Saturday, March 25, 2017

While our Constitution has made full provisions

While our Constitution has made full provisions for our militia, our Constitution has  made no provisions for Marshals.

Marshals are a military position.
They are under the Leiber Code which is under Admirality law.

This current controversy regarding removal of marshals is making a mockery of our Assemblies of Common Law / not factual since the underlying position is non-existent.

The infighting over a non-existent position is flimsy.

Attempting to manufacture unwarrented position without authority is detrimental to the national restoration of the dejure government. We are all working hard to restore lawful Assemblies in all 50 states. 

Please check the authentic documents of authority.

Marshals are separate to the Assemblies of Common Law

Please refer to the Michigan Dejure Handbook in the website:

Technically a "Marshal" is a military officer. You may find evidence that a Marshal is used in civilian areas and that is due to General Order 100 that invoked Leiber code. Thank Abraham Lincoln for this.

This article written by someone on the land known as Illinois

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