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From the desk of Clayton R. Douglas

Today's Show

Our Declaration of Independence, Constitution was crafted by very intelligent, well read men. They were land owners, farmers, ranchers, publishers and prolific writers. All were outspoken individuals, educated by history and tales of tyranny through the Bible. They read the books and words of men from the age of Aristotle. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle (Metaphysics).
They were communicators who spoke out against the Tyranny of England's Rothchilds-backed plan for one world government. "The Sun never sets on the English Empire!" They gave us the most well crafted plan of governance in history... a Republic...if we could keep it! They were also anti-government extremists rebelling against the lawful power of the Crown and the Church. Dangerous Men in the eyes of administrators, civil authorities, tax collectors, and bankers! Outlaws!
Years ago, that term, "The most Dangerous Talk Show Host" was used by President Bill Clinton in reference to Bill Cooper, author of "Behold a Pale Horse". We were both on World Wide Christian Radio via Shortwave. Bill and I both knew that the IRS was just a collection agency for the Banksters and there was NO LAW. I was one of the few talk show hosts that Bill liked and respected for trying to get to the truth. Bill was not an Alex Jones fan. We were communicators, writers and students of history.
We met several times at his almost inaccessible home at the top of a small hill in Eager, Arizona. The last time we met there, in 2001, we discussed merging my Free American magazine and his VERITAS newspaper. Bill was more paranoid than usual. He had reason to believe that the government was coming for him. He had sent his wife and child out of the country. Two weeks later he was dead. Police posing as drunken teenagers were partying near his house and he went out, armed as usual, to run them off. Bill was not the first, nor was he the last.
Gordon Kahl was called a tax protester and ambushed. He fought back. His son Yorie, still pays for his arrogance after Gordon was killed and burned to death in a house in Arkansas.
Randy Weaver was targeted after refusing to snitch for the Feds trying to shut down a "White" organization called the Aryan Nations. His wife and son were killed, supposedly because he sawed a quarter inch too much off a shotgun barrel for a friend. They were shot by FBI Agent Len Horiuchi. A Federal court would not allow the state of Idaho to prosecute him.
None of these people belonged to any subversive organization! All were American patriots! None were criminals! Neither were any of the seventeen little children, their parents and friends at the Seventh Day Adventists home/church called the Branch Davidians Compound by the Main Stream Press. It was these events that motivated Bill and I to do what we did and what I am still trying to do. We both took that oath to defend the Constitution, against all enemies, Foreign and domestic.
Not one of these people committed any crimes. . . or have I, yet since advocating the formation of the Militias after Waco, I have been demonized, slandered by well-funded, Jewish owned and operated organizations like the ADL, SPLC, FBI, DHS and even the NAACP! Most of this occurred before 9-11. Call me the Canary in the Coal Mine! Today the exact same tactics are being used against the movers and shakers in the Tea Parties, End the Fed Rallies and Town Hall Meetings by the same groups.
Ron Paul warned about Obama authorizing assassinations here in this country and it just happened here in Tucson to Gabriel Giffords, a Congresswoman recently converted to Judaism, and a Federal Judge who had just ruled against the Obama administration. Judge Roll was spoken highly of in Sheriff Richard Mack's books.
ABC News was calling me within one hour. Why?
Someone shaved the kids head to make him look like a Skinhead. That kind of blew up in their face when it got out that the shooter's mother belonged to the same synagogue as Giffords. The Jewish organizations now say that was false. Then they used the Sheriff and media to try and lay the blame on Conservative Talk Show Hosts and Tea Party Activists like Sarah Palin. This is part and parcel of a continuing campaign of demonization that continues to the present and is escalating.
The month before, an article in the Kansas City Star listed me and Larry Pratt, lobbyist, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gun Owners of America, together in an article trying to label us as Racists, Bigots and Anti-Semites. By telling people that Clay Douglas, who helped promote the Militias after Waco, once attended a Tea Party and was using the Tea Parties to recruit people, this was designed to slow the phenomenal growth of the Tea Parties. Larry's last interview with me.
Well, hard for me to sue them for slander. I did promote the Militias! Helped train guys in New Mexico. I did go to a Tea Party once and I did join a Tea Party related resistance website to get news updates. This is what happened.

Aaron Zelman, of the Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership agreed with my assessment of that story and organization. I put a link to his site on mine and invited him to be on my show. I had talked with him and scheduled it but he was a no show. He had died in that short period of time. Coincidence, or was he targeted and killed for exposing the tactics of the ADL and SPLC without naming them? The NAACP used the information on me they obtained from SPLC!
by Aaron Zelman, Founder and Director of Jews for the
Preservation of Firearms Ownership.
Copyright 2010 JPFO
(This is my personal opinion and does not necessarily represent every member of JPFO. I personally will not bow to, or take the poison of, political correctness. The leadership of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) has recently claimed that the Tea Party harbors racist factions.
(archived article on JPFO -

It's called playing "the race card" and the "anti-Semite card", and you can bet it will surface more and more as elections grow closer. JPFO cannot endorse any political candidate or political party, but when a group like the NAACP (or any other entrenched special interest) uses its media access, or political correctness grandstanding to endanger the FOUNDATIONAL American civil right, the G-d given right to self defense, JPFO can and will step up. The NAACP is filled with liars.
I, and others like me, Aaron and Larry, are what the government, and the banksters behind them, fear most, "Individuals Capable of Critical Thinking!" They have many names for us. They refer to us as Dangerous Men, Outlaws, "Lone Wolves", Anti-government, Rightwing Extremists, Racists and Anti-Semites as if by calling us a name somehow negates the truth of all the information we are providing in our books, films, magazine and radio shows.
I am not a Mason, a member of a lodge or club. I am not a member of or controlled by a church or organization. I am not held in mental bondage to dogma. I am not programmed by a television which is controlled by the very people that have enslaved us! I refuse to be a slave!
We are knowledgeable in a variety of fields. We have open minds and high IQs. We are willing to listen to new ideas, think outside the box and will question orders. We are Veterans who remain loyal to our oaths to defend a Constitution of the People, for the People and by the People. We are the people who will NOT be ruled by Consensus. We speak out if we see a wrong being committed. We can be leaders of men in the Christian tradition without the control of a church. That makes us very dangerous to the New World Order. The very words passed on to us by George Bush are lies. There is no New World Order, simply the old one with new technology. The methods and the evil minds behind them are ancient.
There are a lot of us out there but it is a small part of the population. The majority has been taken in by the programming and propaganda television gladly supplies. Keep in mind that it does not take a majority to rule. The Neo-Cons in Washington and the Jews in banking and our news media are only 2% of the population. Research their power without the fear of being called an Anti-Semite!
Our history and our Bible are replete with examples of our enslavement and incarcerations under tyrannical rulers and the actions of a few to combat and counter these neighbors and fellow countrymen/collaborators who have succumbed to the lure of money, acceptance and peer pressures. The men who fought the British were less than 10% of the General population. Many of the rest were Tories. During the revolution, particularly after the Declaration of Independence in 1776 this term was used to cover anyone who remained loyal to the British Crown. At the beginning of the war, it was estimated that as much as 40% of the American population were Tories
In many ways I consider myself lucky. It ironic that today we Patriots, standing up for our Constitution at a time when the British Banksters have full control of our Government and money, are the ones being demonized in the Media. Many of the Patriots I know and worked with, like Mark Gregory Koernke known as "Mark from Michigan" and Fritz Springmeier went to jail on trumped up, false charges. Ernst Zundel was kidnapped from his wife's home and shipped to Canada then on to Germany to stand trial and do time there, accused of denying the Holocaust. Too many others have been killed. Author John S. Torell points out what we are up against.
"The United States has come to the forefront in mind control, since it took over the German programs as well as the Japanese programs after World War II. The most well known program in the United States is "Project Monarch," The reader must now understand that when we begin to research this "nether world" of darkness, it is run by ruthless intelligence agents who do not abide within the limits of law. Instead, they make their own laws as they go, and, all intelligence services for the last 50 years or so, are controlled and operated by the World Government. Thus the president of the United States does not have control over the CIA, the intelligence services of the Army, Navy, Air Force etc., instead they answer directly to the World Government. That's the reason why the KGB, the Mossad, the MI5 and the CIA etc. work together in the world doing their dirty business."
More recently, Edgar Steele, the Attorney for the Aryan Nations' Richard Butler, and the Christines, a couple whose children were taken from them in Oregon. Edgar was a regular guest on my show. After our last one he was put in jail charged was trying to hire a hit man to kill his wife. This happened shortly after Edgar did his last show with me and after he survived a heart attack. Edgar was demonized, as I was, by these same people for speaking out about these Jewish organizations, the ADL and SPLC, with links to the Mossad, AIPAC and Banksters. Hear what his wife has to say about these charges on my show. Cyndie Steele Interview.
The years prior to May 20, 2004 were stressful but productive. The Free American was selling well in Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and book stores nationwide. I had just finished my film, "True Face of FEMA" featuring Col. John Brinkerhoff lecturing law enforcement at Sandia Labs, Kirkland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, a scary film talking about the next war, a war that might last longer than the Cold War that would be fought on American soil! This was immediately following 9-11 and the rolling of FEMA into the newly formed Department of Homeland Security. I ran a brief story about the Mossad demanding an office in Homeland Security. Guess they got the whole shooting match with Dual Citizen, Michael (Son of the Devil) Chertoff.
I have produced three other films including Chemtrails, The Video, still the most comprehensive account of the spraying of America. I distributed Miracle Two Soap Products and a lot of books by many authors were for sale on my website. I had my home, a store with a complete bookstore and mail order business on the north half of Bingham, NM, the only two house town in New Mexico.
I raised a quarter million dollars over Shortwave, to bid on a small town in New Mexico called Playas that was for sale by Phelps Dodge. It had two hundred homes, a gas station, livestock pens, an Olympic size Swimming Pool, grocery store and bowling alley. Within days after putting in an offer, Gov. Bill Richardson came on TV to say that the Government needed to buy Playas. They overbid me by three million, bought the town and turned it into a Homeland Security training facility and began blowing it up. They told residents that I wanted to buy the town and sit up on the nearby mountain and shoot illegal aliens. (The money was returned to all investor from the trust fund set up by my attorney.) I started promoting http://liberty in the Free American featuring low cost housing, Teepees, Yurts and small cabins, growing Non GMO foods, raising chickens, goats and range fed cattle on nearby ranches. The plan called for producing our own power from the sun, composting, wind and magnetic.
I started Arizona's Thunder Riders Magazine for Bikers in Phoenix. I rented a house, set up an office. My sons helped me sell advertising and Vincent Del Curto ran the Free American bookstore in NM. In a short time, New Times called Thunder Riders Arizona's premier biker magazine.
The March 2004 issue of the Free American Magazine featured Building number 7 on the cover with Larry Silverstein's quote about "pulling the building". In April, the story about Bush allowing the NSA to tap everyone's cell phone broke in the New York Times. What the mainstream press failed to tell you was the two companies doing the tapping were Israeli. Fear of the Jews pulling advertising?
On May 20 2004, I called home and asked my son where he wanted me to go next. He asked where I was and I told him I was at Sacred Skin Tattoo Parlor on the North Side of Phoenix. He told me to go down 24th Street to McDowell; turn left and go to the Wheel Shop.
It was early, there was little traffic and I was the only Motorcycle on the street. Three blocks before I got to McDowell, I was T-boned by a woman in a borrowed car, with no license or insurance. A woman my son's could not find and who never went to court with me.
Accident or something else? Four months of induced coma...for three broken ribs and a broken collarbone? A ¾ million dollar hospital bill. A visit by two guys in suits wanting to know if I had been hallucinating and claiming to be CIA? I had been but I hadn't told anyone, not even my wife or sons. A woman showed up claiming she needed to give me an injection. Then she tried to bring in four Security Guards in to hold me down when I refused. After a little talk they decided not to attempt that. The whole story of the six years after the accident is told in my latest book, Mystery Babylon.

My family was told I might never be right again. They were told to get guardianship, arrange for long term care when I was out of the hospital, not let me drive and keep me medicated.
I refused to take any medication. The court sent out an investigator. The investigator from the court told me, "I have been doing this work for 7 years. I interviewed 7 head injury patients before you today! You are the most well recovered head injury patient I have ever met."
"Maybe I wasn't as badly injured as they said!" was my comment.
My wife listened, made a rude comment after she left, "You sure schmoozed her!" My wife and family left that week. Later she told me, from her father's home in Tennessee that she wanted a 6 month separation. I gave her a divorce.
Looking back, I choose to point the finger of blame at the hospitals and the doctors instead of my family. Did they think they were acting on my behalf? My wife thought that the doctors saved my life, I felt they had tried to overdose me. Did I need three months of medically induced coma because of a brain injury? I underwent evaluations by Psychiatrists, was interviewed by court appointed investigators. My son had me picked up by police and taken to a psychiatric center in Phoenix. I remember the threat one of my sons made, "We are going to put you into an old folk's home and we are going to run the magazine, Dad!" Police apologized and told me I would be released as soon as I talked to a Psychiatrist. I was.
This type of thing goes on all the time in all areas of the country.
"Judge Gone Wild?" "Carolyn Rousseau has officially been stripped of everything; her friends; her family; her home. In a country whose Constitution mandates, in part, that the People be " in their persons, houses, papers, and effects ...", the pillaging of the helpless appears to be underway. You see, those who are deemed by a court of law to be incompetent aren't afforded rights, or at least that's how it appears in court-appointed guardian cases." "Here is a woman who is being held by the state as mentally ill, and therefore incompetent, and the judge determines she is competent enough to understand the workings of the court, but not competent enough to make her own health and financial choices!"
This is not an isolated incident and it doesn't just happen to old people. Donna Taylor and her son Mark came down to meet me in Tucson. Mark Taylor was the young man shot seven times at Columbine who survived. He was featured in Michael Moore's "Bowling in Columbine. When they left, they went to Phoenix. There Donna took her son to the Emergency Room for some medical issue. That was months ago. He was transferred to a private care facility, his mother, brother or uncle are not being allowed to see him. Her cries to the governor, the press and the FBI have proven fruitless to this point. Hear her story here:
I have known Paul Pantone for over 25 years. When we first met Paul showed me an carburetion system he had invented. That evolved into the GEET System. I heard the tapes Paul had made of the oil company executives threatening him. He was picked up and put into one of those facilities and held for 3 ½ years before we were finally able to free him. Here is the latest Interview with Paul Pantone
Was my family justified in leaving me on my own 3 weeks out of the hospital? They claim I ran them off. I may have because I have never been able to talk to them about this since they left. I know that my wife's father, former assistant Secretary of Agriculture under Kennedy told her he would disown her if she came back to me. Faced with bills I could not pay, questions which had no answers, I tried borrowing money, tried to sell advertising and tried to bring the Free American back up. I was not successful. So I sold one of my magazines to a publically traded company. They bought 50 percent and put a press release out on Wall Street on Friday that they had bought Arizona's Premier Motorcycle Magazine and that the publisher, Clay Douglas would remain on as publisher. . Monday I walked in to my new office and was told they could not go through with the deal
Someone with something against Clay Douglas interfered in the sale of one of my Thunder Riders magazine for a half million. Someone with the ability to tap my phones and a staff able to contact 250 stockholders in a publicly traded company to tell them what a bad deal it was to do business with Clay Douglas... someone who had the power to make stock prices for a certain company drop in days. The word Anti-Semite surfaced making it pitifully clear who was behind these attacks. The contract that we signed in my briefcase, I walked out of that office and into obscurity.
The words for bigotry that are often used, such as anti-Semitic, anti-White, anti-Black,anti-Arab, anti-feminist, anti-gay and hundreds of other labels, are for the most part overstated. Instead, [the demonized viewpoints] should be seen as pro-White or pro-Jewish or pro-women or pro-traditional family and should not be considered shameful.
These "pro" sensibilities are part of the human condition, not to be pathologized into an "anti."
It is about group interests.
A race or ethnie without a sense of peoplehood or identity will end up being used to achieve the goals of other ethnies. (Yes,ethnie, not ethnic).
Our feelings or thoughts of peoplehood are not pathological. They are natural. The European-American will have White ethnic interests and it is not "racist" to have them. Just as Hispanics, Asians, Jews, and Blacks have their own ethnic interests, it should not be considered a pathology for Whites to have them
I moved back to New Mexico to restore my magazine and Liberty Village plan. While I struggled with all of the unknowns and loneliness, the opposition sent in their agents, people who wanted to help me. With no family as backing, the attacks increased. Burglaries, threats or whispers to advertisers! My computers and guns stolen! I asked for investors and I got 'em. I received over 1 million in donations and investments. All in hot checks! The FBI said it was probably those Nigerian Scammers. Nothing they could do. No extradition treaty with Nigeria. "You've done everything right, Mr. Douglas."
"I got five bank accounts closed down for depositing those checks. What exactly did I do to deserve that? You think I am Kreskin and can hold a check up to my head and tell if it is a forgery or not?"
At least, the fact that I was able to walk in and walk out of the Albuquerque FBI office should be indicative to the fact that they do not consider me a high risk or a criminal in spite of the crap ADL and SPLC feeds them.
Then a woman showed up and wanted to help me. She handed me a check for ten thousand dollars. Said she had been a subscriber for years and wanted to help with Liberty Villages. She did help. I got another issue out with that. She wanted to live with me. She wanted to get married. My credit was in a shambles so she suggested letting her to buy the property I was to use that money to buy the Teepees and Yurts to convert our half of Bingham NM into Liberty Villages. Then I would be able to offer them as a turnkey business. We made the deal in Florida. For a few weeks I was really happy. I have found a new lady, she knew who I was and she was in love with me. Then, as soon as we closed on it and I had my money, she kicked me off the property. Love gone wrong or a well executed plan to remove me from my home and kill a business I had been promoting for years? The home I had for so long was suddenly off limits to me.
John Nutter was on this show with me: He tracks and documents "Gang Stalking". He believes that what was done to me and being done to this current date has been designed to force me to commit suicide. They have come close to achieving that.
To go from a successful writer and businessman to a virtually homeless man with no family in a relative blink of the eye is almost overwhelming. The morning of May 20 2004 I was all of those things. When I woke up three months later everything had changed. No Patriot talk shows would interview me. My family was gone. The love of my life was gone. Every attempt to reach out, to rebuild, has been somehow thwarted. The website I established almost 20 years ago was hijacked. It was purchased from the owner, run for two months, then all the equipment and information taken, never paid for and closed down.
The books and films I wrote and produced were not selling because my reestablished website was blocked in every library on public companies like Intel or Intuit. You will be told is a porno site.
I recently went to LA to meet with a Jewish lawyer and producer. He wanted a series for HBO on bikers. I told him I had a concept and provided the treatment for him here: OF THE PHOENIX2.pdf. I drove 600 miles to meet him. He kept me standing on his porch for 45 minutes. He refused to look at any of my previous work. He demanded a contract that would have given him 45 percent of any income off all of my earlier work. I refused to sign and walked away once more. That script is still available. It stems from a novel, songs and short stories I began writing 40 years ago.
Under normal circumstance, a man with my history of professional writing, would have no problem finding an agent or publisher. I cannot. The agents don't handle new clients, they say. The publishers don't want to talk to me without an agent. The lawyers have all been con artists in my opinion.
You cannot send me money via Western Union without verifying why you are sending me money. The last woman that did was told that I was on a government "Watch List". She was asked if she knew me. She laughed and said, "Yes, for 40 years." Interestingly, she tried to send money to another friend and found that she could no longer use Western Union!
"They have refined the art of Slavery to the point that the average man does not know that he is a slave!" One million Americans were made homeless in 2010. They are living in tent cities, FEMA camps, and are dependent on the government/Banksters who are getting Trillion dollar bailouts from the taxes of those of you who still have jobs. The plan I came up with years ago for Liberty Villages is still viable and may have been the reason for these attacks on me
Just over half the world's population now call cities home, though for many a city means a slum. Soon some 500 cities around the world will have more than 1m people each. Within a couple of decades, says the UN, 5 billion people will live in cities, with the most rapid change coming in Asia and Africa. Urbanisation should bring great gains to human development: creating wealth, spurring innovation, encouraging freedom and improving education. But with for many-from Lagos to Nairobi to Mumbai-lacking sanitation or housing, without clean piped water, suffering from chronic pollution, the costs of rapid growth, at least in the short term, may be just too high. Chetan Vaidya Director, National Institute of Urban Affairs, India
A shortage of food is being intentionally staged around the world. Apparently, if we resist the theft and seizure of food production and supply by bio-pirates and facilitated by government puppets, we will be intentionally starved into submission. Threats of the food shortage are constantly launched into "lame stream media" as a warning to the rest of us that we had better comply or face the fate of those poorer nations where millions are suffering from famine or death from lack of food.
And about the Bankster that have engineer all of this and the wars and the control and poisoning of our food and water supplies? Jim Chanos, a hedge-fund manager who made his first fortune betting that Enron was overvalued, warned the G8 finance ministers in April 2007 that banks and insurance firms were heading for trouble. He made another fortune when bank shares crashed, but is still furious that his warnings were politely ignored. He thinks it an outrage that several senior regulators from that period are still in positions of power. And he accuses some bankers of "a wholesale looting of the system" by paying themselves bonuses based on what they must have known were phantom profits. He thinks they should be prosecuted. So do I! But Liberty Villages is a way to survive among like minded people!
Clay Douglas' E-MAIL
Liberty Villages AS homes for our veterans, are the answer to all of our problems. I want to go back to America of 1903! I want these villages to provide homes, health, food and productivity for our Veterans. If you have a ranch or a farm and you would like to have some help working your spread consider contributing a few acres to house willing workers who you could teach how to run a modern farm or ranch. You would provide the land and training. Your "Villagers" would help with the restaurant and country store and share the daily chores. All food and animals would be organic, unchipped and pesticide/hormone free. All villages would produce energy devices.
Call Clay at 505-908-9498 and see

This video confirms what Clay warned about in the "True Face of FEMA" concerning A Catastrophic Event on the New Madrid Fault System. Think about the Oil Spill, The Bird, Fish and Animal Deaths, Earthquakes, the attack on our food supply in the Gulf and Chemtrails! This puts it all together. MORE PROOF that they intend to create a disaster, and that they know something is coming!!!

Paranoid? Conspiracy Theorist? Racist? Anti-Semite? Hardly!
Now it is in your hands. I have done all that I can and I can do no more without some help and backing!

Bilderberg Owned Publication The Economist: Yes, Powerful "Globocrat" Elites Are Running Things, It's Not A Conspiracy
Agenda for global centralized control system is public and out in the open. Steve Watson Friday, Jan 21st, 2011

More of Clay's articles here: Zionists The Christian Trap.

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In 1994 a man, enraged by the atrocities committed at Waco, helped start the Patriot Movement and the Militia. A Veteran who remained loyal to his oath, he wanted to know the reason something like this could happen in America. He was targeted and attacked by powerful groups with high level connections in government. His search for answers and his willingness to share that information with the American People in print and broadcasting almost cost him his life after 9-11. Like Joe McCarthy, President Kennedy and Benjamin Friedman Clay Douglas was demonized, marginalized and had attempts on his life. His unwavering search for the truth cost him his wife, family and businesses. His willingness to question everything made him one of the most dangerous men in America! The 9-11 Truth Movement, The End the Fed and Tea Party Events grew out of this and other Patriots efforts to WARN AMERICANS OF THE CENTURIES OLD PLAN FOR A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT REFERRED TO BY GEORGE BUSH AS THE NEW WORLD ORDER! When Homeland Security came out to do the same thing to our veterans, Oathkeepers, Militia, Truthers, Birthers, and the group of Christians known as Christian Identity Clay turned to Eli James to get to the truth. From Eli, Clay learned about the discovery of the Ark of the Covenant by Ron Wyatt in Israel. Hidden 700 years before Christ was born, it was found beneath the spot where Christ was crucified and the blood of Jesus spilled on the Mercy Seat of God?s home on Earth, the Real ARK OF THE COVENANT. Israel hid this discovery from the World after every man they sent to remove it from its hiding place died. Ron Wyatt had to remove the bodies and the grotto was resealed. Why? Because when they tested the blood, the Israeli lab techs learned that the blood was STILL ALIVE and that it provided PROOF OF THE DIVINITY OF JESUS!
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Liberty Villages AS homes for our veterans, are the answer to all of our problems. I want to go back to America of 1903! I want these villages to provide homes, health, food and productivity for our Veterans. If you have a ranch or a farm and you would like to have some help working your spread consider contributing a few acres to house willing workers who you could teach how to run a modern farm or ranch. You would provide the land and training. Your "Villagers" would help with the restaurant and country store and share the daily chores. All food and animals would be organic, unchipped and pesticide/hormone free. All villages would produce energy devices.

Call Clay at
505-908-9498 and see Underground bases and UFOs form a small part of my new FICTION NOVEl, Working Title, "Lucifer's Legend". I started work on this novel over 40 years ago. It will encompass explanations of our history, the Bible and even goes into the future to illustrate possible reasons into the building of these bases while drawing from events thousands of years into the past. In my novels, Lucifer appears as a 5000 year old man, long lived and powerful in all but appearance.
It takes "What if?" to a level very few people have the ability to imagine. Click on the Image to read the Screenplay of the book I am working on now! Order the book now and get monthly updates on my progress, chapter by chapter. $40.00
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