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Anonymous: What The Media Isn't Telling Us About The I-85 Atlanta Bridge...

Judge In Oregon Bundy Case Now Has Reporter Gary Hunt Arrested For... Reporting

"Congress shall make no law respecting ... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press..." -First Amendment of the united States Constitution
Journalist Gary Hunt has been arrested and is currently being held in Sacramento, California.  He is facing extradition to Portland, Oregon, though at the time of his arrest there was no agreement to extradite him.  He is facing charges of contempt of the judge in the Oregon Malheur Refuge case that involved the Bundy family and others last year.

Hunt operates Outpost-of-Freedom and had posted several articles, including information regarding informants at the refuge.  He was arrested on Thursday by a court order from Judge Anna Brown because he did not appear in her court to explain why he should not be held in contempt for not removing the information of the informants in the case.
According to the court's order, Judge Brown stated:
On this record, therefore, the Court concludes the government has sufficiently demonstrated that Hunt has aided and abettedthe dissemination of materials covered by the Protective Order, and, therefore, the Court GRANTS in part the government’s Motion (#1680) to Enforce Protective Order as follows:
Upon issuing the arrest warrant for Hunt on March 10, Brown wrote:
"Throughout this case and in the factually-related matters that took place in Bunkerville, Nevada, in April 2014 that are the subject of ongoing criminal proceedings in the District of Nevada, there have been instances of individuals avoiding the execution of court orders and/or arrest by engaging in armed confrontations with law enforcement. The Court issues under seal this Order and the warrant for Hunt's arrest in an effort to permit the orderly execution of the arrest warrant."
No mention is made that being armed is a right protected under the Second Amendment and no mention is made that those in "law enforcement" were armed and actually had trained their weapons on American citizens who were simply protesting their tyrannical actions.

Mr. Hunt may also be facing charges of aiding and abetting defendants.  On May 2, 2017, Hunt addressed such charges in a post titled "Freedom of the Press #11 - Aiding, but not Abetting."

"The government has persistently suggested that I have 'aided and abetted' the defendants by exposing informants that were paid by the government to spy on the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge during January 2016," he wrote.  "That is only one of the elements that needs to exist before the Court can find me in contempt of court for non-compliance with the Order to remove all prohibited material from my website and any other website."

"The other elements include whether I am subject to the Court’s Protective Order, and, if so, do I fall within the jurisdiction of the Court," he added.  "Currently, the Court has an outstanding Order that I appear and show cause why I should not be held in contempt of court."

He then pointed to the legal definition of aiding and abetting in Black's Law Dictionary, 5th Edition:
Help, assist, or facilitate the commission of a crime, promote the accomplishment thereof, help in advancing or bringing it about, or encourage, counsel, or incite as to its commission.
"The case law cited by the government shysters also includes criminal activity as a necessary element," Hunt wrote.  " One of the reasons for the Supreme Court decision in New York Times Co. v. United States (Pentagon Papers) was that there was no crime resulting from the disclosure of the classified documents.  The Court then upheld, in rather strong terms, the right, even the responsibility, of the press to publish such information."

"Key to that decision was an absence of aiding and abetting, since though the exposure of the information was in good faith and brought to light some misdeeds of government, the publication of that material was not criminal, nor did it lead to a criminal act," Hunt continued.  " The person (Daniel Ellsberg) who violated his signed agreement not to disclose the information, committed the only criminal act.  The New York Times aided and abetted no one."
Hunt then went on to point out the failings of the court in the matter.
Using her judicial discretion (See Freedom of the Press #7 – “Judicial Discretion” and Tyranny), she has determined that there is no party that I aided, since that party is unnamed.  She has also made the dissemination of materials a criminal act, though I, similar to the New York Times, am not subject to the Protective Order.

The government has not indicated whom I may have aided and abetted, nor have they indicated just what criminal act resulted from my publication of the prohibited material.  So, let’s look and see just who might have been aided by what I have disclosed.

There can be little doubt that the defendants in the Ammon Bundy, et al., Group 2 trial, currently being heard in Portland, Oregon, have benefitted as a consequence of what I have published.  They have subpoenaed, to the best of my knowledge, Will Kullman, and Allen Varner, to testify.  So, they have been aided, though not abetted, by my articles.

Since the exposure, in the Group 1 trial, of Mark McConnell, as an informant paid by the government, the voluntary act of Terri Linnell, and the exposure of Fabio Minoggio, may all have played a role in the verdict; there can be little doubt that identities of the informants may provide exculpatory testimony, to the benefit of the defendants.
However, in that trial, the government shysters and the Judge determined that disclosure of the informants, or even unredacted informant reports (the reports were heavily redacted and gave no indication of the identity of the informants), would not be necessary, as there was no exculpatory purpose in releasing that information.  The verdict clearly disputes the assertion.

Further, in the Group 1 trial, the defense was not allowed to mention the six informants that never visited the MNWR.  They were only, during the discussion prior to the testimony of Minoggio, allowed to mention that there were nine informants who had visited the MNWR.
Now, in the Group 2 trial, the government has demonstrated some integrity clearly missing in the Group 1 trial.  The government has admitted that there were 15 informants, and, that some of the informants were authorized to conduct criminal activity during their paid spying/infiltration of the MNWR occupation.  The law requires this disclosure if there is exculpatory information.  So, the Justice Department has abided by the law, perhaps due to my exposing of the informants.  Simply put, they have been aided, though not abetted, by my articles.
It seems clear that Mr. Hunt was simply acting in the capacity of the press, which is protected under the First Amendment.  Furthermore, the real criminal actions here are those of the government by their violation of the Sixth Amendment.
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.
Anonymous witnesses are not true witnesses.  How can anyone on the defense even verify they actually exist?

"I must mention another group of people that have been aided by my writings," adds Hunt.  "This group is the primary target of those efforts and the exposures that have come to light.  As I have stated for over twenty years, I will write about the misdeeds of government.  The government putting spies in our midst is, without a doubt, a misdeed of government.  It is tantamount to the servant spying on the master.  When that master’s intention is to hold the servant (government) accountable to the contract (Constitution), the servant is subject to the scrutiny to determine the extent of his misdeeds.  So, too, is the government –as they have clearly demonstrated by being a bit more forthright in the Group 2 trial."

Hunt concluded his post, "My intent to aid was directed at the people, my reading audience.  The affect, however, did aid the defense as well as the prosecution.  However, if there was any abetting, it would be more realistically described as “un-abetting”, if the government was acting criminally (along with the Judge) in hiding exculpatory evidence.  Hence, they have been un-abetted in their criminal activity, by exposing in the Group 2 trial what should have been exposed in the Group 1 trial."

Indeed, as Brand Thornton said back in December 2016, the judges in the Oregon, as well as the Bundy Ranch, trial have gone rogue and should be impeached.

Mr. Hunt has been a faithful reporter for more than two decades, covering such stories as Waco and Ruby Ridge.  He deserves our support!

'Operation Containment' - a trial run?


March 31 2017
Kent Dunn Reporting

A trial run?  Or an indication of what is planned for our nation's immediate future?
By now most have heard the reports from Thursday evening concerning a massive fire on I-85 northbound just south of Ga. 400 when a section of the critical bridge structure collapsed. 

Some have reported that ISIS was responsible for the blowup, while others claim that the CIA and FBI together collaborated the blowup of the bridge.  

The blowup of the bridge has been labeled "Operation Containment" and is believed to be one of many similar events to be taking place as 'terrorist attacks' are planned to begin across the nation. 

The part of the bridge blown was found to have no rebar in it to give the structure sustaining ability.

A PVC pipe was discovered containing explosive material which, interestingly, was apparently placed in the non-rebar section. 

Also reported was that there is a big intelligence base underground at the location of the bridge.

To the dismay of the Atlanta fire department, fighters were instructed to 'stand down' on attending to the fire until the bridge falls down.

The CIA and the FBI are attempting everything they can to get trouble brewing across the nation.  The ultimate goal is to contain the population in the cities they are now in.  Reports are that their plans are to take over all transportation venues, such as streets, allies, and modes of transportation such as trains, busses, etc., severely restricting movement of the population. 

March 31, 2009 -- Take Note

By Anna Von Reitz

It is eight years ago today that the UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent. 

It wasn't widely advertised then and don't look to the Mainstream Media to mark the anniversary now.  

No, you will be kept in the dark as studiously as you were kept in the dark eight years ago.  

Please note that this is not the original United States that was subsequently represented by the united States of America and The United States of America and the United States of America..... no, this UNITED STATES, INC. is a different critter, spawned in France by FRANCE, that is, Jacob Rothschild.  

So what does it mean when a governmental services corporation goes bankrupt? 

It doesn't have to mean fraud and criminality, but in this case, it does.  

The UNITED STATES, INC., could have gone bankrupt like any other corporation operating in Good Faith goes bankrupt; it could have taken its licks, and quietly dissolved.  That happens all the time.  

But not in this case.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. was not operating in anything like Good Faith.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. made terrible and unsupportable claims against you in order to obtain access to your credit.  It then charged its debts and the debts of its STATE OF_______ and COUNTY franchises against you, your labor, your home, your land, your businesses, your kids and grandkids.  It named you a FRANCHISE belonging to their corporation as chattel, and now when they collapse their game, they fully intend to leave you holding the bag for this.  

So what happens when a corporation borrows itself ----and its purported franchisees--- into insurmountable debt like the UNITED STATES, INC., has done?   It can't qualify for bankruptcy protection, so it gets liquidated. 

The Bankruptcy Trustees operating in behalf of the creditors come in and hold a fire sale and they sell off the STATE OF OREGON and JACKSON COUNTY, WISCONSIN to the highest bidder.  

The new owners of the old governmental services corporation franchises come in and take over.  They are eager to recoup on the debts of the old "STATE OF_______" and "COUNTY OF__________" franchises they acquired, so what do they do?  

Why, they send out new tax bills, out of the blue.  And these aren't just ordinary tax bills.  They are gigantic tax bills.  

All last week I have been getting frantic calls from people--- "Judge Anna!  I had my property taxes all paid off, and now I have a tax bill for $27,080.00 and it says it is due now!  I have thirty days to pay this or they will evict me!  My neighbor got a similar bill, too---- what's going on?  What do we do?" 

The new COUNTY management is billing you for the old COUNTY management's debts.  

The UNITED STATES, INC. and its franchises stole your identity, your good name, your credit, the title to your land and home----and they borrowed heavily against you and your assets and your kids and grandkids.  Now you are getting the bill for it, and according the perps, you have thirty days to pay or else. 

Here's the kicker.  The banks all knew that this was going on.  They knew that you were never told about any of this.  They knew, and they let the rats borrow against you, your labor, and everything you own.  They allowed it and promoted it.  Why? Because it is a way to seize your assets for a song and a dance.  It was all gravy for the banks and no risk to them. 

Until someone calls them on it and shoves it back down their throats all the way to Dixie. 

You don't owe any of these huge "extra" tax bills.  You never owed any of the other property tax bills you've paid in your life, either.  You are the landlord.  You are exempt.  It's just that nobody ever told you that and nobody ever showed you how to claim your exemption.  The vermin continued to send you bills, which you innocently paid, and they pocketed all that unjust enrichment and called it "gifts" and "donations".  

They didn't even bother to pay the taxes they owed on these "gifts" and "donations".  Don't you think it is time the Internal Revenue Service knew what these cretins have been doing? 

If I were you, America, I'd be on my feet right about now.  I'd be tracking down those responsible.  I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, and no, I wouldn't pay a peso of this odious debt.  

These private, mostly foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations don't have a contract to provide services to you, much less do they have permission to send you fraudulent billing statements and equally fraudulent legal demands through the US Mail. (See 18 USC 1001 Fictitious Conveyance of Grammar and Title, 18 USC 1342, Mail Fraud). 

If any bogus corporate "sheriffs" show up trying to evict you, I suggest that you go straight to their masters and start banging your dish on the floor like an angry dog. The politicians and the lawyers and the judges and the Blue Ribbon Committees are the ones responsible.  Drive it home to them that this fraud scheme is not going down again. Take all your neighbors and friends with you.  

The rats passed off a fraudulent "national" bankruptcy in 1933 and once was more than enough.  

The banks encouraged this fraud with cunning and malice aforethought.  It's their turn to take it in the shorts. And the politicians and lawyers right along with them.  

See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website

The Very Short Explanation of Everything

By Anna Von Reitz

In March of 1933, a bank operative elected as President (FDR) declared the United States of America, Inc. insolvent.  A process of debt assumption expedited by the use of similar names fraud was instituted as a means to seize assets and bankrupt millions of Americans and their states of the union. 

In November of 1999, this bankruptcy ended.  The United States of America, Inc. emerged from bankruptcy the same way you might, battered and worn and clipped clean, sporting a bad credit rating, but still alive even though its enemies had gratuitously vacated its public offices and shanghaied its people into foreign jurisdictions. 

In March 2009, the purported "successor" to the United States of America,Inc.-- another governmental services corporation dba UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent--- but amazingly, the banks continued to loan it vast amounts of money even after it declared insolvency.  

This was done to (1) create insurmountable debt to force liquidation (not just bankruptcy) of the UNITED STATES and all its sureties including the STATE OF______ and ________COUNTY and JOHN HENRY DOE, and (2) give the banks an excuse to claim virtually all private property in America without paying much more than the administrative cost of doing so. 

The banks had cause to know they were lending money to a bankrupt entity.  They also had cause to know that more than $20 trillion has been embezzled out of this country.  

Faced with this reality, I complained to the head of this whole corporate shooting match, Pope Benedict XVI.  His response?  "Nobody told me!"   He promptly retired from his office as Roman Pontiff and handed the heavy lifting to FRANCISCUS.  

So, I claimed back my property and good name and claimed all the fifty states owed to the United States of America, Inc. and put the entire country back on the game board.  Then, I rolled the entire thing back into the flag ship, the united States of America Trading Company.  

Then I followed up and in the name of Jesus, the Nazorean, acting as His Fiduciary, I placed His Credit on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court which is the bank for the Holy See and the highest Equity Court on Earth.  

Mr. Obama is meeting with Pope Francis on April 15.  It doesn't take rocket science to figure out the topic of conversation.  Mr. Obummer and his mostly British pals will be asking the Roman Pontiff to find in their favor and commandeer the United States of America, Inc., once again, so that their fraud game and false claims can continue. 

The Roman Pontiff no longer has a say. 

The united States of America is a Trading Company and always has been.  It doesn't deal in commerce and isn't subject to the Roman Pontiff.  I already by-passed the United States of America, Inc. and placed the actual assets of this country back in our undelegated international domain. 

Francis is also precluded from assuming any ownership position with respect to the United States of America, Inc., (which is a derelict corporation owned by the Holy See) because of the records placed before the Holy See and my claim against the value of the entire Unam Sanctam Trust.  

They claimed to own everything in Jesus' Name---- Corpus Christi, the dead body of Christ.  Fine.  So we placed the infinite credit that they self-admittedly owe to Jesus squarely on the books of their corporation and demanded full settlement and closure for the next 1000 years. 

They don't own the United States of America, Inc. anymore.  Jesus does.   I am his Bondswoman and Fiduciary. I have called their bluff with a Royal Flush.  

So Mr. Obummer's begging trip must fall on deaf ears and Pope Francis' prediction that he would not be in office--- as Roman Pontiff---for very long, has indeed come true.  

Behold, I am the new 'Roman Pontiff' and I am dispensing with all this fraud and debt in short order. 

Last but not least, we have already figured out how to diffuse the so-called "Debt Bomb" that the perpetrators left behind in an effort to cover their tracks--- and do so without harming anyone.  

The way is clear for Mankind to have a glorious future and the long-foretold 1000 years of peace has come. 

See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website

Bruce Doucette --- Outted

By Anna Von Reitz

Almost a year ago, I asked Bruce Doucette to do something vitally important.  It was simple enough: contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and work with them to develop a template program that all the other counties in America can follow to set up their local county assemblies.  

This organizational phase naturally includes the paperwork to correct everyone's political status, welcome them as members of the county jural assembly, and get them signed up as militia men or supporting militia members.  If you want to reclaim your birthright political status and restore the lawful government you are owed, this is what it takes.  

Although I have been busy frying other fish, I checked back regularly with Doucette and asked how it was going---- oh, fine, fine.....

Imagine my consternation tonight to learn that Bruce never contacted the Michigan General Jural Assembly? 

Let's see.....

1. He didn't follow my instructions regarding filling the vacated public offices and taking the correct oaths, and as a result a lot of people are ramming around claiming to be State Justices without having done any of the work required.  They are exposing themselves to arrest and making a mockery of our lawful action. 

2. He didn't contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and coordinate the effort to organize lawful county jural assemblies throughout the land. 

3. The one thing that he did get started that was working properly -- the Continental Marshals Service -- he has bent over backward trying to destroy. 

What other conclusion is there?  Bruce Doucette has intentionally and with malice aforethought sought to co-opt and undermine our efforts from Day One.  Three times and out.  Or should I say, "outted"? 

It doesn't matter who he is working for.  He isn't working for us, the American people who want to restore the lawful government they are owed using peaceful and constitutionally guaranteed means to do it. 

I cannot stress this strongly enough.  You have to do the right things to get the right results.  Any other course lands you in jail or worse--- and though there are parties who would like to spill American blood and who would profit from doing so----we must stay the course, wise as serpents, gentle as doves. 

See this article and over 500 others on Anna's website

People you know have disappeared?

Have you had ​loved ones, friends, and people you know disappear??

March 30 2017
Kent Dunn Reporting

We are being told this information is O.K.  to post as the information has been leaking out. 

This is going to be too far out for some of you, especially the little ones and agents of the cabal (trolls).

If you don't want to believe this, do your own research or sit on it for awhile and you shall see it in the near future.

This is certainly not anything new, but people are disappearing all over our planet, and most are rarely ever found.  

Recently we were told many of these folks wind up in slave trade auctions on planet Uranus.

People from all over the galaxy wind up at Uranus to be auctioned off.  Some are sold as slaves while others are sold as food. The trade monies are varying sizes of chunks of gold, as silver and other metals are of no value in the galaxy financial system.   

This information is coming from higher ups, those many of you know such as Cory  Goode, David Wilcock, Dr. Michael Salla, and James Gilliland are aware of this.

Found this on Twitter, had to post it here! Hilarious!



Mar 31 2017
Kent Dunn Reporting

Iran has called for a United Nations emergency Security Council meeting.

Iran has made it clear to the Council that it wants to declare WAR on both the United States and Israel, with the first objective to attack Israel.

The United Nations voted down Iran's request, with the United States casting the deciding vote.
This request by Iran for permission to declare war on the United States and Israel is taking place after over 209 nations recently signed a worldwide peace agreement to not conduct wars. 

It is thought that Obama may have had a part in Iran's request.

Iran is locking and loading nuclear missiles right now, the very same ones that Hillary Clinton privately sold to Iran while she occupied the office of Secretary of State.

Unless Iran's military can be contained by the United Nations, there is not much that can be done to stop their efforts to go to war.

The FBI, currently still under the control of James Comey until April 1st, is currently relocating both President Trump and VP Pence to a secure location.

Russia is in process of relocating President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dimitry Medvedev to a secure location.
Because they know that they lost the battle for control of the planet, the worldwide satanic cabal is currently doing everything possible to start World War III to bring about the destruction of the planet and it's peoples.  


Kent Dunn report



They FINALLY pulled the drain plug in the swamp in Washington DC and brought down the nation's NUMBER ONE TERRORIST!  

The military has a April Fools surprise for the bad guys!

Starting at 4 am this morning, the US Military paid a special visit to some cabal members here in the States!

The mass arrests of all the top cabal started this morning with the take down of none other than former CEO/president Barack Hussein (insane) Obama (real name Barry Soetoro)!

At 4 am this morning the military paid Obama a SPECIAL VISIT and now Obama is singing like a song bird!

Meanwhile, Theresa May, the new Prime Minister in England, has started by taking down all those involved with Rothschild.

Next, the arrests have also started in South Africa.

All the big boys and girls and transies worldwide are in process of coming down now.  (Mikie, where are you? Have you been visited yet?!)

We are waiting to receive reports of other arrests world wide and will bring the information to you as we receive it!

This information brought to you by Kent Dunn, our special intel friend! 

Jim Stone 3-31-2017

The missing 911 impact photos I had up earlier

Today was pretty much a normal day but you would not think so from what got posted because I wasted a huge portion of it on a report about 911 Pentagon impact photos the FBI just released. I did a nice photo slide explaining what was wrong, and made two critical errors that forced me to pull it and that wrecked a huge portion of the days work. The first error was that the alley between Pentagon rings 2 and 3 did not go all the way down to the ground even though it looked like it did in the photo of the Pentagon from above. In reality, the alley between rings 2 and 3 was about 30 feet higher than ground level. So this would have allowed sufficient space for debris to fly through without leaving a mark. Not that I believe there was debris, but it could still be debunked by trolls too effectively so that was one reason to pull it.
HERE'S THE KICKER THOUGH - REASON 2 - THE HOLE IN THE WALL IN THE ALLEY BETWEEN RINGS 3 AND 4. I was going to make a big issue about how a thin aluminum fuselage could punch through so many solid brick walls (6 in total) and still leave such a nice cookie cutter hole so far in. The hole was WAY TOO BIG to be from the engine - Remember the engine story? Where they said this magical miraculous plane engine just kept puncturing wall after wall until it almost completely made it through the Pentagon? WELL AS IT TURNS OUT, THAT WAS B.S. now, even by the explanation given by the FBI. YOU SEE . . . . .
Now that nice big fuselage sized hole in the alley between Pentagon rings 3 and 4 was put there by rescue crews, with explosives, to provide an access point through which rescue operations could be done. So we have no miraculous engine story anymore. I guess they figured that the people would know there was no way in * any engine would make such a cute, symmetrical and HUGE hole so far in after having all it's turbines ripped off, (and there were no sufficient entry holes in the early pentagon photos before the collapse, either,) I guess they figured we'd forget about that. ANYWAY, the latest FBI release makes my brain feel the way my gut would feel if I ate too many twinkies years ago . . . . . pure sugar coated garbage that just, well, seriously something is not right with these pictures. It really looks totally staged. You can look through them and make up your own mind here

Anonymous sent:

Would running TAILS from a live disk prevent your ISP from knowing your browsing? My response: No, not at all. Because your ISP assigned your modem an IP. You get a new IP if you unplug the modem, and usually ISP's reset all IP's at night. But when you have that IP, they know it goes to your account under your name, and running TOR is not going to stop them from seeing what you access, where and when. Because Tor still has to feed it to you through your ISP. Maybe Tor can sometimes hide who you are once out on the web, to make it harder to track back to your ISP, but if your ISP is watching, there will not be any secrets. They do, after all, have to serve you every single thing you get, and send out every single thing you send out including encryption keys.
So there's your answer, and why I think all the game playing is STUPID. There is ONE WAY to do this, and it is as I have said - Go to a random wifi. Set up encrypted VPN. Get your STATIC encryption key from your VPN over a random WIFI. Then, through your ISP log into the VPN and use your already resident key for everything, a key that never gets sent through your ISP. They will know you use a VPN and that is all.
Sorry, Tor won't cut it if your ISP wants to stab you.

Trump is taking your internet privacy away?

Apparently Trump is going to make it legal for your ISP to sell your entire browsing history for profit by repealing privacy laws Obama put in place. This is different from having the CIA know your entire browsing history. It is not as bad, but I still do not like it. Using Firefox in a private window won't work to stop this, because Firefox still has to place all requests through your ISP. Additionally, using a VPN improperly won't work to block this, because you still have to receive everything the VPN sends you, and your ISP will know what that is, and have your address and everything else. So how can you keep your privacy? EASY:
1. Go to a totally random WIFI network (Krispie Kreme, McDonalds, Burger King, whatever) and sign up for your VPN THERE. Make sure your VPN is encrypted with a static key only you have, so you don't have to get a new one every day. If you have to get a new one every day, your ISP will be able to steal it when it is sent to you, and then decrypt everything you do. Only a static key that only you have and never gets sent to you by your ISP will work, AFTER you got that key via a random WIFI.
With your key your ISP never got a chance to steal, THEN access your VPN and have everything encrypted. Your ISP will see one thing: You use a VPN. That's all!
Any other method of doing this will be B.S., if you are not encrypted with a private key you own to access a trustworthy VPN, you have NOTHING.
Anyway, I am not at all excited with Trump over this, if it is true and not just another B.S. think tank conclusion about what to say to make people hate Trump.

Black eyed kids

There has been a meme going around the web, which speaks about black eyed kids. I believe these are kids where when you look at their eyes, they are all black, and you can't see any pupils. The whites of the eyes are still there, but there are no pupils, the center is all black. This is common in Mexico, because the eye pigmentation is so dark. It does not mean anything. HOWEVER One time, in California, I saw news being broadcast live "on scene." They had a transmitter trailer similar to the one Milo had that got destroyed by the riots set up, along with the large TV cameras. I walked within 10 feet of the woman talking, and did not really look at her closely (at first) because I figured she would not want to watched while broadcasting. And when I looked at her this way, not looking directly at her, her eyes looked like two black holes that appeared to be portals to HELL. There was no white portion, they were simply two black holes. And I was like WHOAH, she did not have eyes, she just had holes that emanated EVIL. So I turned around for a second look, and yes, when I first looked at her, her eyes were two black holes until I actually focused on them, and then they were normal, and blue!
I never saw that before, and concluded that there are two components to our vision - one is spiritual - and it enabled me to see what that woman's soul was like before my physical eyes actually focused and showed what her body looked like. It creeped me out. And I figured, yeah, she's in the mainstream media which we know is the lowest evil. And when she's not on the TV, you can SEE IT.
I think this is probably different from what people say are "black eyed kids", or at least I hope so.

This really looks BAD:

Mexican Attorney General caught smuggling drugs!

An attorney general from a Mexican state was arrested at the U.S.-Mexico border south of San Diego for allegedly smuggling and trying to distribute drugs over a period of years, according to charges filed by the state of New York in early March. The State of New York filed drug trafficking charges against Edgar Veytia, Nayarit's state prosecutor, on March 2, which led to his arrest on Monday, according to the indictment and authorities.

This is an important message, it shows how to get what I post to other people:

PAR FROM SWEDEN SENT: More proof of Censorship ..I challenged a new friend to read your text about Vaccines that you reposted the other day (and then try to find where it came from.) I copied the text but made screen caps of the pictures to hide any additional links. Also I removed a position where your name was in print replacing it with "Mr X." In the challenge I clearly stated your position that your texts even if handed will not be referenced back with a link if searched ..even how hard anyone will try ..your text quoted or in whole no matter what..
All my friend got was the text cleared of any site link (including pictures from this site) or your name and this challenge I even gave your statistics regarding only 0, 4 % forwarding from Google to your site. Here is his reaction in summary:
He himself had had the eyes on vaccines and read part of matters you detailed from other sites but NEVER in the deeper more clarified context you brought it up. Much of your text was so more detailed he never saw that any place else on the net But your text grew even more powerful for him from the obvious fact that no matter how he tried he could not get hold of where I found the source of the text He could only say that "the mysterious Mr X" is censored I CAN NOT FIND WHO HE IS!
Regards from Sweden - Par"
My response: Obviously I am as censored as I have said, I have tested this. But you did something by trying this that accomplished something more important: HOW TO SEND MY REPORTS TO OTHERS. Many people have said they can't ever get my information to others. HERE IS HOW: 1. Strip all links. 2. Do not mention this web site name or have a link to it in any way whatsoever. 3. Strip all images from this site because they have to have the web site name embedded in whatever you send before they will work and that will set off a flag. (replace them with captures if necessary). 4. NEVER MENTION MY NAME EVER.
Copy ONLY THE TEXT and send it with screen captures of pictures if pictures are needed. I do not care if my stuff is sent with no credit back to here whatsoever, all I care about is if people know about the information that gets posted here. This is because I don't run this site for profit, I run this site to fight evil, so I don't care who sends what and how, as long as the word gets spread and I at least get enough to post another day.

Par realized that this worked to prove I am censored, but I don't think he realized that by doing this he also figured out how to get my information to actually go across the internet without any AI knowing it came from this site. He figured out how to break the censorship chain of association.



The idiots at the intelligence agencies screwed with this site so arrogantly it bit them in the rear. Because if I never send out mails EVER, and suddenly my readers started receiving mails from this web site, the only way that can happen is if an intelligence agency is doing it to try to plant bugs on people's computers. By making it impossible for me to communicate via E-mail for YEARS, they gave me a way to uncover a black op of theirs, and screw them in the long run.


The intelligence agencies, probably via new weaponized AI, are now spoofing at least this web site and sending mails to people that could not possibly have come from here. SO THEY ARE PROBABLY DOING IT TO YOUR WEB SITE ALSO. I don't know how you are going to deal with it, I already went through the trauma of having all communications cut which is difficult to survive. I don't know how well other web sites will be able to handle not having E-mail be safe anymore but if your mail address can be spoofed, and now absolutely will be spoofed because it happened here, that is the new reality. Mailing lists are no longer safe, because it has been proven that the intelligence agencies will use your ID to send things to people in your name, and if your readers open it and it is not from you, anything you could possibly put on a list of bad things can happen to your readers when they open it.
Once again, I'll post the message from a reader that proved it. This reader is not a random reader - he is one of the top 10 people associated with this web site. This came in through the message window because obviously it would not make it through the totally censored E-mail. Here is his message:
"I just got an email in my gmail Inbox from a "website administrator ... for jim stone" in Spanish -- I did NOT open it, I sent it to spam. Would have liked to see what it said, but didn't take the chance of getting infected. It was sent seconds after I cut and pasted your post about why the only way to contact you is this box and sent it to my friend and Pres of the National Health Federation who wanted to re-publish your work on the oceans and glyphosate. He is going to research it himself, instead, using your work as a base, since he can't get clearance from you directly.
Don't know how you do it, continue to do it, but T H A N K S !"
My response: This proves that clandestine forces are using their ownership of the web to fake people's identity and instantly send people in circles of association fake messages that contain God only knows what. HEADS UP PEOPLE: THE WAR JUST GOT TOUGHER.


If you get a mail "from this web site" even as a "donation receipt" it did not come from here and can only be someone evil trying to send you a virus or bug. Do not open it! This site is completely prevented from sending E-mail, and therefore I don't send E-mail AT ALL.



At the time of the Fukushima disaster, they kept talking about high pressures in reactor 1, which I figured were bullshit because I thought the reactor was driven to explosion by the Stuxnet virus. That would explain the wrecked containment. EVIDENTLY IT WAS NOT. NEW EVIDENCE SAYS THE ENTIRE REACTOR SYSTEM REMAINED PERFECTLY SEALED. NOTHING GOT OUT OF IT. AND THIS CAN KILL ISRAEL, BECAUSE THE ENTIRE CONTAINMENT IS COATED IN RADIOACTIVE CRAP, YET NOTHING IN THE REACTOR SYSTEM EVER BREACHED TO LET IT OUT. THIS IS PROVEN BY THE CONTINUOUS HIGH PRESSURES STILL BEING MAINTAINED IN REACTOR 1, PRESSURES ABOVE 2,700 PSI. IF ANY PROBLEM HAPPENED TO THAT REACTOR THAT CAN EXPLAIN THE HIGH RADIATION, THE HIGH PRESSURES WOULD NOT BE PRESENT. And having hydrogen gas destroy such a robust structure is a laughable ruse. Unlike what crap web sites like ENE news say, nuclear reactors are not made out of tinfoil. They are by far the most robust machines made by man. And the piping going to them is the most robust, thick and strong piping made anywhere for any job in the world. It would be possible to blow away a concrete containment surrounding a reactor, and not have a breach anywhere in the reactor system. If this is what happened with a nearly failed nuclear weapon at reactor 1, Israel could be in deep sh*t.


I got such solid proof that Israel put a nuclear weapon in the inner containment of reactor 3 that it is IN THE PICTURE LINK TO THE FUKUSHIMA REPORT AT THE TOP OF THIS PAGE. IT IS HUGE, TWO STORIES TALL. GUN NUKES ARE HUGE. AND YES THEY WOULD FIT IN THE INNER CONTAINMENT BECAUSE THE REACTORS ARE SO HUGE THAT A TWO STORY TALL CAMERA WOULD NOT EVEN BE ABOVE THE TORUS BELOW THE REACTOR. THEY FAKED THE JAPS INTO THINKING THAT WAS ONLY A CAMERA! I never got proof they got nukes into reactors 1,2, and 4. But with the current radiation readings in the containment of reactor 1 being impossible with no breach in the actual reactor system whatsoever, proven by the high pressures in that system even now, there could not possibly be another source for that radiation. Recently (last week) they got a camera with a radiation sensor into reactor 1, below the reactor. It did not melt through but there was a lot of radiation. If there are high pressures in the system, and there is no melt through, that high radiation came from somewhere else, LIKE A SUPER CRAPPY NUCLEAR WEAPON THAT DID NOT GO OFF VERY GOOD, BUT THREW RADIOACTIVE CRAP EVERYWHERE.
1. Killed off message window.
2. An apparent halting of all donations.
3. A fake mail campaign, where people started getting mails from this web site that this web site never sent! WTF IS UP WITH THAT? I have not sent a single mail for 4 months and the last one was to WAYNE, THE ONE BEFORE WAS TO WAYNE, AND THE 10 BEFORE THAT SPANNING YEARS WERE TO WAYNE. He's the only one I even bother sending mail to because the censors can't get away with blocking confirmed communications. I can get Wayne on the phone! Bottom line? This web site NEVER SENDS OUT MAILS. And if you get one from this web site, it is FAKE.
Why would they get so pissed off about a new revelation at reactor 1 that they had to attack this site so hard over it if it was not true? ENE news and Rense get to say whatever they want about Fuku and they never suffer any consequence at all because it is all total BULLSHIT. But no, this web site gets punished. WHY?
I'll tell you why: Because if there is ever a real investigation of reactor 1, and they discover there was no breach AT ALL, and a GDEFFIN HUGE "camera" is totally missing it is going to irrevocably indict Israel for causing the Fukushima catastrophe. And if Rense really is genuine opposition to the Jews he DAMN WELL OUGHT TO AT LEAST MENTION THIS.

And there is 100 percent precedent for this - because the planting of explosives in a Swedish nuclear facility got caught and published only a year after Fukushima. This web site is, as far as I know, the only alt media site that covered that. Gee, I wonder why, when it even got published on the inside fold, page 42 in many European MSM publications where such news rightfully belongs if the objective is to claim informing the public while keeping it all secret. It is the job of the alt media to find stuff like that. The Israelis probably have nuclear blackmail threats everywhere. CONSIDER THIS: SWEDEN'S CULTURAL SUICIDE MAY BE HAPPENING BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOT WANT A REACTOR TO GET BLOWN SKY HIGH, AND THEY HAVE TO STAY SHUT UP ABOUT IT AND DO THE WILL OF THEIR NEW MASTERS.
Anyway, enjoy the E-mails. I am sure they will be fun if you try to read them. Don't open them!
DEAR TROLLS: What would you rather have posted? This, rubbed in your face again, or a few legitimate messages from readers? Don't make it tough on yourselves!

A few quick headlines

A university dropped a student's grade for using the word "mankind". This shows where the colleges are headed - Straight to hell. Trump needs to de-fund all colleges that have this attitude.

IDIOT Pentagon advisor: "North Korea can kill 90 percent of American population!" It does not get more stupid than that, SEE THIS

Ivanka is now becoming a permanent part of the white house staff and will have her own office and be one of Trump's advisors. With Jared the Jew as her husband, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Podesta was exposed for numerous federal offenses on Fox News. Unfortunately, it won't result in anything happening if you can spot a trend after it has whacked you in the head 50 times already. SEE THIS

Britain officially doing Brexit, SEE THIS

OLD NEWS NOW: The DNC has fired it's entire staff after how the Clinton campaign was handled. The FBI demanded all of the DNC's computers for investigation, but magically and mysteriously they all disappeared just like Hillary's did.




I just got an email in my gmail Inbox from a "website administrator ... for jim stone" in Spanish -- I did NOT open it, I sent it to spam. Would have liked to see what it said, but didn't take the chance of getting infected. It was sent seconds after I cut and pasted your post about why the only way to contact you is this box and sent it to my friend and Pres of the National Health Federation who wanted to re-publish your work on the oceans and glyphosate. He is going to research it himself, instead, using your work as a base, since he can't get clearance from you directly.

Don't know how you do it, continue to do it, but T H A N K S !"

MY RESPONSE: HE HAS MY PERMISSION TO USE THE GLYPHOSATE REPORT. AND This is cold hard proof that they hate this web site so much that they are playing dirty, spoofing the identity, and sending mails in the name of this web site that I NEVER SENT, BECAUSE I NEVER SEND MAILS. NOT ONE A DAY, NOT ONE A WEEK, NOT ONE A MONTH, NOT ONE A YEAR. NOT EVER AND IT HAS BEEN THAT WAY FOR A LONG LONG TIME!


TROLL WROTE: According to amazing Jim Stone logic, Natural News has been SCAMMING PEOPLE INTENTIONALLY about vaccines for years. You said it Jim. Don't get mad at me for pointing it out. Natural News JUST RECENTLY started mentioning biological adjuvants in vaccines. They have been pointing to mercury for YEARS.

It's too bad Natural News has been PURPOSELY DECEIVING US FOR SOO LONG.

MY RESPONSE: DEAR TROLL: Do you think Natural News could post about biological adjuvants and not have me know about it? WHAT DAY DID I POST THE VACCINE SCAM WEB SITE POST? HMMM? Oh, that was about 12 hours ago! So I posted that AFTER Natural News wrote about biological adjuvants. So both THEY AND I AM IN THE CLEAR, TRY AGAIN IDIOT.


Remember a while back when activists nailed and got video of Planned Parenthood making deals to sell body parts? Planned parenthood is guilty of thousands of felonies with regard to this, But the system is so corrupt that Planned Parenthood got charged with ZERO, and the people who uncovered Planned Parenthood's crimes got charged with 15 felonies for doing it! If that is not proof we need a pie in the sky flying flame throwing missile launching bullet proof BULLDOZER that can go to a court house and flatten it, flame throw it, and blow it up at the same time, as well as many other places that need the same, NOTHING WILL, people have to be absolutely blind and stupid to not see the light after that happened. If the people who uncovered the crimes got prosecuted, the system cannot be fixed, it needs to be WIPED OUT BY WAR.


A reminder of the censorship this web site faces

1. Ever since the Fukushima report, it has been impossible to send or receive E-mails to and from all but the closest people to this web site. There is a weaponized filter in place that can tell the difference between a mail from Wayne and a mail from someone random. The censorship outside of that is absolute. If you ever receive an e-mail from this web site, or a response to a mail you sent this web site, it is an intelligence agency HOAX no matter what it is for.


2. The censorship against this web site is so complete that even Paypal removed the messaging option, and I can't send anyone confirmation or thanks through Paypal for anything received. If you received anything like that through Paypal and it never showed on the front page, then you got hoaxed. I have no idea why Paypal still allows at least a portion of the donations through, other than to either skim them or keep tabs on this site. There could be absolutely no reason why the entire communication capability via Paypal has been removed, other than to force everything with regard to finance into complete darkness. No matter what message you receive, if your donation is not on the front page it did not make it here. 3. Google plays incredibly dirty. This web site has tons of Fukushima coverage, yet if you use Google to do any searches on the topic of Fukushima, you can spend hours and hours and hours, and nothing from this site will show up, not even on page 3,128. YET IF, AT ANY TIME, YOU TYPE THE NAME OF THIS WEB SITE AND PROVE YOU KNOW IT EXISTS, SUDDENLY GOOGLE WILL LET IT SHOW UP. So they make it look stupid for me to claim censorship, yet accomplish almost complete censorship. This web site gets less than 3 percent of its traffic from Google and ALL of that is from direct name access, which would prove Google is fraudulent if it did not work.
Additionally, if you hit this site and have it in your history and then hit Google, Google will snoop your computer and know you came here, and will allow it to work in search results, albeit in a very limited sense. DOUBLE dirty. The only way to really see the censorship is to hit Google from a clean computer and then start typing terms that appear all over this site, while never accessing this site or typing this site's name to let Google know you know it exists. It is the job of a search engine to help you find what you don't know about. If it won't do that, it is censoring.

The most important thing to know with regard to this web site is that the only method of contact that EVER works is the message window, and the posting of donations received on the front page. And if anything really nasty is going on, they go out of their way to intercept even the message window and censor it, but due to the way the message window is configured they can't put it in a spam filter, so it requires active work to censor it. The message window can now be issued from over 150 different places and I can spawn 5,000 more on a whim. They can't stop that, absent watching this web site like a hawk, to see where I am asking it to be issued from at any given moment. There is simply no way to easily block it. That is why it often works, but does not work 100 percent of the time. I'd say I can keep it open and working about 70 percent of the time.

OK, so why would they be so ANAL about censoring this web site?

The answer is EASY: 1. This is the only web site that ever told the whole truth about Fukushima, the Japan earthquake, and Japan's forced and never owed 160 trillion Yen "bailout" to the World Bank. They did that huge payout after the earthquake, which was a clearly manufactured scenario. Yet after the payout was made, which trashed Japan's economy, Google expunged all record of it when it was revealed that it was the submission to a New World Order threat to Japan to destroy Japan with manufactured "natural disasters" and nuclear disasters if Japan did not submit to the bankers completely. And obviously the Jewish owned media is 100 percent complicit, including in Japan, with web sites like this one getting bashed into oblivion for daring to speak such a damning truth.
2. This is the only web site, which across the board has spoken an un-distorted technically accurate truth with regard to why and how vaccines are destroying the children, and our future, as well as the motives for doing so.
3. There is little question this web site is hated for the fact that it said everything Snowden said, years before he said it, with the only difference being that I published the capabilities and intent, and not the actual system names that were doing it. If I published the actual system names and this site was the only source for that, it would probably result in immediate action and I'm not stupid about that. And who cares what a system name is? What is important is KNOWING WHAT IS BEING DONE. Even with the latest damning Wikileak, I said most of that crap long ago. That is a good reason to censor this site, but I doubt it rates anywhere close to Fukushima and sabotaged vaccines.
4. There is little doubt this web site is an annoyance when it pounces on false flags and calls them out. However, this is not the only web site doing that, others are good at this too.
5. Obviously this site is not liked much for it's position on the Jews, but there are plenty of sites out there that are not being significantly punished for doing the same, many are not completely censored and many have standardized ads. The difference between this site doing it, and other sites doing it, is that this site nails the truth with a high degree of accuracy and when that is tacked on along side the Fukushima report, it does not fly well with the censors.
The real key reasons why this site is so hated by the elite are reasons 1 and 2. If the Fukushima report was technically flawed, it would not be a problem. Just look at the crap spew by ENE NEWS, which is obvious hoaxing and posted #1 on Google. Additionally, if the vaccine reporting was technically flawed, it would not be a problem.
The elite love it when people say outrageous things that lead people to a dead end. They will never censor that. But neither the Fuku coverage or vaccine coverage on this site are flawed, they both go to ultimate sources, which are: 1. The engineer who designed reactor 3, and 2. numerous medical professionals, which at the top has the backing of a PhD in pharmacology that happens to be absolutely correct about the exact, and intentional, mechanisms of action by which the vaccines destroy the people that get them. That is something the elite can't handle, because it can direct people at the top of the medical structure to a clear and concise indictment against them. It IS a war, it is no mistake, and to point these two things out accurately basically amounts to receiving an attempted killing of this site via censorship.


There is a despicable Jew who has released a major report about how YES, vaccines are triggering auto immune disorders and autism, and then he blames it all on ALUMINUM!!!!!!!!! What more do you expect? Here is the solution: Ban ALL vaccines grown in human tissue cultures, and ban ALL vaccines that use adjuvants.
How do you turn a small batch of legitimate vaccines that seldom did harm (like what we had 40+ years ago) into a huge profit making shipment that cost practically nothing, but still triggers an immune response? ANSWER: Mix it with adjuvants - materials that cause the immune system to act against the small amount of legitimate vaccine strongly. So what if it is a critical material like Squalene, or something else the body uses as a basic building block? If you make more money and you are a total prick, one kid out of 50 being completely wiped out by autism is completely worth it, and 20 or so more out of that 50 that get nailed by auto immune disorders will be there in your pocket for life, filling it with money, buying more of your products to help them deal with the destruction you caused!
Come on now, there are LOTS of people who think that way! What about the crack head who rips apart a $3,000 vending machine to get to a coin box that has $20 in it? Who cares if you do totally disproportionate damage to get a little cash if it never comes back to haunt you! And if you own the repair shop that fixes the vending machines, it would pay even more to go out and steal a few coin boxes yourself! THAT is the state of American medical. And if any report you read does not say anything about BIOLIGICAL adjuvants and human tissue and/or GMO viruses in vaccines doing the damage, no matter how well it approaches the truth, if it points at a different culprit it is a SCAM REPORT PURE AND SIMPLE, which is intentionally done to drive people away from the real reasons why vaccines are so damaging. If the tribe can keep us diverted long enough, TRIBE CAN GET THEIR ULTIMATE VICTORY BY DESTROYING SO MANY OF US THAT WE ARE TOO CRIPPLED TO EVER ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE AGAIN.

This is exactly one such report that I am talking about, the publisher is either rock stupid or a complete fraud! Yep, you'll NEVER see Google, Facebook, or the MSM come out against this report, because it is a diversion down a cattle trail and off a cliff!

QUESTION: How can a "toxic metal" trigger an auto immune response against a key oil, protein, or cell structure? Answer: Despite the magnificent word wrangling and spewing of terms to explain it, IT CAN'T, and therefore the entire "auto immune" premise of that report is fraudulent. The only thing a toxic metal can do is DIRECT DAMAGE, that will most likely heal at least partially later. Obviously I would not want mercury or aluminum injected into me, but I'd sure as HELL take that before I'd accept a genetically engineered attack virus or human tissue that will trigger a permanent and unrecoverable auto immune caused brain disorder, or a biologically based adjuvant that will do the same! The report says not one word about fetal cell cultures, biological adjuvants, or GMO attack viruses. All of this is provably in vaccines, and all of those are provably potentially destructive. If it does not utter a peep about that while talking about auto immune disorders, it is absolutely FRAUDULENT.
Fact: Vaccines that use peanut oil as an adjuvant will trigger peanut allergies in many people who get vaccinated with a vaccine that uses it. Vaccines grown in animal tissue can trigger allergies to dogs and cats. And vaccines grown in human tissue can trigger an immune reaction against yourself, that's a no brainer, and if you get shot up enough, you will probably not have a brain. You simply cannot inject a pathogen in the presence of any foreign human material and expect consistent, good results!
My reports on this are just as certified as any Jewish doctor spewing lies and diversions, because my reports are backed up by similarly papered people, which in my case are not the enemy!

Just because a web site has "green" in the title and claims to be alternative/wholistic does not mean it is not set up as a false front to push outrageous well worded fraud!

Response to reader comments about the asteroid building:


James - they fu***d up the release date for the article. Reads April fools all over it My response: Sadly, a search for that turns up nothing in the article or on the page outside of comments.
Short answer, it is as stupid as I said it is. Most readers realized how bad it was, but some said it would be in geostationary orbit. That is not the case.
They specifically stated the asteroid would be 31, 000 miles up. That's not where geostationary orbit is. Geostationary would be at the orbital half way point of that (which is not the elevation half way point). Nothing in the report makes any sense at all. They stated numerous impossibilities.
Obviously if the asteroid was stated to have been in geostationary orbit, and the building in one place above the earth, it would not all be so stupid. Still stupid, but it would not have "triggered" me.
No, what we have with the asteroid building really is a common core fail. Apparently it really was a genuine proposal. There was a huge numbers of messages about this. So I did not miss anything when I saw it as a real presentation. I half thought the Daily Mail had become a satire site.


"Skyscraper hung from asteroid" reported in the Daily Mail, if serious, is the product of common core. WORSE: READ THE COMMENTS: Not one person, not even architectural engineers got the key reason why the hanging skyscraper won't work, and could never work. WHAT is that reason? Supposedly it is attached to an asteroid orbiting the earth 30,000 miles up. This asteroid supposedly makes one orbit per day. If whatever is hanging from the asteroid is in the atmosphere, it will be ripping along at about 1,000 miles per hour. How about those winds? Supposedly you can parachute from it? How did this get published?
SECOND HUGE PROBLEM: If an asteroid had to keep something suspended in the earth's atmosphere while it orbited, the atmosphere would drag the asteroid to a stop very quickly. The report is supposedly for real, but even if it was only sci-fi it would be far too stupid to make it off the morning cartoon segment.
WHAT ON EARTH has become of this world's education? For the most stupid thing I have ever seen, (seriously, NO WAY!) SEE THIS and perhaps the greatest emergency of all with this level of stupid is the comments, where absolutely everyone missed the most key basic reasons why this would NEVER WORK.

Aaah yes . . . but it all looks good in Autocad!

I am starting to think no one screwed up, and that this was posted as humor!


This is an absolute BREAKTHROUGH. The price is so low that 1000 watts would only cost $140 dollars! The lowest price prior to this that I have ever heard of was 40 cents a watt. A reader sent me a link to It is a crucial link, because they are not money grubbers that are trying to funnel all the money to themselves, and if you can't get the panel from them, they have many prime sources that should be within your driving distance listed in the bottom portion of the page. IMPORTANT: PRICES ARE LISTED IN CENTS PER WATT. To get the actual panel price, multiply that by how many watts the panel has. This is an obvious key to getting your solar power done cheaply. And I also found out that Harbor Freight has mega cheap 5000 watt modified sine wave inverters. Those would power a house with ease. So if you can't make it to a truck stop for a huge variety, Harbor freight has ONE option. Make sure you get one that can handle 36 volts! I could not get that much information about the one Harbor Freight has because . . . well . . . you know harbor freight! VERY good, and VERY BAD, all wrapped up into one "caveat emptor" paradise. The only place those with common sense should tool shop if you are going to buy Chinese.

I have bumped the solar power report to the top of the page, so newer posts are below the next report.

Important solar power question

If you are going to DIY, you need to know how to fix this: Chris sent I have a question you may answer. It has nothing to do with what's going on your site I read daily. Im asking a favor something I that makes no sense I can't find on the internet that's believable. Im quite stumped at this point not trusting what I read however I trust you.
I got a big they say the best 3 by 6 foot solar panel that charges two brand new big 6 volt batteries combined into one 12 volt battery. It charges all day long at about 1 or more amps even though the battery is not hooked up to anything charging at 13.4 volts. Where do those amps go to throughout the day, Into thin air? I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe a lot of others would too.
Best to you, Chris"
My response: A three foot by six foot solar panel, if made to todays standards and is not amorphous (if you can see the individual cells it is not amorphous, which looks like a solid color) Anyway, if it is polycrystalline and you can see the cells and it is modern and that big, it should be outputting at least 300 watts, or 25 amps continuous into your batteries. Furthermore, there is no way such a panel would only put out 13.6 volts. If that is what you have out of it, there are a couple possible reasons.
It is not overcharging your batteries if the voltage is stuck at 13.6 volts.
Possibility 1: Your panel is rated to output 42 volts and charge a 36 volt battery bank. If you hook a panel like that up to 12 volts, the output will collapse and it won't deliver anything significant. Solar panels need batteries that charge at a voltage slightly below what the panel puts out. 12 volts on a 42 volt panel will automatically fail if there is nothing between the panel and the battery to help make use of the panel.
Possibility 2: There was a sticker left on the front of your panel that is covering one or more cells. If, on a polycrystalline panel any light to any cell gets cut off, the panel will deliver zero, or close to zero. Stickers, shadows, or anything at all that blocks the light to ONE cell will cause that cell to become a blocking diode and it will shut the entire panel off the same way the charging diode will shut the panel off after the sun goes down, to prevent your batteries from discharging through the panel at night. Solar panels are, quite literally, stacked diodes that produce electricity when hit by light. If anything stops even ONE cell from getting light, the diode function takes over and blocks all the other cells. Amorphous solar panels do not have this problem it only applies to crystalline panels.
Though polycrystalline panels produce a lot more power than amorphous when all is well, a single seagull taking a dump on a polycrystalline panel can literally shut it off if it blocks even one cell.
SO: For your situation, here is my advice:
It is virtually impossible for any large polycrystalline panel to be designed to charge only a 12 volt battery. I have a small 10 watt rated polycrystalline panel that will over charge and blow the vents off a 12 amp hour 12 volt battery in only a few hours because it is designed for 12 volts and probably delivers more than 10 watts. It is an excellent match for a 12 volt battery.
Your panel, if you are not using the power and it is as big as you say, should blow the vents off a 36 volt 100 amp hour battery bank within a day, and destroy the batteries in a little over two days if it is not controlled and is allowed to keep charging without the power being used. If it is unable to destroy two six volt batteries, something is wrong - it is either designed to charge at a higher voltage or something is blocking the light to one or more of the cells.
A three foot by six foot solar panel, with modern efficiencies, should produce so much power that unless you are running air conditioning, you'd never use it. And you virtually NEVER can charge a 12 volt system with such a panel because the excess power would be so much that there are no 12 volt 2 battery systems out there that could take so much power if it is rated for 12 volts. You'd need large parallel bank with 6 batteries, and then you'd have to use it. You'd be talking a continuous 25 amp charge at 12 volts. Full charge of 2 golf cart batteries in less than 5 hours. And unlike a wall charger, a solar panel will never back off if it does not have a controller, it will just burn the batteries.

Proposed solution:

Check your panel voltage. All panels have it written on the back of them. If it is something like "42 volts open circuit" get 3 deep cycle RV batteries at least (better 2 sets of 3 in parallel) and use them instead, and an inverter that runs at 36 volts. That would put you in free energy heaven, provided you don't use air conditioning. or have a plasma TV, those eat power like crazy and I am assuming you don't have incandescent lights.

So to sum it up: The two most common things that will make a solar panel be useless is: 1. Incorrect battery voltage rating, and 2. Having one or more cells on a polycrystalline panel get blocked, and even shade from a tree across part of a polycrystalline panel will shut it down, they need DIRECT SUN ON ALL CELLS. Even dirt will shut it down, bird poop, whatever. Cleaning one is the same a cleaning a window.

If you have a charge controller, and you hook that up to a 12 volt system and the panel itself has a much higher voltage, that is another big recipe for fail. It would take an amazing controller to make that work well.