Friday, March 31, 2017

The Very Short Explanation of Everything

By Anna Von Reitz

In March of 1933, a bank operative elected as President (FDR) declared the United States of America, Inc. insolvent.  A process of debt assumption expedited by the use of similar names fraud was instituted as a means to seize assets and bankrupt millions of Americans and their states of the union. 

In November of 1999, this bankruptcy ended.  The United States of America, Inc. emerged from bankruptcy the same way you might, battered and worn and clipped clean, sporting a bad credit rating, but still alive even though its enemies had gratuitously vacated its public offices and shanghaied its people into foreign jurisdictions. 

In March 2009, the purported "successor" to the United States of America,Inc.-- another governmental services corporation dba UNITED STATES, INC. declared itself insolvent--- but amazingly, the banks continued to loan it vast amounts of money even after it declared insolvency.  

This was done to (1) create insurmountable debt to force liquidation (not just bankruptcy) of the UNITED STATES and all its sureties including the STATE OF______ and ________COUNTY and JOHN HENRY DOE, and (2) give the banks an excuse to claim virtually all private property in America without paying much more than the administrative cost of doing so. 

The banks had cause to know they were lending money to a bankrupt entity.  They also had cause to know that more than $20 trillion has been embezzled out of this country.  

Faced with this reality, I complained to the head of this whole corporate shooting match, Pope Benedict XVI.  His response?  "Nobody told me!"   He promptly retired from his office as Roman Pontiff and handed the heavy lifting to FRANCISCUS.  

So, I claimed back my property and good name and claimed all the fifty states owed to the United States of America, Inc. and put the entire country back on the game board.  Then, I rolled the entire thing back into the flag ship, the united States of America Trading Company.  

Then I followed up and in the name of Jesus, the Nazorean, acting as His Fiduciary, I placed His Credit on the books of the Vatican Chancery Court which is the bank for the Holy See and the highest Equity Court on Earth.  

Mr. Obama is meeting with Pope Francis on April 15.  It doesn't take rocket science to figure out the topic of conversation.  Mr. Obummer and his mostly British pals will be asking the Roman Pontiff to find in their favor and commandeer the United States of America, Inc., once again, so that their fraud game and false claims can continue. 

The Roman Pontiff no longer has a say. 

The united States of America is a Trading Company and always has been.  It doesn't deal in commerce and isn't subject to the Roman Pontiff.  I already by-passed the United States of America, Inc. and placed the actual assets of this country back in our undelegated international domain. 

Francis is also precluded from assuming any ownership position with respect to the United States of America, Inc., (which is a derelict corporation owned by the Holy See) because of the records placed before the Holy See and my claim against the value of the entire Unam Sanctam Trust.  

They claimed to own everything in Jesus' Name---- Corpus Christi, the dead body of Christ.  Fine.  So we placed the infinite credit that they self-admittedly owe to Jesus squarely on the books of their corporation and demanded full settlement and closure for the next 1000 years. 

They don't own the United States of America, Inc. anymore.  Jesus does.   I am his Bondswoman and Fiduciary. I have called their bluff with a Royal Flush.  

So Mr. Obummer's begging trip must fall on deaf ears and Pope Francis' prediction that he would not be in office--- as Roman Pontiff---for very long, has indeed come true.  

Behold, I am the new 'Roman Pontiff' and I am dispensing with all this fraud and debt in short order. 

Last but not least, we have already figured out how to diffuse the so-called "Debt Bomb" that the perpetrators left behind in an effort to cover their tracks--- and do so without harming anyone.  

The way is clear for Mankind to have a glorious future and the long-foretold 1000 years of peace has come. 

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I love 'you' Anna Von Reitz,
your genius and your brilliance.
Thank you.
My prayer is answered.