Saturday, March 25, 2017

more on the baby eaters, satanic blood drinkers, ritual murderers

Four Videos about the HTE (Human Trafficking Exposure)

Kwanyin Healing Light sphere (from Anastacia)

I’m only going to publish the links to these, and the author. All of this is something that really is being fully exposed right now, and although there is a significant amount of blowback from MSM, YouTube, Google, etc., etc., there is no way this will go away. It is the underlying “key veil thread” that, once fully pulled out, will allow the whole demonic, satanic, human trafficking grid to unravel.

Dr. Phil 3-21-17, Interviews Sex-Trafficking Survivor: Vid1, Vid2, Vid3, Vid4, Vid5, Vid6, Vid7, Vid8
David Seaman 3-22-17, NWO Kingpin Dead: Vid1
Victurus Libertas VL 3-22-17, NYPD has had Enough with James Comey: Vid1
David Seaman 3-24-17, Alex Jones apologizes for P-gate: Vid1

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