Sunday, September 17, 2017



  The UNITED STATES Corporation is defunct, bankrupt, civilly dead, and they do not exist in law. This UNITED STATES Corporation was charged with 19 specific governmental services and has failed to do it's job. The Corporation has become a rogue criminal enterprise that is violating every right We THE People possess in the name of profit and control. Most people believe there is nothing we can do short of civil war. There is another way. Our founding fathers laid down the path and all we need to do is follow it. We need to resettle our counties and our land.

  Anna Von Reitz has been telling you this all along. Few have actually paid attention and got up off their butts to do something about it and get involved. Too many are afraid and scared to take a stand. We have discovered the proven safe and effective path to take back our country. The Michigan General Jural Assembly has done this and is now teaching and training others to duplicate what we did here in Michigan. But we face the same old issue. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Do not sit back and wait for someone else to do it for you as it will not happen. You MUST do this or lose!

  Anna Von Reitz is pushing for people to change their status which is a good thing but not required for resettling your counties and reforming your county assemblies. The documentation for becoming an assembly member automatically changes your status and also allows you to retain your slave binding contracts such as SSN and Drivers licenses until your counties and states are no longer DeFacto.

   Now here is what needs to be done. Study the handbook located at and attend the conference calls that support the handbook every Thursday night. You don't have to attend the conference calls but it is a good idea to attend as you can be put in contact with others in your county and state who are working on restoring their county assemblies. Here is the link to the conference call info: Hope to hear from all of you on the call. Lets take back America by self governing!


Patsy AZ said...

What are the specific 19 services that should be provided by the "govt"?
The dE facto USA Corp. Is finished. Just announce that the de jure Republic has been RESTORED and explain what that means to the real American people. I don'the remember ever hearing anything about this in high school.

Of course more Americans need to inhabit the vacated offices before the announcement to ensure success. Check out this

Freewill said...

rUSA is done and has been exposed for their fraud. That is why the MGJA gave them the boot in early 2011. Tim Turner and co. can just stay where they are. The (RAP) Restore America Plan has been moving along without rUSA.

Please put my finger on any of the unrebutted global notices that rUSA has published. They couldn't show us back in 2011 and cannot show any now. Of course all the good people that have participated in rUSA are more than welcome to jump on board with the handbook and follow the proven blueprint. Even the people that got caught up in (NLA) National Liberty Alliance are welcome to join in. I do know more about these groups than anyone would ever know.

Freewill said...

The DeJure republic has yet to be restored! Until at least 38 states with a majority of their counties have been settled with functioning jural assemblies, the national level DeJure republican form of constitutional republic will not be restored to full power.