allow outraged fans to cancel their sports packages. We thought that was great. Little did we know what was to come.

Today recent ticket sales for the troubled league have been revealed — and they show that fans have declared all-out war on the NFL, hitting them right in the wallet.
The Washington Examiner has just reported that professional football ticket sales have plummeted nearly 20 percent this week compared to last week.  

That information was based on data from TickPick, a major online ticket reseller. Specifically, the retail site reported a drop of 17.9 in the last week. “We have seen a massive decrease in NFL ticket purchases this past week in comparison to years past. Week 3 seems to usually have less ticket orders than week 2, but this year ticket purchases are down more than 7 percent from this time last year,” TickPick representative Jack Slingland explained.

For a league that takes in a huge amount of revenue annually, a 17.9 percent drop in ticket sales could mean a loss of billions of dollars. The football ticket sales expert stopped short of specifically blaming the NFL’s anti-anthem antics for the drop, but strongly hinted that this was the cause.  

“The conversation around the NFL this week has focused on the president’s comments as well as the players’ and owners’ reaction,” Slingland told The Washington Examiner.  “As viewers continue to abandon their NFL Sunday habits, both the number of ticket sales and the purchase price of tickets will drop."

Given that the American people are squarely arrayed against the NFL, Slingland probably could have curried some goodwill from fans if he had just embraced the truth wholeheartedly — the American people are furious that multimillionaires think their lot in life is worse than the average American’s.  Showing just how out of touch the Trump-deranged liberals are, they actually didn’t see a problem with such an insane claim (I guess the derangement explains that, huh?).

They actually thought the American people would sit there to be lectured by people who make more money, saying that every day Americans are the real problem. And just as they did before the last presidential election, left-leaning groups dramatically under-estimated the number of patriotic Americans who are fed up with being ignored and insulted.

Red-blooded Americans have had enough. If we haven’t reached the tipping point where they lose millions of fans over this, we’re almost there.

Let’s keep the heat on them if you think the arrogant NFL is getting exactly what it deserves.
Is the NFL getting what it deserves? 



What’s wrong with his uniform?

Are we now paying for schooling for our enemies within?


Published on Sep 28, 2017
Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports: The following photo has been flying across social media the past couple of days. It’ll make you sick. It shows US Army infantry officer and West Point graduate Spenser Rapone was making rounds on Monday because of his uniform. Do you see what’s wrong with his uniform?

See the report here:

Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE):

Hugh Hefner, iconic founder of Playboy, has died at age 91

  • Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner dies at the Playboy Mansion at age 91.
  • "He defined a lifestyle and ethos that lie at the heart of the Playboy brand, one of the most recognizable and enduring in history," son Cooper says.

Hugh Hefner passed away on Wednesday, September 27 at age 91, due to natural causes. After founding ‘Playboy’ magazine in 1953, when he was just 27 years old, Hef amassed an incomprehensible ...

A Note Is A Note Is A Note Is A Note

By Anna Von Reitz

A note by any other name would smell as bad. 

What is a note?  It's the flip-side of a bond.  

You promise to pay a note in the future.  Someone or something else promises to pay you a bond in the future.  

Both a note and a bond are debt instruments.  Neither one of them can pay anything.  They can only create and transfer debt, debt, debt, and more debt. 

So it doesn't matter if it is a "Federal Reserve Note" or a "US Note".  Both are nothing more or less than I.O.U's.  

But, wait a minute---- do you owe them, such that you need to pass around I.O.U's in lieu of money?  

No, you don't.  Instead, they owe you quadrillions of dollars--- a debt all these corporations are trying to escape by claiming bankruptcy protection and by offering "private settlements" at less than a penny a dollar.  

They think they are going to just boot up another store front and go on merrily racking up debts against you and your assets until you are totally enslaved, penniless, homeless, dependent, and hopeless---literally buried under layers of "government" and government "services".   

Lucky for you, you don't have a contract with them anymore.    

Don't let the screen door hit them on the way out.  

And don't be confused into thinking that a "US Note" is something different or better than a "Federal Reserve Note".  

Repeat after me: "A note is a note is a note is a note is a note......" 

See this article and over 700 others on Anna's website

And under Title 31 U.S.C. section 3124 Banking and Finance they cannot receive any type of trust or bond for payment or they will be committing a felony punishable under Title 18 U.S.C. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mysterious Metal Structures Are Popping Up In NYC, Details Are Shrouded ...

MYSTERIOUS metal towers have started 
popping up across New York
but no one knows why




A Brief Report For Those Trying to Understand the New World

Basic Concepts and Discussion
  1. The natural world is organized according to air, land, and sea.
  2. The systems of law and the governments and institutions of men have also been organized according to “jurisdictions” of air, land, and sea.
  3. The jurisdiction of the land is national in nature.
  4. The jurisdiction of the sea is international in nature.
  5. The jurisdiction of the air is global in nature.
  6. All actual assets, gold, silver, land, etc., have their existence on or in the land.
  7. All fictional assets, titles, stocks, bonds, etc. have their existence on or in the sea.
  8. There is a point of interface between land and sea known as international land jurisdiction established by the postal district(s), postal offices, and post roads which interface with sea lanes designated for international trade and travel.
  9. As a result, a “corporate” entity which is private and non-commercial and unincorporated, like a Mom and Pop business, for example, Steve’s Food Store, may interface with and do business with an “incorporated” entity established by a corporate charter, like Food Services of America, Inc.
  10. This sort of business relationship takes place in the realm of International Trade, not Commerce, because Steve’s Food Store is not incorporated.
  11. In order for commerce to occur both entities must be incorporated and functioning under a charter granted by an unincorporated (sovereign) entity.
  12. Unincorporated businesses function under “full commercial liability” and have to “indemnify” themselves.
  13. Incorporated businesses function under “limited commercial liability” and have to “insure” themselves.
  14. As a result, an unincorporated government such as the Shawnee Tribal Council or the United States of America (Unincorporated) can charter an incorporated business, such as Grand Fox, Inc., or the State of Illinois, Inc., but no incorporated entity can create an unincorporated one.
  15. This is because a man can create and name an organization and stipulate a purpose and function for that organization, but such an organization cannot create a man.
  16. In the past, unincorporated governments have created and chartered governmental services corporations in an effort to manage risk. So, the United States of America (unincorporated) or Delaware (unincorporated) could create and charter a commercial incorporated entity called the USA, Inc., or Delaware, Inc. or State of Oregon.
  17. Those incorporated (chartered) entities, such as the State of Oregon were then free to establish relationships with other incorporated entities (that is, conduct commerce) and to spin off municipal franchises like the STATE OF OREGON.
  18. Now that you see how this process works and know that the unincorporated entity (corporate but not incorporated) is really the source of all power in this system, the following pages will make better sense. Examples:

Steve’s Food Store (Unincorporated) can create “Betty’s Market, Inc.” and then Betty’s Market, Inc. can create “municipal franchises” for itself --- BETTY’S MARKET NYC, INC.

The United States of America (unincorporated) can create “State of Idaho, Inc.” and then this State of Idaho can create the franchise STATE OF IDAHO or CITY OF BOISE.

Obviously, it is of great importance to know whether a business is incorporated or unincorporated, and if it is incorporated, under what charter and ownership?

Unfortunate History

In the 1860’s the unincorporated government organizations got greedy and not only spawned all the various incorporated governmental services corporations via the process described, but also contrived to make living men subservient to these artificial constructs by “impersonating” and “enfranchising” them, too.

This was done by copyright infringement and Breach of Trust, with the aim of creating “public trusts” which could then be pillaged and plundered under color of law.

Let’s see what happened in England: the unincorporated government operated by Queen Victoria already had an incorporated (chartered) government services corporation, the United Kingdom, so then the United Kingdom, Inc., spun off a franchise operated as the UNITED KINGDOM which then established municipal charters for its own franchises, SCOTLAND, IRELAND, ENGLAND, WALES, NEW CASTLE, EXETER, and so on.

This was going so well and so much new money was being raised from all these new assets (things to tax) created out of thin air, that Benjamin Disraeli promoted opening up the “enfranchisement opportunity” to the working class in England: give them a vote as corporate shareholders in exchange for seizing upon the copyright to their names, their rights, their labor, the value of whatever private assets they might have--- basically make them slaves of the government under the guise of voluntary indentured servitude, and issue bonds based on the value of all that formerly private property, too.

Millions of unsuspecting Englishmen clamored to be “enfranchised” and thought that the right to vote was a good thing and that it was giving them a greater voice in their government, instead of surreptitiously stealing everything of value from them and “monetizing” it for the benefit of the government.

A similar process was undertaken in America and throughout the Commonwealth countries at about the same time, with one interesting twist. The unincorporated government of the United States of America wouldn’t go along with it, so their governmental services company known as the United States Trading Company, was bankrupted via an illegal commercial mercenary “war” and its associated expenses.

This left the bankruptcy Trustees a free hand to restructure the “federal government” into a British-style system analogous to what we described above. The perpetrators replaced the unincorporated United States Trading Company with the British-chartered United States of America, Inc., and the municipal United States, Inc., and both these corporations began chartering all their various municipal franchises like rabbits in springtime.

Just as in England, the men were almost immediately enfranchised with the enticement to have a vote in the affairs of the corporations--- but, the real deal was never disclosed. Later as the profits from enfranchising all the men dwindled, the pressure was on to enfranchise the women, too, and finally, the perpetrators sank so low as to create an automated system of enfranchising babies in their cradles.

The end result of this system of enfranchisement (as in a McDonald’s franchise) is to enslave people under color of law and make them subservient to foreign corporations. They are themselves then impersonated and press-ganged and conscripted into the service of foreign governments --- which has been outlawed for 200 years, and their land and other assets are seized upon and rolled into public trusts which can then be plundered and pillaged at will by the perpetrators.

For example, the natural given Trade Name of a man born on the land jurisdiction of Vermont might be Jonathan Edmund Sykes. Instead of his Common Law Copyright to his own name being recorded as a land jurisdiction Trade Name, it is nowadays registered as a Foreign Situs Trust operating in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a “vessel” of the Territorial United States, which just coincidentally, happens to be doing business as “Jonathan Edmund Sykes”.

This is a fundamental mis-characterization of the nature and political status of the man as a “person”--- a fictional entity--- which results in genocide on paper and identity theft in fact. His natural identity as a man and his lawful Trade Name is literally killed and considered a “decedent” upon the issuance of a false Birth Certificate in his name.

Then, the Territorial United States corporation spins off “JONATHAN EDMUND SYKES”, a Cestui Que Vie municipal trust, and “JONATHAN E. SYKES” a Public Transmitting Utility, and so on --- and all these names and fictional entities are used to indebt and control the living man as an asset and chattel without his knowledge or consent.

The victim and his family are never told anything about it, and he never receives any actual compensation for all this. He receives whatever benefit everyone else receives from the construction of roads and bridges and ports and so on, and also is expected to pay for that benefit via taxes. The trusts established in his name are never claimed by him, because he doesn’t know that they exist, so the banks and governments claim that these assets are “abandoned” and seize them under false pretenses for their own benefit.

Because the unincorporated government of the United States of America never agreed to any of this, and because it eventually had to be released from bankruptcy, it continues to exist, and is now not only free and clear of any debt, but also by definition is the Paramount Security Interest Holder and Priority Creditor of all the bankrupt foreign corporations and franchises of those corporations which have usurped upon our states and our people for the past 150 years.

The Current Bankruptcies

The UNITED STATES, INC. and all its municipal franchises dba CHINA (INC.), JAPAN (INC.), INDIA (INC.) , STATE OF OREGON (INC.), JOHN MICHAEL SMITH (INC.), CITY OF OMAHA (INC.), UNITED KINGDOM (INC.), FLORIDA (INC.), CANADA (INC.), AUSTRALIA (INC.)… infinitum, is in Chapter 7 Liquidation since 2015.

This then forced the Territorial United States and its corporate franchises dba China (Inc.), Japan (Inc.), State of Oregon (Inc.), John Michael Smith (Inc.), City of Omaha (Inc.), United Kingdom (Inc.), Florida (Inc.), Canada(Inc.), Australia (Inc.)….ad infinitum, is in Chapter 11 Reorganization as of May 1, 2017----because they are no longer the beneficiaries of the municipal franchises.

Meantime, the actual, factual United States of America (Unincorporated) has been slogging along since 1868, objecting to this madness and continuing to operate its own silver currency and its own affairs despite the shameful and criminal operations of these foreign corporate interests which have operated in fraud and breach of trust and breach of commercial contract on our shores.

Some people like Karen Hudes have said that our lawful government is in “interregnum” – a state of abeyance, dormant, not functioning---- but that is not true. Our lawful government has never ceased operations and the ignorance and uncaring and self-interest of various other nations does not change that fact.

Other people, like Benjamin Fulford, continue to try to confuse both the “United States, Inc.” and “United States of America, Inc.” with the unincorporated government of the United States of America---- which is like confusing a Barbie doll with a woman of the same name.

Still others are intent on pretending that because these foreign territorial and municipal corporations named after us are bankrupt, that we are bankrupt--- a process of “assumption” that we have publically and repeatedly objected to in no uncertain terms. Not only are we not bankrupt, we are the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors.

The reason that all the other nations on Earth have an interest in denying our existence and competence is that they all without exception owe us money, or resources, or settlement of exchange balance sheets---- most of which they can’t pay.

So they have been attempting to claim that our assets are “abandoned” and various parties have tried to seize upon us and our assets via other avenues, too---- all to no avail. We are here, we are alive and well, we know who and what we are, we know what has been done to us, and we know who is responsible.

In 2008…..

There were only a handful of unincorporated lawful governments left in the world: the Holy See, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, a few Pacific Island Kingdoms, and….. the unincorporated United States of America, though everyone discounted us at the time.

With these exceptions, the Holy See owned and operated through its property management corporation, the VATICAN, all the incorporated governments doing business as governmental services corporations in the world.

The unincorporated government of the Holy See chartered the municipal (city-state) governments and franchises including the UNITED STATES, INC., which chartered all the others as franchises: JAPAN, GERMANY, UNITED KINGDOM….. USA, JOHN MARK OLSON, CITY OF BALTIMORE and so on.

It also held all the Territorial government corporations, secondarily, through Vassals.

All roads literally led to Rome. All these corporations were created literally by the Holy See via the VATICAN, INC. or via the UNITED STATES, INC. or via the United States of America, Inc., and at the very top of the food chain, perched like a cherry on top of everything else, controlling – at least in theory – everything underneath it, was the unincorporated government of the Holy See.

As you can see from history, there are those who wish to have the Holy See in this kind of control, and as you can also see, the Holy See has failed to do the job entrusted to it. We had a solemn and sacred treaty with the Holy See, a Concordat, which a few weasels attempted to “redefine” by impersonating us. To its credit, the Holy See and the Pope immediately took action to correct beginning in 2008.

Nine years later, the unincorporated government of the United States of America --- our government --- is still standing and is the unquestioned Paramount Security Interest Holder of all American assets, and the Priority Creditor of most of the bankrupt governmental services corporations worldwide.

The Situation

The corporations serving as the “federal government” are in bankruptcy liquidation (municipal) or bankruptcy reorganization (territorial) and are in receivership to bankruptcy Trustees. From our perspective, this is like having your local hair salon forced out of business and your local gas station in reorganization.

It has nothing direct to do with us, except that we needed to find other service providers competent to cut our hair and fill our tanks---- and hopefully do a more honest job of it—who are nonetheless able to operate under the auspices of the original service contract, The Constitution for the united States of America.
If we hadn’t found competent federal partners that exist under their own separate pre-existing charters and treaties, the actual Constitution would have been vacated from the federal side of the agreement--- but we did find competent partners and we did issue new Sovereign Letters Patent.

We have partnered with the American Native Nations to fulfill the responsibilities owed by the federal government until such time as the millions of Americans who have slept through this entire debacle can be brought up to speed and made whole and enabled to convene a competent land jurisdiction (continental) Congress.

The Debt

There is no unmet national debt--- there is only national credit that has not been applied to the ledger by those seeking to abscond with the payments made by millions of innocent people via bogus claims of abandonment and embezzlement. We have authorized the application of the national credit to the national debt and as the Priority Creditors of (almost) the entire world, do not need nor do we seek bankruptcy protection.

The Foreclosures

There are no valid foreclosures because these transactions have been voided by fraud and non-disclosure. All “mortgages” resulting from so-called “home loans” are debts owed by the territorial and municipal corporations, not people, and are in fact lease repurchase agreements, neither mortgages nor loans in fact. These governmental services corporations “borrowed” our assets without our knowledge or consent, hypothecated debt based on our assets, and have now gone bankrupt--- leaving the world to suppose that we agreed to all this and that we are avoiding payment, when in fact we are objecting to claims of Odious Debt and taking practical action to end this fiasco. To protect the pension funds and investors while holding the people harmless, we have developed a means to hold all foreclosures in abeyance and translate this odious debt into credit--- for the actual homeowners.

Securities --- The Funny Money

The various fiat currencies and bonds and securities related to them have to be restructured. It is a given that securities will continue to exist and be used in some forms in the future, but it is also a given that the securities now in existence have been compromised by counterfeiting and other issues. We will be wrapping old US Treasury Bonds and creating new hybrid high security bonds backed by gold, oil, or other actual commodity assets.

The Final Word

The Earth and our labor and the derivatives of our labor--- copyrights, trademarks, patents, and so on – are the only sources of value on this planet and there is no exhaustion or limit of the riches and assets we all possess. This is true for all people of every nation.

The Old Structure: As Regards the Relationship of The Holy See to the Incorporated Governments

The Holy See
Unincorporated Government of the Holy Roman Empire
The Vatican Chancery Court – The Bank of the Holy See
The Vatican City State Municipal Franchise
The Vatican Bank
The United States, Incorporated, Municipal Franchise (now in Chapter 7)
All other Municipal Government Franchises Worldwide
The United States of America, Incorporated, Territorial Franchise (now in Chapter 11)
All other Territorial Government Franchises Worldwide

The New Structure: As regards Settlement of Debts Owed and Ownership Interests

The Holy See
Unincorporated Government of the Holy Roman Empire
Vatican Chancery Court – The Bank of the Holy See
United States of America
Unincorporated Government of the United States
American States and Nations Bank -- International Trade Bank
Athabascan and Lakota Sioux Tribal Nations
Sovereign Bank of Dene – International Trade Bank
Bank of Dene – Commercial Bank
All Municipal Governments/Franchises Worldwide
All Territorial Governments/Franchises Worldwide


The entities shown in purple are sovereign and unincorporated. Those entities shown in blue are all incorporated either by direct charter or created as franchises under a charter.

The Bank of Dene is the first new generation commercial bank on this Continent.

The actual document: