Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Example of Sheila Jackson Lee bullsh*t

Former Slave Sheila Jackson Lee 
Takes A Knee On The House Floor 
For NFL Protest 
Perfect example of double standards
and typical 'black' bullsh*t
Too bad she's from Texas
We sympathize with you Texas!


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in her state of Texas, FEMA is disappearing people, and letting others be washed away into the Gulf. See series of videos posted today, sept 28, by gary larrabee:

Olive Oyl said...

Did you not read down further on this blog? We posted a series of video reports from boots on the ground in the Houston area - see: We were one of the first to post such an extensive report. Larrabee has been provided with some of our reports in the past up to current. Several copy and post our reports - and that's OK with us - but few give credit to us for their having copied those reports from our website. Check out the reports here - you may find info Larrabee doesn't have or perhaps that he got his information (from those who email him reports to talk about) from our website!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:07 PM - Yes - the post on this blog was done on Sept 26th at 4:36 PM - before Larrabee got his information.