Saturday, March 25, 2017

So, I Am a Vatican Spy?

By Anna Von Reitz

I just got another poke in the ribs from Michael R. Hamilton, a con man pretending to be a Justice in Louisiana. He says that thanks to his propaganda, everyone now thinks I am a Vatican spy.  He was gloating over how easy it was to mislead you. 

Nobody who has read my voluminous correspondence with the Cardinals and Popes for the past thirty years would assume any such thing. 
They wouldn't be ignorant enough to think that "the Vatican" is equivalent to the Holy See, either.  
Be that as it may, as I told Mr. Hamilton who is tracking and secretly stealing data from everyone who visits his website-----
"The owner of afreecountry. com has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website....." 
--- an eternal truth. 
This is not now, has never been, and will never be about me.  It is about the veracity of the information I present, which is fully corroborated by other researchers and which is in front of your faces standing on the public record. 
And beyond that, it is about what you do with the information.  
Do you start rampaging around as gangs of armed thugs?  Abandon your lawful state militias?  And start calling your militiamen "Continental Marshals"--- ? 
Let's give everyone a clue here:  if you call your militiamen "Continental Marshals" you are subjecting them to arrest, when they would otherwise be guaranteed the right to assemble and regulate themselves. 
And who benefits from making your militias subject to arrest?  
Apparently, Michael R. Hamilton and Bruce Doucette benefit somehow.  That's what they are advocating. 
Or are you going to assemble your county jural assemblies and restore your own lawful government?   Assemble your state militias to serve the land jurisdiction states of this country?  And do so with the guarantees of The Constitution at your backs?  
That's my answer and it's the only answer that is going to work for the good of this country and its people.  All the other answers lead to war and bloodshed and the benefit of arms manufacturers and bankers---and insurance companies.  
Turns out that Mr. Hamilton is an insurance agent.  If you go back in history and study the use of insurance annuities to fund government you will quickly grasp Mr. Hamilton's stake in the game. 
Mr. Hamilton and Bruce Doucette have a job --to spread conflict and disinformation and to gum up the works to ensure that no true and lawful American government is re-established. My job, unpaid and such as it is, is to make sure that it is.
Bruce Doucette tried to commandeer my conference in Anchorage and harmed two of my lead researchers and left me to pay the bill--- $10,000 that could have and should have gone to other things. 
Bruce Doucette has misled people to take improper oaths and then claim that they are occupying vacated public offices.  The net effect of this is to leave them subject to arrest and to invalidate anything and everything they do while attempting to operate these offices. 
Bruce Doucette has promoted a practice of calling state militiamen "Continental Marshals" which has the affect noted above. 
Bruce Doucette once told me he had a "million men" signed up to act as "Continental Marshals" and that there were "hundreds" of complaints against Chief Marshal Bella Haywood.  
Thank God, I quickly realized that neither statement was true. 
And as for Michael R. Hamilton his reputation precedes him.  Wanted for con schemes in three states, named as a defendant in multiple sworn complaints of taking money from people and then not performing (not coincidentally, exactly what he accused Marshal Haywood of doing and which he failed to prove; this is an old British Crown ploy known as "the pot calling the kettle black") and I guess his support for making our militiamen subject to federal arrest speaks for itself. 
You are all grown ups and responsible for what you think and do.  You owe it to yourselves and your safety to thoroughly investigate the facts for yourselves and use your own horse sense.  
I have used mine and I have advised you to separate from what Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton are doing.  Don't go to Hamilton's blog/website, because as Firefox has confirmed, he is collecting and stealing data linking you to him and his crackpot activities. For what purpose, do you surmise? 
Don't attend their so-called "Justices and Marshals Calls" anymore.  Nothing correct is going on there, and all uncorrected error does is compound the errors already made. 
To quote the immortal Howard Freeman from his article, "The Two United States and the Law" ---- "They (the Founders)  wanted the principle of English common law, that an act done by any official person or law-making body beyond his or its legal competence was simply void." 

You may be sure the Founders set it up that way, and you may be sure that the action of anyone who hasn't corrected their political status, hasn't taken the correct oath of office, and hasn't posted a bond with the U.S. Treasury, is indeed void.  No matter what they claim, no matter how loudly they shout, "But, but, but.... I am one of the people!"
I have advised you all to focus on correcting your own political status, organizing your own county and statewide jural assemblies, electing your own land jurisdiction county sheriffs and organizing your own "well-regulated state militias". 
You will not suffer any adverse circumstance from doing so and will quickly regain both your freedom and your empowerment under the actual Constitution. 
If you want factual, practical, real-world help doing what needs to be done, start attending the National Assembly calls hosted by the Michigan General Jural Assembly every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST,  1-712-770-4170, access code 226823# and visit their website   These folks have had their assembly up and going for decades. Listen to them. Learn from them. 

My facts are solid and my advice is sound, and as long as that is true, it doesn't matter who I am or where I am coming from.  It is to your advantage to listen. 
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