Friday, January 28, 2011

There is a fresh season ahead for you.

Hear The Spirit:
     My dearly beloved, I hear and see the tears that you have cried over being broken.  I desire you to know that in these moments, I draw closer to you as a Father does to his child that has been hurt, rejected, or forsaken.  I declare to you that you are My precious one, the apple of My eye.  I will never treat you as those who have hard hearts, have done.  Yet know that their insensitivity is because of their own pain.  Give to them the compassion that they neglected to show you.  Your harvest of love will come back manifold.   Always, always, show My kindness in the face of hurt and pain.  I Am God, and I Am righteous to judge fairly.  I will repay to everyone the seeds that they have sown.  I know the hearts of men, and without Me there is nothing good in them.  That is why I Am constantly wooing the rejected, the downcast, the forsaken, and the one who is least.  I seek to save them from their own self-destruction.  My judgment is righteous and fair.  So, turn your tears of hurt to tears of prayers, uttered for those who have inflicted wounds.  Be like Me in your forgiveness.  Now stand back and see how I will turn what the enemy meant to harm you into your finest hour.  They meant it for harm, but I meant it for good, to save you and to bring you out into a large place.
     There is a fresh season ahead for you.  Most of all I will bring you into the place that I have prepared for you to show forth My glory.  Be sure and know that your gifts will make room for you.  You will not be disappointed with My purpose, trust Me, I will not fail to delight your heart.  I still have great surprises planned for all that put their hope in Me.  You will experience for yourself days of new liberation from pain, hurts, and any form of rejection.  It will be as if you are dancing in the sun, without the threat of rain.  You will know what it is to be covered by My shade of favor.  You will see and know that a divine healing has taken place in your heart.  All that the enemy lied to you about and said that I would not heal you of, I will do it for My pleasure in providing for you.  Stay ready for the changing of the present circumstances, they will be swift and many will stand with wonder at the speed of change.  So do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed or depressed by what you see.  For soon you will not see these enemies in your land again.  Your destiny is one of great hope.   Believe only and you will see! 
Scripture Reference: Is. 54:10-17; Is. 61:3; Mtt. 11:28-30 (Message)

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