Friday, March 24, 2017

Please Prevent Wholesale Anti-Semitism

By Anna Von Reitz

Let's draw a line in the sand between "Jews" and the Tribe of Dan.  

Dan was one of the sons of Jacob, and if you read the Bible, you will learn that the Tribe of Dan has a peculiar banner and emblem: the Serpent.  Hence, they are rightfully called "Serpent Seed".  

You will also learn that according to Jacob's blessing, Dan will be a "stumbling block" to the "Rider"----that is, to our reason and good sense. 

Later in the story, the Tribe of Dan "disappears" along with the other "Lost Tribes of Israel".   These tribes weren't really lost in the physical sense.  They were lost in the spiritual sense and fell into worshiping foreign gods. 

The Tribe of Dan actually settled along the sea coast of Israel, with a headquarters in Sidon.  Remember the King of Sidon?   He's the leader of the Tribe of Dan.  

The Tribe of Dan is the only one of the Israelite tribes that became famous for sailing and for being sea-going merchants.  

Perhaps it is because of this vocation that they fell into worshiping the God of the Sea--- known as Satan, Poseidon, and The Father of All Lies--- and his consort, Semiramis, known as Astarte, Ashtoreth, Isis, Cybele, and Columbia----- as in "District of Columbia".  

This ancient Sumerian and Babylonian religion of the sea was known to Jesus and his Disciples as the Great Abomination.  

Those who were ethnically Israelites---mainly the Tribe of Dan and some of the Levites (lawyers)--- who followed this foreign religion are the same that Jesus called "the Synagogue of Satan", and for obvious reasons that He stated.  

They appeared to be Jews, but weren't Jews.  

Then as now. 

They created the hateful portions of the Talmud, the Kol Nidre that absolves them of telling lies before they tell them, and much of the imprecise, crooked, constantly slithering descriptive language that causes so much conflict and heartbreak in commercial courts of law. 

The Tribe of Dan has prospered throughout the ages as merchants and sailors. Their path of migration from the Levant to Eurasia and North Africa is well-known. They settled and built the great port of Carthage, then went north to Rome and west to Britain, where they traded in Cornwall and Ireland from 600 BC onward. 

They were known as the Dannai, and later, as the Phoenicians.  That's where the word "Phony" comes from-----which denotes their constant habit of telling lies and stealing by deceit and fraud what they cannot take by force. 

So now we come to the Stone of Scone, the "Stumbling Block" of the Tribe of Dan.  Oh, they tell a nice story about the Stone of Scone being brought to Ireland by King Zechariah"s daughter and the Prophet Jeremiah.  They've always got a story for everything.  

The fact is that the Stone of Scone is their Stumbling Block, the symbol of their power to deceive and cause conflict and throw a twisted monkey wrench into everything so as to profit from the chaos they create. 

And that is what the British Kings sit on during their coronation ceremonies.  

They pretend to be British, but they aren't.  Then they tell you that they are Germans, but they aren't.  The House of Windsor is the Tribe of Dan in drag. They have over time pretended to be Jews, pretended to be Christians, and no doubt have pretended to be Muslims, too. 

Their modus operandi is always the same---- pretend to be whomever you hate the most, do terrible things "in their name", and leave them to take the blame for it ---while you ride off into the sunset with all the loot and plunder you've gained. 

Because they worship the Father of All Lies, every Lie is a prayer.  

They regularly pretend to be Jews, and because they are ethnically Jewish they often "look like" the stereotypical Jew ---but they don't follow the religion of Judaism at all.  

No, their religion is the religion of Ancient Summer and Babylon, what we call Satanism, which they practice with all its hideous attributes of orgies and drugs and infanticide and child molestation and cannibalism and blood-drinking -- and then blame it on the actual Jews, who are trying to have a quiet Sabbath meal with their families, thank you very much. 

So, again, folks, put your Shinola Sensors on "High" and look sharp.  There are many voices raised and saying, "It's the Jews!  It's the Jews!  It's the Jews doing all these bad things!  They are the problem!  Kill the Jews!  Get rid of them and you solve the problem!"  

We've heard that rant before in Russia and Germany and Italy and France and England, too.  Always, there is this hatred of the Jews, always these outlandish accusations against them. 

But it isn't "the Jews".  It's the Satan-worshiping Tribe of Dan, and we've been too clueless to know the difference even though Jesus told us.

The Queen of England doesn't appear to be a Jew, does she? She appears to be a great Christian lady, head of the Church of England.  Who would ever suspect that she is of the Tribe of Dan?  And that she squats atop their Stumbling Block?  

And now, doesn't that just explain a whole lot about the world and what has been done here in America by the British for the last 150 years?  

Deceit upon fraud upon false claim upon identity theft upon unlawful conversion.... all stock and trade for the Tribe of Dan, the Phoenicians, the Knights Templar, the Dutch East India Company, and so many other groups down through history that have bilked the world blind and then just "disappeared" the same way the rats are trying to disappear now into China. 

So next time someone gives you some story about "Benevolent Chinese Elders" just wink and ask, "Oh, really?  Where were they during the Chinese Revolution? Pass the Kim-Chee, please?"  

The point of this story is that we have been "had" and "had" and "had".  We have proven to be so unobservant and trusting and gullible that we have earned the name of sheep and cows.  We have been driven--- very efficiently--- between two goads:good and evil, Republican and Democrat, Jew and Gentile, black and white, rich and poor--- until we've forgotten all the in-betweens and other choices and possibilities. 

It is crucial now that we all remember and take nothing for granted.  We must make the effort to discern the real truth, and in the end, Jesus gave the best, most stalwart advice of all: know them by their fruits.  

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Anonymous said...

The tribe of Dan was just ONE of the ten tribes that rebelled after King Solomon's son raised their taxes excessively and caused the ten northern tribes to break away from Judah and Levi, forming the nation of Israel whose capital was Samaria. Judah and Levi (with some of Benjamin) were the southern nation of Judah/Judea. According to Jacob when he was dying, Dan was to be like a serpent leaving his mark wherever he went, which he did: LonDON, DENmark, DANube, DUNkirk, DON, DNieper, SweDEN, SarDINia, and on and on all throughout Europe. (The Hebrew language did not have our vowels.) Even the Spartans were Danites. Yair Davidy's website has all kinds of information on the Danites as well as the other nine tribes that rebelled and broke away from the original twelve tribes.

790 said...

Anna Von Reitz, please smoke some weed, drink a few shots. Wow ive never read such depressing info,,, Do you have any fun?

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you may have a problem. I didn't see anything in her truth of the matter that would weaken me to the point of taking drugs.

Looks like Anna Von Reitz is tougher than you and can face the real world as it is.

We have to many wimps in the world today that what they think depressing is really nothing but life as it is. They need to grow up and get over it. That's the way I see it. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

Anna you are wonderful. I am Jewish and live in a heavily AIPAC community here in NY. Let me go one further. AIPAC is strictly for the elites, and is being used to bribe our Congress. And thank you so much for standing up for us regular Jewish people who just want to bake challah and hamentashen and enjoy a quiet life.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anna,

if i went a bit overboard in introducing you to my (German) family and my Dutch wife. I thought i read something about IQ 160 in one of your essays, but must have jumped to conclusions.... Anyway i'm a great admirer of your political legal discoveries, having myself considered the "uSA" to be a last bastion of free speech (albeit fading fast).

You are the only other person, aside from myself, whom i noticed equating certain genocidal tendencies of the globe-ruling money printer clique with their goal of "eliminating their creditors (who incidentally are no longer considered to be their privileged depositors)", so that the printer clique can avoid official bankruptcy when the musical-chair dance music stops from an eventual scarcity of ever increasing fresh and solvent borrowers. That's why a world war with Russia (they've already instigated two previous world wars involving that hapless country) would be so useful to them in that respect, and friendship with Russia (a la Donald Trump) must be "verboten" and stopped by any means.

Apropos genocide, i was shocked the other day, when waiting for a secretary at our backwater court house, i started talking to a lawyer, who happened to be from the neighboring city of Santiago de los 30 Caballeros (Knights). Out of the blue he started talking about the planned elimination of 90 % of the world population and asked me if i knew about those plans, to which i replied in the affirmative. At this point the secretary came and we could not elaborate on the theme any further. I was so intrigued by the guy that i considered for a while changing lawyers. I suppose he heard this info in his lodge, whereas i knew it from the English language internet. My Masonic doctor once told me that Santiago was originally named after 30 Cabaleros ( with only one "L", meaning Kabbalists), not surprising to me, considering that the first immigrants to this Island of "Little Spain" (Hispaniola) in the sixteenth century were Jewish victims of the Spanish Inquisition. "The tribe of Dan" had become too rich and powerful in Spain and Portugal to be tolerated by the rulers of the country and Church and had to look for safer pastures in the colonies and, better still, in the Netherlands and later England (look whom i am telling this). Columbus was one of them and built the first settlement in the "New World" here on the North Coast, not far from where we live.

Kind regards and may God bless you (you are included in my daily hour-long meditation),

Jobst (Jay), the pretender of knowing people's IQs

P.S. Do you read German?