Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Illuminati Exposed! 50 year old recording EXPOSES ALL!

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Unknown said...

what do these creatures in the skull and bones photograph look like. well I think they look like exactly what they are, and that is a collective bunch of gutless Dung Beetles who push Humanity About to their own controlling purpose, where individually they have no idea's, there main joy and thrill is to supress humanity and to torture children and use them for sacrifice for sexual pleasure because more than eighty per cent are made up of paedophiles and perverts, and we allowed these creature's to take over our lives, and creature's are exactly what they are because they are made up of the royal reptile blueblood elite families, they should round them all up, reopen devils island prison and put them all there and throw away the key, because they are just not part of the human race.