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Can Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight?

Can Vitamin D Help You Lose Weight?

For years, I’ve been warning about the dangers of having low levels of vitamin D—to the point that I received lots of feedback from physicians and the lay public warning me of the dangers of overdosing on this vitamin. Finally, more and more research has revealed that most people do get far too little vitamin D, and the recommended daily recommendations have increased…dramatically!
But while we’re finally getting the dose right, few physicians are telling their patients exactly why vitamin D is important. Most people know vitamin D is important for bone and health, as well as immune health. But few people realize there’s a connection between vitamin D deficiencies, obesity, and diabetes.
Could Vitamin D Be the ‘Missing Link’ for Weight Loss?
The research certainly suggests that there’s a connection between vitamin D and your weight. When your vitamin D levels are low, your body produces and excretes less of the hormone leptin. Leptin is the primary hormone that helps to suppress your appetite so you don’t overeat. It’s also involved in fat storage.
Millions of dollars are now being spent on trying to duplicate these effects by artificially increasing levels of leptin in the body or turning it into a weight-loss drug. But the simple answer, of course, is to ensure you're producing and/or receiving adequate amounts of vitamin D.
Obviously, this information is still being researched and analyzed, but based on what we know about vitamin D and leptin levels I’m more than convinced that upping your vitamin D levels can only help. But weight loss is only part of the picture…
The Vitamin D–Diabetes Connection
A short while back, researchers in London reported that vitamin D is essential for the islet cells in the pancreas to be able to secrete insulin properly to help stabilize blood sugar levels. Their studies have shown that individuals with the lowest vitamin D levels experienced the worst blood sugar-handling problems and had a greater risk of developing diabetes.
They also found that those with the greatest risk of developing a vitamin D deficiency included the elderly who were either institutionalized or stayed indoors, those living in climates where sunlight is scarce several months a year, and those with indoor sedentary jobs.
In an effort to eliminate the widespread vitamin D deficiencies in the institutionalized elderly, over 80% of those individuals are now being given vitamin D3 supplements. The dosage being used is 800 IU each day.
So what’s the bottom line?
Keep Loading Up on Vitamin D3
Vitamin D is what my dad would call “cheap insurance.” Ideally, our bodies would be producing adequate amounts of the vitamin through exposure to sunlight. When sunlight hits our skin, cholesterol is converted into vitamin D. Unfortunately, that’s not happening as much as it should anymore.
Plus, the drop in vitamin D levels only worsens as we get older. We tend to become more “house-bound” and avoid sun exposure. Plus, our skin gets thinner and less efficient at converting cholesterol to vitamin D. When you step back and look at what’s happening in our society, it’s really not that difficult to see the potential connection between the rise in obesity and diabetes in our country and our deficit of vitamin D.
I recommend taking 2,000 to 5,000 IU a day of the D3 and increasing that amount to 1,000 IU per day per pound of body weight in the event you fall ill. The D3 form of vitamin D is very important. Many supplements give you vitamin D2, but the form your body manufactures from the sun is D3. It’s your body’s preferred form, and the one it uses most efficiently.
I also recommend getting out in the sunshine for about 20 minutes a day, without sunscreen in order to boost your body’s production of vitamin D. If you get that sun exposure in the form of a brisk walk, you’ll be helping to lose weight and prevent diabetes in more ways than one.
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Dr. David Williams

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Complete List of Hobie's Music Posts

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Complete List of Hobie's Music Posts
Posted By: hobie <Send E-Mail>
Date: Sunday, 30-Jan-2011 03:22:16
Hi, Folks -
For those who are interested, the listing includes _most_ of my music posts from 2007 through 2010. :) There were a handful from DailyMotion that I think didn't get included.
Quite a few of the clips are simply missing now from YouTube. :( In some cases it's just because the 'Tuber who had uploaded the clip closed his account. In other cases, it's because Warner or Sony or Universal made a copyright claim and YouTube had to pull the clip.
Enjoy. :)

Global Economic Settlement

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CGI's fullsailmu: Global Economic Settlement
Posted By: Susoni
Date: Saturday, 29-Jan-2011 22:44:27

Note: I received this via email, I thought I would share it with you all.
One of the best talks of the year . . . . a genie in the bottle is going to be released . . . a global economic settlement is a comin’. Enclosed is a fascinating discussion by in-the-know economists that weaves the economic disaster rumors circulating on the internet into a comprehensible explanation of what is coming down the pike regarding new currencies. Apparently, very powerful countries, G-19, are ready to reboot, realign, resettle the world’s debt, and to create a settlement for all countries that have been ruined by the Federal Reserve. A sort of Jubilee is coming. Rumors among the Republic regarding Tim Turner and trillions being made available to the U.S. is substantiated. China is key . . . who by the way have resisted global domination of the illuminati. The Federal Reserve and the IRS are on the way out. Derivatives will be deemed worthless. The U.S. Treasury will be refunded. Treasury bills will replace FRNs.. Assets will be nationalized. Those damaged in the stock market will receive remedy. It is amazing . . . and . . . it’s all a matter of timing and coordination. The whole planet will be affected and soon . . . but to understand you need to listen to a healthy portion of this 90 minute session.
Global Economic Settlement

The following has been posted at 10:05pm 01/29/2011 by Paul Wenzel Editor & Publisher of
(snip) On Sunday, Treasury Secretary Geithner will have dinner at Treasury with former secretaries of the Treasury.
What's up with this? There was no indication on the weekly Treasury schedule, put out just a day ago, that this dinner was planned. Very unusual.
On top of that, the Treasury put this notice out at 9:00PM on a Saturday night. Sure looks like a rushed meeting to me. (snip)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OP Compassion Update 1/29/11


When the Dinar RV - shortly thereafter
I Will be making out bank wires and checks money distributions in the following order:

1.  Past salaries owed to Op Compassion consultants
2. Op Compassion Salaries brought up to current status to be followed by Pay Cards the following weeks
3. Those in the HOT Dire Straits Group – Need guidance per each region per these HOT Needs folks.
Op Compassion Team workers – let your manager know of any special time critical needs   requirements.
4. Those in the Dire Straits Group – Need guidance per each region
5. Working members of the OPERATION COMPASSION Team.
6. Balance of the Needs Groups. Group 1, 2, 3 , 4 etc.

I and our consortium of 5 beautiful souls have arranged for “Huge” treasure lode of Dinar purchases which Will permit a quick distribution of funds. Thank You LORD for leading us to this!

Finally – this all may happen!

GOD Bless To You and Yours,
John MacHaffie

INTEL 1/29 11:15 am

INTEL 1/29    11:15 am

WARNING - Discernment advised.

Several of my intel sources now confirming the Prosperity Accounts data have been loaded up in the local banks for several days and ready for business. Funds have already been transferred into the banks some time ago as already been reported a few weeks ago. American program managers had 72 hours to get the envelopes delivered which expired Friday at 4:00 pm EST.

Still no confirmations of deliveries!

What is next?

The Dark Cabal had meetings in Paris the last few days to come up with a new delaying strategy. They realize in Great Fear if the envelopes go out, there game is over and WILL be going to jail or worst. 

Chinese have strongly said no more extensions or delays and come Monday, they will take operation control of the Federal Corporations. And this includes the Federal Corporations of the Governments, Military, Treasury and etc.. They are all in receivership already. 

This is what this blog and others have been saying all along and it now has come to the showdown. Hearing that the financial system computers are going off line on Sunday Night, in Canada first and who knows what is next.

The truth is finally coming out not matter what is shown on the ‘paid for’ media. Have you seen the riots ongoing in the Mideast and Europe? Yea, not on our entertainment ‘paid for’ media but on the internet. Yup, Yup – how is Charlie Sheen doing? That is more important!!

Something Big is happening worldwide! 

Deliveries Blockage at this time can only come from the Trustees level up. Green Light has been given for some time to deliver to the trustees. The local banks made their arrangements for delivery methods. 

Program Trustees – you are building up some bad karma for those silver doubloons you have taken! Your blockages per the Dark Cabal requests will come back to haunt you. I also been informed that the White Knights are very upset with the trustee’s blockages too. It is rumored that the ninjas are out and on the prowl per the Dragon’s orders. 

Treasury Banks with the New Gold Backed ‘Rainbow Currency’ have already been established and operational.

CMKX Program
Last minute battles between the higher ups including name calling and etc.. This was forewarned that at the end --- there be turmoil among the ranks. Perhaps this is a good sign.

Concerns being expressed per why there is still a delay. The answer lies in the blocking efforts of the Dark Cabal as stated above.  


 Now hearing R/V Announcement on Monday and cash-in on Tuesday. We have been here before so we shall see.

Now rumors are coming in of a Banking Announcement on Sunday Evening. We have been here before so we shall see.

It can be confirmed by Tim Turner’s response (or lack thereof) that 

Tim Turner DOES NOT have Military Support
Tim Turner DOES NOT have Financial Support

I asked his team to show the proof of his claims and all he could show was attacks against me as a disinfo source. Whatever!
Need I say more? 

To repeat – I support the REPUBLIC which has already been established by the military and recognized by the World Court.

John MacHaffie

Friday, January 28, 2011

There is a fresh season ahead for you.

Hear The Spirit:
     My dearly beloved, I hear and see the tears that you have cried over being broken.  I desire you to know that in these moments, I draw closer to you as a Father does to his child that has been hurt, rejected, or forsaken.  I declare to you that you are My precious one, the apple of My eye.  I will never treat you as those who have hard hearts, have done.  Yet know that their insensitivity is because of their own pain.  Give to them the compassion that they neglected to show you.  Your harvest of love will come back manifold.   Always, always, show My kindness in the face of hurt and pain.  I Am God, and I Am righteous to judge fairly.  I will repay to everyone the seeds that they have sown.  I know the hearts of men, and without Me there is nothing good in them.  That is why I Am constantly wooing the rejected, the downcast, the forsaken, and the one who is least.  I seek to save them from their own self-destruction.  My judgment is righteous and fair.  So, turn your tears of hurt to tears of prayers, uttered for those who have inflicted wounds.  Be like Me in your forgiveness.  Now stand back and see how I will turn what the enemy meant to harm you into your finest hour.  They meant it for harm, but I meant it for good, to save you and to bring you out into a large place.
     There is a fresh season ahead for you.  Most of all I will bring you into the place that I have prepared for you to show forth My glory.  Be sure and know that your gifts will make room for you.  You will not be disappointed with My purpose, trust Me, I will not fail to delight your heart.  I still have great surprises planned for all that put their hope in Me.  You will experience for yourself days of new liberation from pain, hurts, and any form of rejection.  It will be as if you are dancing in the sun, without the threat of rain.  You will know what it is to be covered by My shade of favor.  You will see and know that a divine healing has taken place in your heart.  All that the enemy lied to you about and said that I would not heal you of, I will do it for My pleasure in providing for you.  Stay ready for the changing of the present circumstances, they will be swift and many will stand with wonder at the speed of change.  So do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed or depressed by what you see.  For soon you will not see these enemies in your land again.  Your destiny is one of great hope.   Believe only and you will see! 
Scripture Reference: Is. 54:10-17; Is. 61:3; Mtt. 11:28-30 (Message)