Saturday, March 25, 2017

Phil gives subject human child trafficking mega boost

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Just saw this recent video from Dr. Phil with child victims of human trafficking

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Frank (from the Netherlands) 

Gepubliceerd op 21 mrt. 2017
Kendall claims she grew up being forced to have sex with rich and prominent people all over the world. She describes the man who ran the sex trafficking ring she was part of as “smart and rich,” claiming he would sometimes command her like a dog.

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Seeker said...

Dr Phil deserves so much credit for his bravery & commitment to air this show & shed light on this abomination! This poor gal is almost soul less having been abused since before she could speak. Human beings find it difficult to fathom this type of cruelty. We need to learn that the parasites who do these things the children might not be human. The veil needs to be lifted before it can be stopped. I am sharpening my pitch fork.