Monday, January 24, 2011

The Eleventh Hour - Continues

Marianna, Florida
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Listening Ears

The Eleventh Hour – Pretending

January 24, 2011

Do not pretend that the enemy does not exist and that he is not at work in this hour. 
Do not pretend that the enemy is not trying to disrupt the work that I am doing in your heart. 

Know that he is at work and he is trying to do these things.
But know this first and foremost:  You serve a powerful God with a most unusual plan of rescue.
You serve a knowing God, Who delights in you, and can and will always plan a route of escape. 
So look forward to all that I am at work doing on your behalf, and know that the enemy’s faulty plans will flounder and fizzle out.
You will walk through the eleventh hour with sure steps, into the wonder that only I can provide for My beloved,
the very own child of the King of glory!!!


The Eleventh Hour – A Phenomenal Presentation

January 23, 2011

I have a phenomenal presentation coming your way, beloved,
a presentation that will delight your heart. 
You cannot fathom what is in store,
 but let it be enough to know that the Holy One Who prepared the earth for your habitation is bringing something mighty your way. 
I want  you pondering this fact. 
Also, I want you to know that within this coming hour are surprises and delights for any who will receive. 
In this coming hour are stupendous revelations that will delight your heart, and spread throughout this presentation are wonders of My grace,
which are extended toward you.

So, dear one, do not despair when you see things in the world collapse. 
Do not despair when you hear rumors of war and such.
Remember that your God has a beautiful plan, and you are included in that plan. 
There is nothing the enemy could ever conjure up that could compare with the delight and wonder that is coming to My chosen in this,
the eleventh hour of wonder,
purchased for My beloved through My grace.


The Eleventh Hour – A Satisfying Experience

January 22, 2011

I am speaking to you about the eleventh hour.
I want you prepared for what is to come.
I want you eagerly waiting the arrival of this phenomenal presentation.
I want My beloved children eagerly anticipating how I am going to use them in this coming production.

So I say to you, dear one: get ready.
Get your heart ready. 
Look forward to all that I have spoken to you,
and know that with the arrival of My presentation will come to your heart a very satisfying experience.
Let Me say that again,
with the arrival of My presentation will come a very satisfying experience to the very center of your precious heart. 
And know this for certain:
Your heart is very precious to Me, your Beloved, your God and King, your mighty Savior!!!

Eleventh Hour – Forbidden Fruit

 January 21, 2011

I want you to know some things with certainty: 
The living God has looked on your heart with longing. 
He has seen fit to bless soundly all who would draw near to Him.
Look forward to a new day replete with the joy and wonder of who I am to you,
and know, precious child, that the forbidden fruit that once attracted you will take on a new look. 
It will no longer look appetizing to the palate of your soul. 
You will see it for the worm-ridden display that it is.
I am shining new light on My words of truth. 
This bright new shining will enable you to see more clearly into those things that the enemy would use to entice you,
entrap you, luring you to follow his course.
I am the One True God, perfect and true in all of My ways. 
Look forward to this shining forth, as My truth is declared in hearts in a totally new way,
enabling My beloved children to turn away from that forbidden fruit and seek after what is eternal,
right and good,
good through and through!!!

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Gregory Whitfield said...

My very precious heart is like SO WAITING for your presentation. Just so I'm ready for this incredible presentation, I need to know if it's going to be PowerPoint, PDF or felt board. Which version of PowerPoint will I need. If you could make this incredible presentation on YouTube then I will share it with all the other precious hearts I know. You know?