Tuesday, March 28, 2017

!! Friends! Read once again added info!. EMERGENCY!! Three ARMIES have JUST Formed Against Trump Supporters

if you watch a video below, you will see that Cabal is hiring people who commit cyber attacks and who try to destroy reputations  of the patriotic mass media. Only a few minutes ago, a Mossado-crack at Unit 89, 900  Henderson Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA vandalized my email to you (check previous email). The photo of this Mossado-crack is attached.

Friends, I am a simple and kind woman. However, I was announced as a Serous Threat for National Security of the Cabal.  Look at my photo at each of my emails.  Do I look aggressive or scary? I am not kidding; one of the psychopaths, working for Cabal,  was screaming two months ago, stating that I am a Serous Threat for their National Security.

My Dear Friends, I already investigated whose national security Deep State is protecting...  This nationality has three branches....  They already many years ago destroyed their planet.

Mars was a Sputnik-Luna of this planet long time ago... They created many wars, after which blew up their planet, and they came to our planet, Mother Earth, which they try now to destroy if mass arrests of them would take place.  They want to blow up our planet with Toplet Bombs that this satanic scum inserted inside of the plasma of our planet... Their God's name is Satanico, and they came to our planet with their Satanico...  Light forces took their Satanico from our planet a few years ago and brought Satan to Central Sun.

Now, they are with Lucifer... This nation has three psychopathic branches.  I will tell you more about the three branches of this nation for which I was announced as a serious threat.  

Ms. Nina Sidorova
a Threat for National Security of Cabal 


EMERGENCY!! Three ARMIES have JUST Formed Against Trump Supporters

Look at 3:20 Thieves, who are money grubbing our country, offered money, $15000, which they stole from our budget to pay to any of the 'cracks' who agreed to form a team against President Trump

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