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Mother attempts to MURDER her NEWBORN baby boy

Cashier At McDonald’s Has Baby In Bathroom, Doesn’t Want It And Tries To Murder The Baby By Dumping Him In The Toilet And Forcing His Head Into The Pipe Before Going Back To Work

In a story out of California, a McDonald’s cashier who claims she did not know she was pregnant gave birth to a baby boy in a McDonald’s bathroom stall. Not wanting to keep the baby, she dumped him in the toilet and then tried to flush him into the sewer, pushing his head into the pipe and leaving him before returning to work. The mother was caught, the baby miraculously survived and is expected to make a full recovery according to a recent report:
A newborn baby boy doctors initially thought wouldn’t live after his mother tried flushing him down a toilet at a McDonald’s in Redwood City, California, is now recovering at a hospital with “the grace of God” while his mother has been charged with attempted murder.
“It’s a real sad story. It’s a real sad story,” San Mateo County Dist. Atty. Steve Wagstaffe told SFGate about what the mother did. “She said she didn’t know she was pregnant.”
Wagstaffe said the boy’s mother, Sarah Lockner, 25, was working as a cashier at the McDonald’s restaurant on Sept. 4 when she complained of stomach pain, according to The Los Angeles Times.
She then visited a bathroom at the restaurant several times during her night shift that caused a co-worker to become concerned. When the concerned co-worker entered the bathroom to check on Lockner, however, blood was observed on the floor which the cashier blamed on a heavy period.
When a second colleague visited the bathroom they peered over Lockner’s stall and “saw a newborn baby face down in a toilet bowl.”
Lockner also reportedly had her hand on the newborn’s back and the colleague reported hearing the toilet flush.
“There was a newborn baby boy in the toilet water,” Wagstaffe told KTVU. “She had her hand on the baby boy’s back pushing it into the water in an effort to kill it.”
The cashier begged her colleague not to call the police but that didn’t happen. Wagstaffe told the Los Angeles Times that when police arrived at the restaurant they found Lockner with the newborn in her arms.
The boy had no pulse and wasn’t breathing. Officers performed CPR and rushed the boy to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto.
Along with the attempted murder charge, Lockner was also charged with felony child abuse and inflicting great bodily injury. “We were told chances of survival were not strong,” said Wagstaffe. “Somehow with the grace of God people there were able to help the baby and the baby boy is now conscious and it looks like he will survive.”
According to The Daily Journal, when the newborn arrived at the hospital doctors worried that he would die and had to put him in a medically induced coma. The child has since been taken off life support and should survive with appropriate medical care.
Wagstaffe told KTVU the crime against the child was heartless and soulless and the boy only survived by the grace of God. We were told chances of survival were not strong,” said Wagstaffe. “Somehow with the grace of God people there were able to help the baby and the baby boy is now conscious and it looks like he will survive.”
He added: “It’s hard enough to have a baby in a stall at a McDonald’s but then want to end his life. It’s something nobody can understand.”  It is still unclear if the child suffered any brain damage.
According to KTVU, Lockner lived with her boyfriend and appears to have another child. Her boyfriend who authorities are now searching for told the DA’s office he did not know she was pregnant.
Her neighbors are also in shock.  “I had no issues with her,” said neighbor Nathan Naidu. “I see her all the time with her kid. She’s always walking around with her baby going around to the park. She’s pretty nice.”
“I still can’t believe it,” another neighbor, Miguel Contreras, said. “I don’t think she did that. She’s always with the baby walking around, playing around, playing with my daughters.”
Lockner is being held on $11 million bail and is scheduled to be arraigned in San Mateo County court on Monday Sept. 18. (source)
This is a disgusting and horrible story. However, its not a surprise because she is a reflection of the average American and European about murdering babies. Indeed, the average “Westerner” today overwhelming believes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what this woman did, and the reason we know that is because of the support of abortion in Western nations.

Abortion is “nice” way to avoid directly calling people who murder babies what they are, which are murderers and baby killers. It’s like clothing stores that say “plus size garments” instead of “clothes for people too fat to wear normal clothing.” Nobody wants to hurt anybody’s “feelings.” Fat people, while they need to lose weight for the sake of their own health, however, are only harming themselves. 

Abortion harms the self and another person because the mother would rather murder her own child than raise it or give it up for adoption. According to a 2017 study from the Pew Forum, 57% of Americans support abortion. Likewise, BuzzFeed published an article in 2015 about abortion support by country which showed that at least 7 “European” nations- Belgium, Britain, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, and Sweden- have a minimum of 50% of the population that support abortion at any time on demand, meaning that a child like the one born in the bathroom in this article could be murdered up to the day he is born. Italy came in at 47%, and trailing with approximately a 33% support of abortion were Ireland (37%), Russia (34%), and Poland (32%). Mexico and Brazil finished last in the survey at a support rate of 14% and 13% respectively.

The fact that 1 in 10 women in any nation believe they have not just the permission, but that it is their LEGAL RIGHT to take their own children and veritably stick them in a blender because they can is disturbing, as that is what abortion does to babies. 

The incredible public support for abortion throughout the “Western World” is terrifying, as it means that for some a significant part, and for many nations the clear majority believe they can do this. This is a sign of a pagan, godless, god-hating society that does not deserve to exist because it is willing to defend the first sin that according to Sacred Scripture cried out to Heaven for vengeance, which is the willful murder of the innocent as exemplified by the murder of Abel by Cain.

There is much talk in Europe today about the situation with the “refugee crisis,” which as we have documented and is a publicly acknowledged fact that the “refugee crisis” was created by the European governments because they are paying to bring hundreds of thousands of people into their nations from third world nations. They know these people are very poor, highly ignorant, have little work ethic, have no skills outside of basic manual labor, cannot speak any European languages, and are unable to assimilate into society. They are giving them state welfare in the forms of food, housing, and all manner of subsidies to such a point that these people will never have to work, and so they are knowingly creating conditions for making massive ghettos and subsiziding the crime sprees that are reported on daily. 

We have noted all of this, and the reason this is taking place is that as we have noted, the “refugee crisis” is being used as a point of pressure around which to cause a revolution by evoking nationalist sentiments that the Europeans embraced after they rejected the Catholic Faith beginning in the 16th century, especially in Germany and the Nordic countries.

Angela Merkel, who many people say is responsible for the crisis by bringing these people in, originally campaigned on an anti-immigration platform. She did not just “reverse” when she came into office, but her actions are part of a larger plan to bring back the German war machine.  She is just an operator of that machine for the time. It does not matter if she wins another term in office or not, because whoever goes into office is simply going to continue the plan as scheduled, and the purpose of the plan is to bring back nationalism in order to remilitarize Germany so she can return to her militaristic ways in a future World War where she will ally with Turkey, Iran, and Japan just as in the past.

The “refugee crisis” and the abortion issue are linked at the hip because they are two faces of a darwinistic, eugenist philosophy that hates God, hates humanity, and wants, just like in the garden of eden and the tower of Babel, for man to make himself into a god and enslave other men as his property. This is ultimately the end goal, and the solution to this is a return to the Christian faith and a renunciation of all forms of paganism and all its fruits, which include heresy and ethnonationalist ideas of inherent “superiority” over other groups of men.

What is happening today is that instead of a return to Christ, people in the West are accepting eugenics by different forms. Conservative or Liberal, it does not matter what name one gives or what party one associates with because ultimately both parties are fighting on the side of evil. The left wants international socialism, and so supports the “refugee crisis” to call for an economic-based revolution.  The right will support the migrants privately so they can take a public stance against it and use it to call for nationalized socialism. Both ends lead to death.

As noted earlier, the “imports” are not “refugees” because they were imported to Europe and are causing many problems and those need to be dealt with. However, one does not stop one evil by creating another, which is calling for the mass murder of these people as part of the return to ethnonationalism in the same way that one does not stop parents having babies they do not want by murdering them.

Western society long ago accepted the concept of abortion - that the willful murder of the innocent in mass is a good thing. Is it any surprise there are now calls for mass murdering of the people by the hundreds of thousands of people brought to Europe by the governments?

Evil does not care what means it has to use in order to seduce a man away from God. As we have pointed out, many times it will use real fact and true statements because its is a very effective means of deceit. Nevertheless, the essence of the acts themselves are still evil and wrong.

This woman committed a horrible crime, yet she is simply a reflection of the attitudes of our current day towards other people. Just like how Dorian Grey in Oscar Wilde’s famous tale was beautiful outside but the portrait in which he saw the condition of his soul depicted a rotten beast of a man, so it is with America and “the West” today. We are beautiful on the outside and have much good to offer, but inside we are filled with dead and evil things.

The Prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima warned about the disappearance of nations if her requests were not heeded. Indeed, the Western world is falling apart, but the cause of her problems are entirely self-inflicted because, by choosing sin over God, she is bringing about her own demise. The delusion is to such a point that a woman can be arrested for trying to murder her baby after it is born but, if she chose to do it right before it was born, she would be legally protected. This attitude carries over directly to the “refugee crisis” where large numbers of people are reduced to pawns in a perverse game of geopolitical chess where there is only a temporary earthly winner and all are eternal losers because the game is a rigged trap that leads those who play it into perdition.

It is Christ against the world as was before, and the way to win in this rigged game is to follow Christ at all costs and never play the rigged game. 


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