Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thuggery USA -- $10,000 an Ounce for Gold -- Because We Say So!

By Anna Von Reitz

Remember the Dark Ages when robber Barons ruled the Earth?

Well, we haven't made much progress, have we?

First, it was "This paper is worth so-and-so much because we say so!"---- via "legal tender laws".

They got away with it, because though they were pretending to "represent" our lawful government, they were actually using a private corporate script "as" money instead. And they can arbitrarily declare a "value" for their own private, corporate script.

Just like I can say, "I don't care how much you sell your rutabagas for. My rutabagas cost $20 per ounce."

Assuming that they are Magic Rutabagas, it's a real bargain.

Now it looks like the rats have hit on a new theory -- "This gold is worth so-and-so much, because we say it is. So there!"

They are proposing to mix jurisdictions (and metaphors) again, trying to drag the premises of private corporation script and legal tender laws into the arena of actual money.

It's a grossly criminal proposal and another attempt by the Cabal to set up a means to arbitrarily value and enforce a grossly overstated value for gold, which they hold in vast supply, and which nobody on Earth really needs.

Think "London Gold Exchange" and "Exchange Stabilization Fund"--- huge hedge funds set up to control the value and availability of basic commodities used as money worldwide -- because if they can control the value and availability of your money, they think they can control you.

And so far, they've gone a long way with their lies and bullying and forced feeding of "value" to you, but stop and think--- how much is an hour of your life worth? How much is rain worth when your crops need it? How much is sunshine worth?

And why do you "need" gold to "symbolize" the value of anything else? As if everything else didn't already have a value of its own?
Why not use painted peanut shells to "represent" value instead?

It's just another "representation" scam, similar to what they have pulled by claiming to "represent" you. Only now they are claiming that gold "represents" grapefruit, oh, and a LOT of grapefruit, too.

Are you going to buy this? Are you really SO stupid as to stand by and let these thugs-in-suits get away with this?

The markets have pegged gold at around $1000 per ounce, and in terms of gold availability (grossly more than ever reported in the history of the world) that present value is probably grossly over-valued relative to silver and a lot of other commodities.

Arbitrarily declaring that gold is worth $10,000 an ounce in somebody's dreamland just because they have a lot of gold--- and doing so at the point of a gun--- is nothing but blatant greed, lawless thuggery, and robbery of the value of everything else on Earth.

Tell Donald Trump that he can't eat gold and it won't heat your home this winter. Tell the GCR Committee that, too.

So if he thinks he or anyone else is going to sell you gold for $10,000 an ounce, he will be waiting a long time for those sales to pour in. And pretty soon everyone will realize that they have been seeking after gold for no real reason, like dung beetles endlessly collecting their own dung.

No, instead, what we do is buy back "Federal Reserve Notes" backed by oil at the going rate of $21 of them for every one of our Silver Dollars. That will get things back on track a lot faster than trying to enforce a ridiculous valuation for gold.

Plus, as an added bonus, all the rest of us who stand to get grossly cheated by any such "$10,000 an ounce" proposal will be spared the necessity of hanging the perpetrators.

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redones said...

i think im lost - of course we aren't going to buy an oz of gold for 10K we you and i don't need it but, why would we trade our silver for 21 worthless dollars and be happy about it please explain so i can understand thanks