Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Let's Make It Very Simple For The Generals

By Anna Von Reitz

The "problem" is that the Generals are fixated on the middlemen-- the banks and their false claims of debt and the supposed desperate need for capital to pay their own salaries and "maintain our national defense". 

What is so stupid about this is that we, their actual employers, are the ones that all the debt is owed to and we are the actual owners of all the assets. 

So they are chasing Secondary Creditors around instead of addressing the actual Priority Creditors and they are asking technically bankrupt commercial banks for money and support that can only come from us. 

They think Jacob Rothschild is the answer, but in fact he is the problem. 

If these military men used the good sense they were born with, they would see through this little banker's ruse and simply ask us to forgive their "national debt" and fund their necessary operations. 

It's like this:

American states and people are the Priority Creditors. 

Bankers are Secondary Creditors trying to get in the middle and bilk everyone concerned. 

Government including DOD is the Debtor. 

So have a stroke of genius, Generals.

Talk to the actual Priority Creditors--- because at the end of the day all the commercial banks are even more deeply in debt to us than you are. 

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