Saturday, March 25, 2017

“Obama Sleeper Cells” Found


We have always been concerned about the vast network of Obama’s sleeper cells in his “shadow government” and the damage they can do if they are ever unleashed. Now we really have reason to worry.

Shocking revelations have come to the forefront about how Barack Obama left dangerous sleeper cell groups in place on purpose when he left the White House so they could spy on Trump’s transition team. He wants there to be as much chaos in the Trump administration as possible.

 Trump Vindicated, Obama Ran Surveillance Op

Some people just have hatred in their hearts and only want to see the world burn around them. Obama is putting this country in danger just to pursue his own agenda and keep his feeble policies in place.

As he listened in on many of Trump’s private conversations (since “wiretapping” has quickly become an outdated, unnecessary practice in this digital age) and those of key officials in the new administration, former President Obama is quickly revealing himself to be the diabolical super-villain he truly is, abusing the power of his office as if rules do not apply to him.  This level of espionage would have taken a lot of planning, and Obama appears to have left no stone unturned to ensure these “sleeper cells” were in place.  He committed treason, just so his reign of power could live on!

As the apparent result of these plants, there were many leaks in the first few weeks of the Trump presidency, as the media “some how” got a hold of important information that was discussed in private meetings.

That is how Obama’s sleepers do their best work in various departments — sneaking around and capturing the details of meetings and then passing them off to the press.   

The liberal mainstream media are just as corrupt as Democrat politicians, so they will do anything to paint our president negatively. They were at the forefront of the wiretapping scandal when Obama and his minions, like FBI Director James Comey, tried not to get their hands dirty by hiding behind lies and semantics.

Barack Obama has become very good at letting other people do his dirty work and allowing them to take the fall for it. Thus far, he hasn’t had to deal with any legal consequences, and he no doubt thinks he is going to get off scot-free once again. 

Not if We the People have anything to say about it!    
President Trump has managed to discover and remove many Obama loyalists, but the fear remains of there still being unknown sleepers in place. Clearly, the draining of the swamp has only just begun.

Obama’s surveillance and the resulting leaks are thorns in the side of the Trump administration. As the president attempts to create lasting change, these people will continually pursue their own liberal agendas. They must be stopped!

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Anonymous said...

Hope this is true. Those who voted FOR Shari law need to be outed and removed from office.