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March 31, 2009 -- Take Note

By Anna Von Reitz

It is eight years ago today that the UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent. 

It wasn't widely advertised then and don't look to the Mainstream Media to mark the anniversary now.  

No, you will be kept in the dark as studiously as you were kept in the dark eight years ago.  

Please note that this is not the original United States that was subsequently represented by the united States of America and The United States of America and the United States of America..... no, this UNITED STATES, INC. is a different critter, spawned in France by FRANCE, that is, Jacob Rothschild.  

So what does it mean when a governmental services corporation goes bankrupt? 

It doesn't have to mean fraud and criminality, but in this case, it does.  

The UNITED STATES, INC., could have gone bankrupt like any other corporation operating in Good Faith goes bankrupt; it could have taken its licks, and quietly dissolved.  That happens all the time.  

But not in this case.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. was not operating in anything like Good Faith.  In this case, the UNITED STATES, INC. made terrible and unsupportable claims against you in order to obtain access to your credit.  It then charged its debts and the debts of its STATE OF_______ and COUNTY franchises against you, your labor, your home, your land, your businesses, your kids and grandkids.  It named you a FRANCHISE belonging to their corporation as chattel, and now when they collapse their game, they fully intend to leave you holding the bag for this.  

So what happens when a corporation borrows itself ----and its purported franchisees--- into insurmountable debt like the UNITED STATES, INC., has done?   It can't qualify for bankruptcy protection, so it gets liquidated. 

The Bankruptcy Trustees operating in behalf of the creditors come in and hold a fire sale and they sell off the STATE OF OREGON and JACKSON COUNTY, WISCONSIN to the highest bidder.  

The new owners of the old governmental services corporation franchises come in and take over.  They are eager to recoup on the debts of the old "STATE OF_______" and "COUNTY OF__________" franchises they acquired, so what do they do?  

Why, they send out new tax bills, out of the blue.  And these aren't just ordinary tax bills.  They are gigantic tax bills.  

All last week I have been getting frantic calls from people--- "Judge Anna!  I had my property taxes all paid off, and now I have a tax bill for $27,080.00 and it says it is due now!  I have thirty days to pay this or they will evict me!  My neighbor got a similar bill, too---- what's going on?  What do we do?" 

The new COUNTY management is billing you for the old COUNTY management's debts.  

The UNITED STATES, INC. and its franchises stole your identity, your good name, your credit, the title to your land and home----and they borrowed heavily against you and your assets and your kids and grandkids.  Now you are getting the bill for it, and according the perps, you have thirty days to pay or else. 

Here's the kicker.  The banks all knew that this was going on.  They knew that you were never told about any of this.  They knew, and they let the rats borrow against you, your labor, and everything you own.  They allowed it and promoted it.  Why? Because it is a way to seize your assets for a song and a dance.  It was all gravy for the banks and no risk to them. 

Until someone calls them on it and shoves it back down their throats all the way to Dixie. 

You don't owe any of these huge "extra" tax bills.  You never owed any of the other property tax bills you've paid in your life, either.  You are the landlord.  You are exempt.  It's just that nobody ever told you that and nobody ever showed you how to claim your exemption.  The vermin continued to send you bills, which you innocently paid, and they pocketed all that unjust enrichment and called it "gifts" and "donations".  

They didn't even bother to pay the taxes they owed on these "gifts" and "donations".  Don't you think it is time the Internal Revenue Service knew what these cretins have been doing? 

If I were you, America, I'd be on my feet right about now.  I'd be tracking down those responsible.  I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs, and no, I wouldn't pay a peso of this odious debt.  

These private, mostly foreign, for-profit governmental services corporations don't have a contract to provide services to you, much less do they have permission to send you fraudulent billing statements and equally fraudulent legal demands through the US Mail. (See 18 USC 1001 Fictitious Conveyance of Grammar and Title, 18 USC 1342, Mail Fraud). 

If any bogus corporate "sheriffs" show up trying to evict you, I suggest that you go straight to their masters and start banging your dish on the floor like an angry dog. The politicians and the lawyers and the judges and the Blue Ribbon Committees are the ones responsible.  Drive it home to them that this fraud scheme is not going down again. Take all your neighbors and friends with you.  

The rats passed off a fraudulent "national" bankruptcy in 1933 and once was more than enough.  

The banks encouraged this fraud with cunning and malice aforethought.  It's their turn to take it in the shorts. And the politicians and lawyers right along with them.  

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Anonymous said...

The US Inc. is bankrupt, where does it leave the SEC with regards to all the corporations (state, national, trans-national and global) registered with it. Where does it leave the corporations with regard to their being authorized by proxy of the US Inc. to operate anywhere. Many corporations are banks and governments. Farcical comes to mind. If I live in Kenya and hold a credit card of Standard Bank what is my position with regard to the institutions that derive their power from the bankrupt US Inc.?