Friday, March 31, 2017

Bruce Doucette --- Outted

By Anna Von Reitz

Almost a year ago, I asked Bruce Doucette to do something vitally important.  It was simple enough: contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and work with them to develop a template program that all the other counties in America can follow to set up their local county assemblies.  

This organizational phase naturally includes the paperwork to correct everyone's political status, welcome them as members of the county jural assembly, and get them signed up as militia men or supporting militia members.  If you want to reclaim your birthright political status and restore the lawful government you are owed, this is what it takes.  

Although I have been busy frying other fish, I checked back regularly with Doucette and asked how it was going---- oh, fine, fine.....

Imagine my consternation tonight to learn that Bruce never contacted the Michigan General Jural Assembly? 

Let's see.....

1. He didn't follow my instructions regarding filling the vacated public offices and taking the correct oaths, and as a result a lot of people are ramming around claiming to be State Justices without having done any of the work required.  They are exposing themselves to arrest and making a mockery of our lawful action. 

2. He didn't contact the Michigan General Jural Assembly and coordinate the effort to organize lawful county jural assemblies throughout the land. 

3. The one thing that he did get started that was working properly -- the Continental Marshals Service -- he has bent over backward trying to destroy. 

What other conclusion is there?  Bruce Doucette has intentionally and with malice aforethought sought to co-opt and undermine our efforts from Day One.  Three times and out.  Or should I say, "outted"? 

It doesn't matter who he is working for.  He isn't working for us, the American people who want to restore the lawful government they are owed using peaceful and constitutionally guaranteed means to do it. 

I cannot stress this strongly enough.  You have to do the right things to get the right results.  Any other course lands you in jail or worse--- and though there are parties who would like to spill American blood and who would profit from doing so----we must stay the course, wise as serpents, gentle as doves. 

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