Friday, January 21, 2011

Republic - PAC . E Letter ~ Tim Turner Exposed \ FEEDBACK

Submitted by TH - Thanks
Both sides are being presented on this blog in this land of Free Speech.
I am for a Righteous Republic Under GOD!

There is nothing De jure about Tim Turner you are either DECEIVED or are a deceiver.  God does not use freemasonry to accomplish his yourself a favor GOOGLE FREEMASONRY watch the results. 
It only took one man in the bible to bring a curse on all of Israel so that aprox 20,000 men died.  and you have far more than one in key positions.   

Tim Turner had John REMOVED FROM THE ASSEMBLY in south florida under Exum"s ranting to vote a member of florida's republic out of free speech, his right to assemble', and his right to state his grievances to those, like Exum, for acting as hitlers. 

John made the mistake of speaking the truth about masons being in leadership positions and Exum was offended and had the jury pool vote John out of the republic!  I know, I protested the vote on the conference call as a violation of his 1st amend rts.  the next day Exum  and Warren Palmer had me removed for not voting with him and Tim (Exum," I told you NOT to vote if you couldn't vote John out") ask Steve White he was present and witnessed the dictators work!  


SO SHUT YOUR LYIN FACE, VITAL  I CAN PROVE THE TRUTH,,   Vital,  and you ain't speakin it.  YOU WILL NEVER SHUT ME UP  I intend to "shout it from the house tops!"   

Further.Exum was residing in Alabama when FUHRER TURNER MADE HIM COORDINATOR OF FLORIDA.   Now the ORGANIC CONSTITUTION OF FLORIDA states that NO ONE who has not resided in Florida for 2 yrs prior can hold office, vote, or be on a jury UNTIL they have made florida their residence 2 yrs    WHEN Exum left FLORIDA HE OBTAINED AN ALABAMA DR. LIC. AND WHEN HE SIGNED ME UP IN MAR or April 2010 he STILL was holding an Al Dr Lic and resided in Al. when
I told him the law and that He was a lawbreaker, his response was Exum said "I don't care about the law!'  

STEVE WHITE WAS THERE AT HARDY'S along with Warren Palmer and my wife.   THAT FOLKS IS YOUR "De jure" leaders at work!!    to top that, John learned that masons were demonic from TIM TURNER at his seminar!! AND a lady on the CONF CALL rebuked Tim saying "I was there and you Tim said that masons could not hold office in the restored republic!"   Tim said "I don't remember
saying that"  but it's all on record folks, someone I'm sure has tapes.  

Most of his original group in AL DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM. SOME TO HIS FACE AN MANY TO HIS BACK.  it's you, Vital whose involved in lies!  "Come out from amongst them and be ye separate and repent!", says the Lord    had enough vital? I got lots more and lots of WITNESSES to expose a lot more I'm just warming up!   

An American Freeman, Howard     PS:    Led by God??? whose god ?  the Mason,s god?  He wouldn't recognize Jehovah if he rode into to Skipperville, Alabama on a white war horse in a white uniform!
(which he will one day! maybe sooner than later!)  



John's Opinion - What are we doing with a 'self appointed' president and 'TT appointed' Vice President both from Fema  serving during bush cabal administration. Remember New Orleans!
Wake Up Folks! You are all being railroaded and you don't care to ask the probing questions about this. Use your brains! 

I am for the republic with righteous men at the top! 
TT has NO military support and NO financial support - check it out?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, John; Turner has discredited and betrayed the core principles of the Republic. He’s a person without any integrity and credibility whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

I have a video tape from a converted 91st Degree Mason. He said, There were Masons from the Left Path and Right Path. But most Masons up to the 32nd Degree don't know anything but Universal Principles that work for the just and the unjust. When they get promoted to the 33rds Degree they know it is Lord Lucifer they serve. However, all those at the 32nd a below - they are just workers to help create projects to raise money and funnel it up the next two hierarchy levels. Alot of Masons are God fearing people but are mis-lead as to the real foundations behind Free Masonry.
Also, about the Constitution being voided. Is that the 1791 Constitution or the 1776 version?
Thanks for Listening.
P.S. I appreciate your Website and all the wonderful things you are helping others to achieve as well. Bless You and yours in the Name of the Most High God!
Romans 8:28
Matthew 6:33

Anonymous said...

Thank God people are FINALLY waking up out of their brainwashed stupor!!! I saw the writing on the wall months ago, when he pushed aside his long-time friends like they were garbage to push his own agenda. More & more lies will come out as more sheeple shake off the brainwashing cult of the TT club. It will implode from within, so don't worry about them doing anymore damage to the country. They will have no affect whatsoever.

David said...

In my opinion, this is a very poorly written piece. There are a lot of accusations about people that are not backed up with who, what, when, where or why.
I would guess that this kind of thing was written about our forefathers when they formed this great nation.
I, for one, am sick and tired of the way things are and willingly embrace the Republic of the united States of America.
If there are men involved that do not honor their oaths to protect and defend the Constitution for the united States of America, they will be removed. Until then, they all should be given our heart felt admiration for standing up for all of us when many are too frightened to speak up, much less, take a stand.

Anonymous said...

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits." (Matthew 7: 15-16)

Turner’s fruits are false claims and broken promises.

Anonymous said...


The "piece" as you call it was just an email account of the tactics that had been used to gain control of Florida, just one of the states that was literally manipulated into submission. If you doubt what the man has to say, check into what happened in other states...Governors who have objected to NATIONAL ambassadors usurping their state's sovereignty.. thus governors kicked out and unlawfully replaced. Or how about whole assemblies voting to remove themselves from TT but suddenly less than a handful of rogue members can be said to represent the whole state or Grand Jury foremen being told NOT TO JOIN THE ATLANTA grand jury meeting because they are not controllable.

Before you find yourself in a world of trouble you might want to do a little due diligence into the truth about the following states... Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Oklahoma, New York and Washington. Then have yourself a little conversation with the 5 members in Kansas who resigned immediately after reading the "so-called" claim to be filed at the Hague. Then contact Tennessee and ask them, which document did they see that was the "Utah" doc. How many pages? What did the title page say? Hmmm show different docs in different states and what do you have? Perfect compartmental-ism, confusion and control.

Don't believe others. Do what the founders would expect of you, QUESTION, SEEK AND DEMAND ANSWERS because if you don't you have no right to an opinion. Opinions based on blind ignorant faith are worthless and meaningless and in this case could be very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

I tried to place a post on the Republic of Florida’s web page before this weekend’s elections and it was censored. They also removed my web page membership. I had detailed information on how the wife of one of the candidates for Governor, Michael Bishop, owes over $5000 in child support payments. As a Christian organization, I felt the voting members needed to know the facts. Any group that would censor information like they did loses all credibility with me.

Anonymous said...

That would be because Michel Bishop is not the true governor. He does not represent the true assembly.. The same thing has been done by Tim Turner and EIGHT individuals out of the entire assembly in Georgia after they were notified they had been removed from the assembly...the New York elected officials were replaced with ringers from Connecticut.. see above post. ALL IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS IN TURNER LAND

Anonymous said...

John I am with you.. I know this guy Vital he is with the Mass Republic. He is brain washed no doubt in my mind. Similar things happened here in the Mass Republic. When I resigned I said to my self , "self do not stop speaking out about the wrongs that you have and see being committed". Its a shame because I really had hope for this option to work for Patriots here and all over the world.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely some fishy things going on down here in Florida. The "good ol' boy" network is alive and well. If this rendition of the renewed republic is truly of and by the people being ordained by God, then people like Michael Bishop, Gene Exum and Tim Turner will be brought down by the people in God's good time. It is possible though that evil is being served. It has happened before.

Anonymous said...

From a totalitarian point of view, it makes sense strategically to install your own people in states like New York and California. The dictator also needs protection so installing his own people in states with close proximity to Dothan Alabama like Georgia and Florida also makes sense. This has been done before people. Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

Anonymous said...

I understand there is a group of patriots in Florida that is not associated with TT. Does anyone know what they call themselves or how to get in contact with them?