Saturday, March 25, 2017

U.S. - Massive Terror Plot Discovered


While people who knew him personally claim he was “always” attending a certain local mosque, the mosque itself has denied knowing anything about him.

The mosque is trying to cover up its link to the matter, and its leaders may very well have had a part to play in orchestrating the terrible events on Wednesday.

In previous terror attacks, we have found the people carrying out the attacks have often been members of the local mosques, even though the Imam and other members denied knowing them. Point being every mosque in every state in our country is a potential hotbed for recruitment for radical Islamists, via Jihad Watch.

These terrorists, up until they murder people, are often described as “everyday” people. The fact is we just don’t know who has been radicalized until it is too late.

Liberals want to fool us into thinking our country is safe, but the fact of the matter is we may already be too late for plots that are well under way within our very own borders.
With the recent terror attack in London, there has been a lot of attention placed on the attacker’s background and the mosque he frequently attended.

Something like this happened closer to home in Philadelphia when a police officer was hit by a Muslim man who supports the Islamic State. After the incident, the local mosque leaders denied they knew the attacker, but this later turned out to be a lie as proof came out that he was a frequent visitor.

When jihadists attacked a free speech gathering in Texas, mosque leaders from their home in Phoenix denied knowing them, which was also proven to be false.

Radical Muslims could be planning terror attacks across the country while pretending they are just peacefully practicing their religion, blending in among the masses like sleeper agents.

While everyone has a right to practice whatever religion they wish, steps need to be taken to investigate further when religion is at the heart of a terror threat. These training grounds for radical jihadists are only going to get worse, and they need to be stopped. What happened in London must NOT happen here!

One of our big priorities needs to be putting a proper vetting process in place to prevent radicals from entering the country in the first place. President Trump is already working on this, and we need to do all we can to show our support.

This is something Democrats need to stop whining about. At this point, being “politically correct” is costing countless lives to be lost! WAKE UP, liberals! This is happening in YOUR country, too!


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