Thursday, January 27, 2011


 Submitted by Nancy - Thanks Again

Just in on the NOAA map....current 200 meters below the surface

We have been "blasting the cannon" sending energy and frequencies into the Gulf...Most of you have seen the "before Hutchison" NOAA map (attached) and the beginning and increasing of a "whirlpool/vortex" in the Gulf.... which began when Hutchison started the frequencies, and increased everytime we did another "treatment".

TODAY...the Gulf stream that runs around Florida and out to the Atlantic...connected to the whirlpool. (see attached)

that was "step one"....
"step two"...the current coming north from Cuba needs to "particiate in the party"

However, the Gulf is NO LONGER a stagnant toilet is the Atlantic....maybe there will be enough "push from the Gulf" to get the Gulf Stream over to Norway.


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