Friday, September 22, 2017


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pours almost One Million dollars into Alabama to boost former lobbyist Luther Strange in the Alabama Senate race's final days.
"McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund Dumps Another Nearly Million Dollars into Alabama"
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I wanted to bring you up to speed on the race for Senate in Alabama. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has just sent over $830,000 to boost former lobbyist, and establishment pick, Luther Strange in this race's final days.

The establishment are doing everything they can to buy this Senate seat!

Will you help me stop them by making a crucial First $5 contribution right now to Judge Roy Moore? Every penny of the First $5.00 you donate goes straight to the Roy Moore for Senate campaign. Great America PAC will pay all processing fees and costs associated with your donationmeaning it is worth more than a direct contribution to the campaign.

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We do not have much time left. Everything counts right now.
Thank you in advance!



Anonymous said...

Why would anybody want to donate money to a judge, so he could be elected to the Senate? Haven't you heard about the original 13th amendment, which would exclude people with titles of nobility, such as esquire? Constitutionally judges and attorney's are not even allowed to be citizens, let alone serve in any kind of government office according to the original 13th amendment.

Anonymous said...

To get a WORSE ONE OUT - besides, WHEN has this system been changed to a common law Republic? Until the announcement is done and the public at large sees it, hears it and knows it, then nothing has changed, and who can we look to to get those announcements done? Who can we look to to get the job done - the total ouster of the old and bringing in the new? So THAT'S WHY the appeal must have been made to donate - to get the WORST ONE OUT - in order to hopefully get the better one in.

Anonymous said...

The link is to a fundraising page for the Great America PAC. It shows a picture of the President, and a Twitter quote from him, but, on Friday night President Trump campaigned for Luthor Strange, Roy Moore's opponent.


Anonymous said...

Anon Sept 23 10:56 AM - Don't candidates for office USUALLY HAVE TO DO FUND RAISING? C'mon now - is all you can do is nit pik? Would you rather retain the current traitor in office so he can continue to crap on the people? Or give someone else a chance to run for the office who has the balls to stand up to the opposing critics who can only pick apart and complain? Don't donate if you don't like this. Don't do anything to make a positive change - like most others who nit pik. We are in America - you still have a choice. Use it or lose it.

Anonymous said...

The only fix left for our completely corrupted government is jail cells & firing squads. We are way past voting fixes or campaigns.