Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Republic - Awareness perTim Turner

Submitted by a Utah Convention Attendee

Utah Declaration


The purpose of this document is to raise awareness regarding a devious and dangerous plot to subvert the Government of the United States.  A man named James Timothy (Tim) Turner, of Skipperville, Alabama, is the supposed President of a cult-like movement known as “The Republic for the united States of America”. Refer to the attached “Overview” document for a brief history of this movement.
Mr. Turner is a self-proclaimed oracle of God, and presents himself as a strong Evangelical Christian who has been appointed by God to free the nation from its bondage to the Government. Membership in the movement numbers only a few hundred confused souls who truly believe Mr. Turner’s claims, but the potential damage goes far beyond the small group of adherents. Mr. Turner intends to hand-deliver a Declaration of Sovereign Intent to the World Court in The Hague, The Netherlands, on or around the 20th of this month (December, 2010). Attached is the foundational document from which the present Declaration was developed.
The Declaration is a secret document and has not been read or viewed by anyone who has not signed it. It was finalized during a recent meeting of the movement’s delegates in Utah (see “Overview”), but one of the delegates took notes that had to be smuggled out of the facility. The note’s author states: “Please remember that this is an abbreviated version of the document that was signed in Utah. The notes were made just so the items could be remembered later. We were under strict rule to NOT take any form of this document out of the building we were being held in.”
The stated intent of the Declaration is: . . . for the abolishment of and to bar The United States Corporation and all sub corporations and agencies from any actions against members of the Republic within our borders and to give the non members a place they can go outside of our borders. The key points of the final Declaration are as follows:

1.    Adopt the King James Version of the Holy Bible as the divine law.
2.    We claim, accept, and adapt jurisdiction over all things in our jurisdiction.
3.    Adopt the Legislative, Executive, and judicial branches as lawful government structure.
4.    Accept and adopt Article 3, utilizing courts and supreme courts as the only lawful national courts.
5.    Accept the America Rangers as duly authorized law enforcement with the powers to arrest by Article 4.
6.    Accept the current Military as our Military.  
7.    Adopt the Name "The Republic For The united States Of America."
8.    Adopt the Post office as means to distribute mail.
9.    Accept and establish a National Treasury and National Banking System.
10.  Make it unlawful for any agency to collect Taxes without the permission of a 2/3 vote of congress.
11.  Unlawful for any agency or elected representative to collect an unlawful debt.
12.  Abolish the authority of The United States.

Any such document submitted to the World Court has the potential for serious repercussions.  Specific concerns are:
·         Item number 12 constitutes an open aggression against the United States Government and could be viewed as an act of corporate treason leading to the declaration of martial law.
·         They have twisted and adapted the Constitution for the United States of America to suit a hidden dictatorship.
·         The people conned into believing this man and signing this document have placed themselves at serious risk of reprisal unaware of what they have done.
·         Mr. Turner’s organization has put up a web site, created fraudulent sovereign ID’s and are selling them for $125.00 each, claiming each person needs all three ID’s being made available. http://bureauofrepublicrecords.org/  We are appalled at this scam and even more concerned for those people who in their desperation, try to use them.
·         Every person who has spoken up and questioned Mr. Turner has been publicly attacked, vilified, and in some cases threatened.
·         Mr. Turner has convinced the people that he is backed by 80 other countries and our own military joint chiefs of staff. He also claims to be using the CIA.
·         Mr. Turner has frightened the people into compliance by claiming that if they do not do as he says the Chinese will invade America and their children will die.  This is all verifiable on recordings of national conference calls.
Many who were originally involved with Mr. Turner have separated from him by filing duly witnessed and/or notarized documents rescinding their prior involvement. We believe it is imperative that the American public be made aware of Tim Tuner’s dangerous sham and that the filing of the Declaration is halted.

Attachments to this letter include:
            - Foundational Declaration of Intent
            - Photograph of the actual signature page and title of the document taken in Utah, held            in the hands of Mr. Turner.


Unknown said...

Anyone who uses God as an authority and proclaims rights under can do the same within the constitution. Whosoever use the will of God as their purpose shall humbly serve without connotations of this will beyond man's capability. Saying "It is in the hands of God" gives man the subject to interpret what will be changed, and is not certain what IT is.

Unknown said...

Ok this is a military operation backed by the military. the military came to them remember this is a interim government that's it. i do not understand what people are being misled here by do people not understand what interim means. elections are supposed to be held 6 months after the take power we all know this where is the confusion? why do you think that the military higher ups wont let Tim spill all the beans? I myself am staying on the sidelines and watching this play out to see where it goes while at the same time i support everything that they are doing period. i do not understand what people are afraid of it is either we are free or we are slaves pick your poison or get out of the way stop being naysaing cowards.


Anonymous said...

Trow007, all relevant claims, promises and prediction Turner ever made turned out false, a waste majority of Americans never heard about him or consider him as a hoaxer.

What makes you think that military would need someone that has no credibility, integrity and public recognition and is publicly boasting about undisclosed foreign political and financial support?

Turner is at best a distraction and at worst a plant that hijacked and derailed a legit grassroots movement into a irrelevant cult.

Anonymous said...

“…The key points of the final Declaration are as follows:
1. Adopt the King James Version of the Holy Bible as the divine law…”

This has nothing to do with the core principles of Republic, the Funding Fathers intents or even original aims of the RAP declaration; this is Theocracy


Bible Law Index
Introduction by Curtis Claire Ewing

… Many Christian groups are beginning to teach the need for a return to Biblical Law. Evangelical Christians and Christian Legal Societies are adding their voice to the ever increasing demand to return to the administration of Divine Law for national righteousness…

…Since we are told in Scriptures that in the New Order, Divine Law will become the law of the land, we need a working acquaintance with the Commandments, Statutes and Judgments of the Lord…

Anonymous said...

This dis-information was been out a month ago. Actual old news that is wrong. As one who was there and signed the original document I can atest that this is not the document. The signature page shown is not the actual signature pages what so ever. Just a little scrapped together photo op. In short this post is junk going around the second time.

Anonymous said...

John: I was there I signed the real document. Wake up this is old news and incorrect at that. Nothing in this post is true except Utah event did happen. Look close at the so called signature page that Tim Turner is to be holding. Do you see a wedding ring? He wears one you know. God only knows why so many spend so much time at destroying what others are doing. If that same energy was spent on doing something constructive, even if it is some other direct we might be able to get the country back under control. Don't like what the Republic is doing start something else and make it work. Join with another group, does not matter. Be a can do vs a can't do energy.

Anonymous said...

doesnt seem to be anything weird here...


Anonymous said...

I don't think this post or these documents will do anything to discredit TT. In fact i feel anyone who reads these will most likely agree with the points made by the republic and will find comfort in the fact that Tim is a Christian man. None of the negative claims made against TT in this post, on this blog, or anywhere else that I've found are substantial enough for me to think that TT has done any wrong doing. I see a republic that is harming no one, thats is going in a positive direction. Also item 12 says to abolish the authority of the United States, not the united States of America/We the people.

Anonymous said...

trow.. I myself am sitting on the sidelines watching this thing play out to see where it goes while at the same time YOU SUPPORT everything they are doing?.. ARE you Rife with fever... If you support what they are doing you wouldn't be on the sidelines.. lmao.. you cannot be hot or cold.
I was a member of the rap thing and let me tell you something evil is going on. It's not of God but of Men disquising themselves as Lords of the land... I got out just in time it seems.. Good luck to you...

Mark V said...

Hi John,
To the readers of the above posting:
I am a member of the Republic and also a Grand Juror in the Republic of Arizona. We’ve heard more than twenty cases so far without any interference from the de facto. If we were in any way seated unlawfully you can be damn sure the de facto would have arrested us immediately, and very publicly, to expose us … if they could. They didn't. BECAUSE we are lawfully convened, that's why.
Listen; They cannot stop us from re-inhabiting the Republic that they vacated. But they are definitely using their propaganda agents to confuse and alarm those who either are undecided about joining, or are just learning about the Republic’s restoration.

And there will be more like this to come and in greater frequency as deadlines approach and the exchanges become more intense.

First – Scare tactics. This ‘Utah attendee’ claims Tim is inciting fear as a ploy to encourage folks to sign up (or else, apparently).
And, the Republic “numbers only a few hundred confused souls”. But, if this document … This Declaration of Intent gets filed internationally and becomes a public document, why, then the U.S. will have cause to institute Marshal Law through out the land!
Marshal Law for the whole country just so they can round up a few hundred folks? Scared yet?
Got news for you all, they already have plans for Marshal Law – It will happen the day the dollar collapses. Not because of us.
The ID’s:
They are not mandatory. And, NO ONE is told they need all three. I am only getting a travel warrant, that’s all I need as far as identification.
What they’re for: They would help American Nationals (Those who have joined the Republic by signing and submitting the documents) to move about the free states more easily – without relying on de facto issued identification - and, therefore, without being accosted by law enforcement and their money generating codes and statutes. But, the ID’s aren’t an absolute must. Furthermore, as more are ordered the price will become cheaper.

Oh, and by the way … The order process has been suspended since December 31, 2010. Why?
Is it because the US Corp told us to stop? Um, no.
It is because within the first few hours of the ID’s availability the Paypal servers were overwhelmed with over 46, 000/forty-six-thousand orders. And that was from only about 20 of the free states, those who already approved their state seal, the rest have to wait until their seal is approved and submitted.
A few hundred confused souls, huh?

Anonymous said...

I have lost the faith with these self-proclaim wanna be somebody. look, i have seen no proof of nothing from them. I believe this is a lie for when you ask to see the proof you get more lies without no proof. That old man is a wolf in sheeps clothing and he fooled all of yall.

Anonymous said...

Riddle Mountain Man says:

“… Look close at the so called signature page that Tim Turner is to be holding. Do you see a wedding ring? He wears one you know… “

Trivia: Turner doesn’t wear a wedding ring lately:


Turner’s devotees are playing along the same lines as their leader does; they cannot substantiate any of their relevant claims with anything else but empty rhetoric. The RuSA has “turnered” into a role playing game with a lot of fancy titles like Ambassadors, Governors, Grand Jurors, etc. but without any impact on the real world whatsoever. If Turner isn’t paid by those on power, then he should be; he serves them perfectly by derailing and discrediting a grassroots movement that could have else turned into a real opponent to the political establishment.

Again; what happened with those “foundational documents” signed at Utah’s event?

Anonymous said...

@ Mark V

I agree with you, there’s no reason to institute Marshal Law because of the Turner’s RuSA; it doesn’t represent any threat to those on power at all. Turning a bunch of harmless kooks into martyrs wouldn’t make any point to them – they are not crazy.

On the other side, there’s no vacant “republic” / state - except in some parallel universe. For instance, your claim that someone took over the building illegally it doesn’t make it vacant, so far less your belonging; you need to prove that lawfully, on the court or… have enough power and guts to take over it by yourself before “reoccupying” it. Since Turner hijacked the movement I haven’t noticed any attempt at that; boasting about it on conference calls, blogs and club meetings doesn’t count.

A government without its own land, public laws, law enforcement, defense, funding, and consequently without international recognition, isn’t much different than a fantasy football league.

Besides, even if the RuSA would be an internationally recognized government, its judiciary organs (“de jure Grand Juries”) couldn’t have any role inside of the judiciary branch of the other government; only because Turner and his henchmen say so it doesn’t make it so – it doesn’t compute.

Oh, I know, I know, “de jure Grand Juries” won many cases already – but you can’t prove them since they are all top secret, right?

Anonymous said...

Mark V said...

“…The order process has been suspended since December 31, 2010. Why? Is it because the US Corp told us to stop? Um, no. It is because within the first few hours of the ID’s availability the Paypal servers were overwhelmed with over 46, 000 orders…”

OMG, 46,000 orders within few hours only? Imagine this: the RuSA has overloaded the PayPal servers so badly they didn’t recover thus far!!! Now that’s impressive! Never mind if the “official” RuSA explanation for temporarily halting and disabling the ordering process is somehow different:


But hey, both stories are great; a good story is as good as truth and lying for the righteous cause isn’t a sin, right?

Anonymous said...

Did yall hear the new BS on the block for the wolf in Brooksville? If not i'll tell ya and all of the other weak minded stools listening to them out there.

The wolf in Brooksville and his weak minded gangster proclaim that the republic will be running by the end of this week, well, folks it's been a year now and NOTHING.

If you got the proof show it and stop lieing for the wolf is commiting crimes upon the people of Florida.