Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tough Job!

Trump wants to make America great again?  Tough Job!
Here is a sample of what he has to work with!

The biggest problem is.......... they Vote!
Lord help us if they breed!


Unknown said...

Unbelievable,what a bunch of loosers

Seeker said...

I will never be able to "unsee" those images. The end product of the left.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Wow is all I can say.I support him all the way and yes I am aware this is happening. I tried to send donation and Windstream is blocking me. I can't even get message to him. I want him to know I thank him for all he's doing and yes he is surrounded by traitors. I have never seen anything like it. He needs to know our military men are being drugged so bad that they are dieing at home in their sleep some of them and suicide. Wish ya could ge this to him. I am not giving up. I want him to know many are behind him even if they keep him from us. Thank You MR. PRESIDENT and his family for all your doing to save America. Don't give up on us! There are more of us then those that are being paid to upset everything. I do not watch tv or msm for over 4 yrs now. Thank you for this post. Love to you all. Carol O'Gwin, he knows who I am.

Anonymous said...

After viewing these pics I can understand why the Illuminati wants to get rid of the useless eaters. WOW! Thank God it only takes 20% of the population to keep everything working. I am talking about the Blue collar men and women who actually do something other than push paper and their moronic agendas. Good Luck Mr. President.

Unknown said...

loosers, sheple just the same , perhaps to awaken is our best hope