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Magna Charta 61

By Anna Von Reitz

Please bear in mind that the "nobles" also called "barons" writing this were in fact kings in England, barons in France. 

The term "settlement" has been used in various ways so as to confuse the issues. 

The Settlement of the Norman Conquest is the carrying out of King William of Normandy's Will--- THAT is the "Settlement" that matters. 

But the rats will try to confuse you using their much later "commonwealth settlement" terminology, in which paupers were "settled" on wasteland donated by the King of England and administered by the Roman Catholic Church.  

Be aware that your people are NOT paupers, not part of any commonwealth, and not subject to that kind of "settlement" which is basically a bowl of porridge being offered in exchange for their lawful birthright.

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Note: Donald Trump is tentatively planning to speak at 5PM EST tonight either on Fox news or the emergency broadcast network (all channels and stations) - hopefully he will announce at least part of the information we have been waiting for. 

Hopefully, the information below will answer some of the common question about where the money will be coming form for the Zimbabwe exchange. I suspect similar deals have been worked out for the redemption of the other currencies. 

Note: I cannot confirm the accuracy of the following information, but it makes sense.
March 30 2018 2:23 pm EST Update: 

1.Assuming the redemption price of Zim Bonds was 1:1 with the current value of USD, that would be 100 Trillion USD for a 100 Trillion Zim bond note (It’s really over 4:1 FYI).

2. Seems like an awful lot, especially with all those internet Zim bond notes circulating worldwide.But understand that your old Zim bond notes will be converted into new ZIM bond notes, which are yielding 7-10% depending on your structured payout terms.

3. That simple macro economic maneuver eliminates 90% of total payout exposures for the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), which was guaranteeing their own bonds with their own national mineral reserves on the new eastern financial system.

4. That leaves as much as 10% (or 10 Trillion USD) left to hydrate regular folk like us on a perpetual basis. That exposure still required sextillions of digital credits to satisfy (21 zeros). That’s where China comes in, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Yuan currency (CNY) and People’s Bank of China (PBOC).

5. Once the RBZ harvests the old Zim bond notes they immediately convert it to digital CNY with the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), which then resells the assets to AIIB at a 25% premium.

6. Another way to look at this was that the RBZ sells all new Zim currency at a 25% discount back to China. So the RBZ already has a buyer before they ever reconcile one ZIM bond note for every Zim bond note redeemed. 

7. This guarantees that the RBZ and PBOC each make say a 12.5% profit from the arbitrage—less 2.5 % back to redeeming retail banks (JPMC, BofA, Citi, WF, TD, Santander, HSBC)—while still being able to service the 10% USD yield exposure (10 Trillion). That’s 100% of all initial redemption exposure covered or 100 Trillion USD.

8. The AIIB then takes their new discounted Yuan, and resells it at a 5% premium to Central Banks all over the world for decades to come, thus eliminating their own bank’s exposure as well as profiting 5%.

9. All because decades earlier the African Elders (Great Zimbabwe) agreed to this secrete long term financial partnership with the Asian Elders (AIIB), who are now monetizing the massive in-ground mineral reserves of Africa. 

10. This relationship was the same for all 55 nations of the African Union and Russia, India and Brazil (BRICS).

11. Thus, the government of Zimbabwe intentionally issued outrageously high sovereign bond notes back in 2008 knowing full well they would one day reconcile all of it in 2018—at a profit—by utilizing the future eastern economic system (with Russia’s military support).

12. That’s why Zim bond notes continued to be sold on the Internet. Everyone involved in this Eastern partnership was profiting, while all western governments were being overtaken financially with every redemption transaction.

13. The AIIB, PBOC to the RBZ were guaranteeing themselves and entire alliance positive cash flows—perpetually—and why the West was desperate to stop the RV from ever rolling out.

14. The Elder’s would now permanently reduce the necessity for USD until it fell to appropriate levels, thus ever so slowly terminating the old western world’s financial system and reversing global governance power (west to east) in the process.

15. A simple but irreversible private placement platform (PPP) was how and why there’s enough “money” to pay out all Zim redeemers, plus allowed all their partners to profit in the long-term. 

16. The world was now becoming gold backed Yuan dependent as to replace fiat USD within their own central bank reserves.

17. By forcing major investment institutions and traditional markets to buy in CNY instead of USD via mechanisms like oil futures, crypto currencies, commodity sales, currency auctions, manufacturing, etc.. it cemented this reversal of fortunes.

G. March 30 2018 1:25 pm EST Update: 

1.187,000 MT of gold has never been vaulted within the Central Banking System before now. Even if we were to double or triple this number, it was still but a small fraction of Zimbabwe’s total gold reserves.

2. China’s Yuan was 100% gold backed and collateralized by these same Zimbabwean in ground gold reserves - which was why their offering all of China’s oil transactions with a 100% convertibility to gold bullion. 

3. This massive reserve of gold was why Zimbabwe alone (without any additional African Union support) could back all of the world’s currency with their own sovereign gold holdings—regardless of all their other massive in ground mineral reserves which were just as impressive, especially diamond, platinum metals, lithium and rare earth elements used in all modern technology.

4. Meaning, if you hold 2008 Zim bond notes, what you really own is a legal and active sovereign bond claim to all of Zimbabwe’s in ground mineral reserves, which is collateralizing the entire world’s new financial system run from Beijing.

5. Zim bond note redemptions have begun on US soil, and would likely complete by the end of the second quarter 2018 (June 30). This has been confirmed from HSBC earlier this morning and from personal military intelligence relationships.

Can you be trusted with prosperity?

March 30, 2018

Can you be trusted with prosperity? 

Before you is the spiritual land of milk and honey, but if there is a shift in your focus away from Me the blessing will melt away like the spring snow. 

It is easy to obsess about the fulfillment of your wishes and desires instead of making My eternal kingdom your primary point of interest and attention. 

You must order your priorities to put first things first, says the Lord.

Numbers 14:8 "If the Lord delights in us, then He will bring us into this land and give it to us, a land which flows with milk and honey."


 NASA Live News Confirms it
Mar 30, 2018

Anunnaki, Syria and Putin

Do you recall all the mainstream 'news' reports against what Russia is doing, namely about Russia killing people in Syria, and all manner of negative reports about Putin against the US?  Well, below is WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!  Have any of you heard about any of this on the TV channels?  Or have you heard news reports about this on the radio and TV broadcasts? Or read about this in the papers or magazines?  Doubtful!  And would anyone ever believe this?  Especially Americans!!!!!  If you do any surfing through YouTube videos, you may have come across reports on this subject.   Putin is the world leader who has been preparing for the coming Anunnaki onslaught.  Syria reportedly has a major portal allowing unwanted 'visitors' in - and out - of our atmosphere. Watch the videos and listen to the reports and find out WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON between Russia, China and the united States militarys in Syria, the Ukraine and surrounding areas.

Putin preps for Anunnaki WAR

Russia Preparing To Assault Anunnaki in Antarctica
ends at 4:33

Anunnaki Strongholds Revealed
ends at  4:51

For some of you this has been an introduction.  There are plenty more similar videos to explore for more information.

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Our President Tells All!

Our President Tells All!
March 15 2018

To: The de facto corporations of Earth, posing as our lawful governance,

If you have not read our previous work, titled, MILITARY TRIBUNALS FOR TRUTH, FORGIVENESS, AND RECONCILIATION, you will find it here:

Brothers and sisters!
Stand with me, in defiance of tyranny, to relay the message that we will no longer allow our brothers and sisters to be victimized by a corporation that has corrupted its purpose from that of service to one of piracy and operating for maximum profit at the expense and blood and liberties of the living people.

Join the rolls of the National Assembly call, so that we may peacefully assemble, redress grievances, and give lawful notice to the military to arrest the perpetrators.  Please stand with us by doing the following:



We THE People, assembled, had 32 states in attendance on last nights National Assembly conference call, for those paying attention, thats a quorum (2/3) of the states in attendance, the military is waiting for you to join our ranks.

We THE People, assembled, do give permission to the military for the united states for America, to temporarily occupy American soil and demand that the military seize the criminals who are poisoning our families, stealing our properties, kidnapping our families, ransoming our kidnapped families, all under the guise of lawful governance.  We, the great living peoples of America, have been violated via copyright infringement to our names, harmed by way of personage; the unlawful creation of a straw man trust, in our names, so by way of attaching debt to said trust and by way of stealing property by way of falsely representing property by said trust and by way of voter fraud by way of voting trusts of persons well known to be dead, deceased, living no more!

ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, come by way of land, sea, and air, swarm around these criminals and seize them and seize them now,  The people have awakened and we plead for you to be our lawful heroes once again, no longer the mercenaries for corporations to maximize profits from death and war, but to be restored, as our rightful heroes at arms, who swore an oath in their hearts and minds to the lawful living breathing peoples of this great land we love known as America.

To the Militaries of the nations of the world, do the same, step up and receive your reward, the enemy is weak, and the enemy is prime for the plucking, roots of the weeds and all.  Snatch them up so we may begin the peace that we so very much demand and deserve.



STAND UP!  Join the peaceful jural assembly with the National Assembly, organized by the Michigan Jural Assembly at


Warmest Regards From,

One who desires peace and quiet free from threat by evil corporation pretending to be lawful governance.

Our Creator, who art in heaven, may you give this message wings, anoint it with the Holy Spirit, so that it may be translated into all the tongues of the nations of Earth, free us, free us now.

Join our Conference Call EVERY Thursday evening:

6pm Pacific – 7pm Mountain

8pm Central – 9pm Eastern

If you Have any Question Please Contact us at

Call information
  Phone Number:1-712-770-4160
Participant Access Code: 226823#

Playback Number: 1-712-770-4169
Participant Access Code: 226823#

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Next Call Every

Recognizing the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Bill Title: Recognizing the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 3-0)

Status: (Introduced - Dead) 2013-03-20 - Laid on Table (Rep Vaillancourt): Motion Adopted Division Vote 275-64; House Journal 27, PG.890 [HB638 Detail]

Download: New_Hampshire-2013-HB638-Introduced.html


AN ACT recognizing the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

SPONSORS: Rep. Tremblay, Rock 4; Rep. Baldasaro, Rock 5; Rep. Christiansen, Hills 37

COMMITTEE: State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs
This bill recognizes the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Explanation: Matter added to current law appears in bold italics.
Matter removed from current law appears [in brackets and struckthrough.]
Matter which is either (a) all new or (b) repealed and reenacted appears in regular type.
In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Thirteen
AN ACT recognizing the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 Preamble and Statement of Intent. The general court hereby finds that:
I. In 1810, a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibited titles of nobility and which later became known as the original Thirteenth Amendment, was introduced, passed both houses of Congress, and was sent to the states for ratification. On December 9, 1812, shortly after ratification by Virginia, New Hampshire became the thirteenth state to ratify the amendment. The amendment was therefore ratified by the requisite number of states and became Article XIII of the United States Constitution.

II. During the War Between the States, otherwise known as the Civil War, the country was under martial law, and all executive orders made by President Lincoln were, in effect, law. After the war, laws made during that period were to be abated; yet, vestiges of martial law remained and presidents continued to write executive orders.

III. The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871, otherwise known as the Act of 1871, created a corporation in the District of Columbia called the United States of America. The act revoked prior legislation relative to the district’s municipal charter and, most egregiously, led to adoption of a fraudulent constitution in which the original Thirteenth Amendment was omitted. 

IV. Today, what appears to the public as the United States Constitution is not the complete document, as it was never lawfully amended to remove the Thirteenth Amendment. Instead, the document presented as the United States Constitution is merely a mission statement for the corporation unlawfully established in the Act of 1871.

V. The purpose of this act is to recognize that the original Thirteenth Amendment, which prohibits titles of nobility, is properly included in the United States Constitution and is the law of the land. The act is also intended to end the infiltration of the Bar Association and the judicial branch into the executive and legislative branches of government and the unlawful usurpation of the people’s right, guaranteed by the New Hampshire constitution, to elect county attorneys who are not members of the bar. This unlawful usurpation gives the judicial branch control over all government and the people in the grand juries. As long as the original Thirteenth Amendment is concealed from the people, there shall never be justice or a legitimate constitutional form of government.

2 New Chapter; Thirteenth Amendment. Amend RSA by inserting after chapter 1-A the following new chapter:
1-B:1 Original Thirteenth Amendment. The following shall be recognized as the original Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution:

Article XIII
If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emperor, King, Prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them or either of them.

3 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.

The Simplest Outline

By Anna Von Reitz

The Simplest Outline
Even after the publication of America:Some Assembly Required, I keep getting long diatribes from patriots who have discovered some part of the "elephant" and still don't get the big picture. For those who still need to know, I am publishing this simple outline showing the way our government is supposed to be structured:
The People (the Militia) 
delegate power to: 
The Counties
delegate power to:
The States 
delegate power to:
The United States of America (Unincorporated) 
delegates power to
The States of America (Unincorporated) 
delegates power to: 
National-level States of State
delegates power to: 
Territorial United States
delegates power to: 
Municipal United States
Thanks to criminal mis-representation and mis-administration, Breach of Trust and breach of commercial contract and overall constructive fraud, this structure has been turned upside down, with the Municipal United States lording it over all the other levels of government in reverse:
Municipal United States
by appointment exercises the powers of
Territorial United States
replaces National States of States with Territorial States of States
National States of State
mothballed and redefined as State Trusts, e.g., Georgia State
States of America (Confederation of States)
torn apart by "Reconstruction" and not allowed to reform
The United States of America (Unincorporated) (Federation of States) ignored and by-passed by its employees
States dba Florida, Georgia, Texas, etc., similarly by-passed
Counties redefined as federal corporate franchises owned by the Territorial States of States
People redefined as federal corporate franchises owned by the Municipal STATES OF STATES.
The United States of America (Unincorporated) the Original International Government Instrumentality formed September 9, 1776 as a result of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence is an unincorporated Federation of states called a "Union" of States: Florida, Maine, Vermont, et alia. This is the Sovereign level government for the states in international jurisdiction. It primarily operates the international land jurisdiction, but also retained all "non-delegated" powers in the international jurisdiction of the sea.
The States of America is an unincorporated Confederation of National-level States of States under The Articles of Confederation (1781) and is supposed to give rise to the National Government via the Union of National level States of States---a National State of Georgia, for example, but, instead, since 1868, this National State of George has been mothballed and rolled over into a land trust called the Georgia State, and an usurping (Territorial level) "State of Georgia" has replaced it. Because our National level Government has been mothballed and "held in abeyance" for six generations without our knowledge or consent, the British-backed Territorial United States has been running everything amok and in favor of Britain and its' European partners in crime. This has been done under conditions of fraud and Gross Breach of Trust.
The Territorial United States is supposed to be shepherded by the British Government for the purpose of providing "essential government services" that our states agreed to receive and pay for. Thus, it is a separate government and a subcontractor that is supposed to be working under the direction of the States of America, and which is instead usurping against the States of America in Gross Breach of Trust and commercial contract. Without the States of America to mind the shop, the hired help has been helping itself for 150 years.
The Municipal United States is supposed to be limited to the ten square miles of the District of Columbia and is supposed to be run by the members of the National Congress (not the Territorial Congress as it presently is) as the government for Washington, DC----and nothing more. This entity has instead been appointed to act "for" and provide the services owed by the Territorial United States. Pursuant to this contract to provide the services of the Territorial United States, this foreign oligarchy has spun off its own completely unauthorized STATES OF STATES, such as the STATE OF MICHIGAN.
And this entire situation, this so-called "Reconstruction" of our government has been the result of an illegal commercial mercenary action mis-named The American Civil War, conducted on our shores by the same perpetrators that have acted in Breach of Trust to promote this situation --- and benefited themselves from it.
This is all against international law, commercial law, and international treaties owed to The United States of America, our member States, and our people.
We are Third Parties with respect to these charlatans and have made it abundantly clear that we have recalled and retained our delegated powers, are in the process of restoring our National-level States of States, and demanding the return of all our assets including the State Land Trusts, land titles, the PERSONAL ESTATES, PUBLIC UTILITIES, PUBLIC TRUSTS and all other "businesses" run "in the name of" actual Americans, all our gold, all our credit owed, all our patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and everything else that naturally belongs to this country and its people--- free and clear and without encumbrance.
If you would like to join in the National effort to restore our lawful government and shove these freebooter employees back into their box, go to and type in "America: Some Assembly Required". For the cost of $10 and the effort to read fifty pages, you can be fully informed.

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Good Friday

By Anna Von Reitz

Things are always strange on Good Friday.  All over the world, Stigmatics are suffering.  Strange wounds appear on their flesh.  They experience in real time the agony of crucifixion.  This happens to them every year.  Of course, they know the story.  In some sense, they know why it happens: it's because the countenance of Jesus is lifted up on them. They take on His Image and share in His suffering. 

Stigmatics have been studied for hundreds of years.  They have been subjected to all sorts of mental and physical tests, discounted as "hysterics" and venerated at the same time.  Most of them are perfectly normal people, except that they carry enigmatic scars--- tiny scars on their foreheads, larger scars on their hands and wrists and feet and ankles, and a large scar like a knife scar on their sides. 

You might think that they would appear predominantly in Christian countries and certainly only among Christians, but such is not the case.  Stigmatics appear all over the world, in many unexpected places, among people who are not Christians, as well as among the devout.  Imagine the consternation and wonderment of Muslim parents whose son suddenly and inexplicable displays the signs of the stigmata?   Or the Buddhist monk who looks down at his wrist and sees (and feels) a nail hole? 

Today, a Stigmatic, the friend of a friend who lives in Lebanon, is suffering.  He will come to the verge of death, and appear to be dead, and then, the miracle begins....the clocks stop....blood returns to his cheek.  The wounds heal as quickly as they appeared, and by the second or third day of April this year, he will appear as before, a mild-mannered man with gentle eyes, unremarkable except -- if you look-- you will see the telltale scars on his forehead and wrists. 

"Pick up your cross, and follow me," the words of the Word repeat in my head.  

Follow me, so that you are no longer afraid of suffering or ridicule or death.  Follow me, so that you can pass through death to eternal life. Follow me, because I am the Way -- literally. Follow my path and my footsteps.  Observe them well.  Follow me, because despite all appearances otherwise, I am Heaven-bound. 

What a steep and rocky way!  What a path, drenched in injustice and pain?  Yet, what should we expect?  That Heaven would be easy to attain?

In my work, I meet a great many people who have been dreadfully abused, and often, they are the children of others, who were abused for generations prior to this.  And always, they seek control.  

They believe that if they were in control, everything would be better and different, but the truth is that we abuse others because we have learned all about abuse, but very little about nurturing or compassion.  

And so, the cycle of suffering continues on.   Just look at Israel today.  "Never again!" they say, and yet, look at what they do.  

The oppressed become the oppressors who become the oppressed who become the oppressors.  Nobody stops the merry-go-round and actually stops abuse.  They just change targets and keep on shooting. 

Just like the hypocrites who abolished private slave ownership with one hand, and opened up the doors to public slave ownership with the other. 

This is the Great Mystery we are heir to--- the mystery of love in the midst of undeserving, the mystery of love that transcends fear and pain, abuse and injustice, loss and oppression of every kind.  

And Golgotha is the final lesson. 

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Are you willing to work TOGETHER to take down Google and Facebook???

Evil Google pushing “final solution” to eradicate independent news from the web… FOREVER

(Natural News) In order to salvage the failing mainstream media and stop the public from getting news elsewhere, advertising and search engine behemoth Google plans to invest $300 million into a new algorithm that, for all intents and purposes, threatens to permanently destroy the independent news industry.

Known as the “Google News Initiative,” the program will redirect advertising dollars back to mainstream publishers and away from many up-and-coming news outlets that have broken free from the Wall Street propaganda machine. (This clearly demonstrates that the cabal is NOT out of commission and NOT 'broke' but is proceeding even more quickly to move forward in the NWO plans to stifle anything even remotely resembling freedom.)  Google says it will begin to work with publishers to “elevate accuracy, quality content and stem the flow of misinformation and disinformation” – which is just code speak for censorship.

If Google gets its way – and what’s to stop the company at this point? – then you can say goodbye to websites like Natural News that probably won’t make the “cut” in terms of meeting Google’s “truth” standards. Google will quickly become the sole decider in what constitutes “quality journalism,” which it will prop to the top of the search engine list, while everything else will be de-prioritized.

In a statement, Google explained that it plans to work with the “news industry” to combat “fake news” (does this mean Google will combat it's own 'news'?) and “build a stronger future for journalism.” And the company is teaming up with legacy names like The Washington Post, The New York Times, Financial Times, and media mogul Gannett Company, Inc. to make that happen. ('legacy'?  The GIANTS of offenders of TRUE reporting, refusing to print the TRUTH.)

“The initiative will include a new lab to analyze and parse out what is deemed ‘mis- and disinformation during elections and breaking news moments (the public should monitor their 'tests' and results for honesty and integrity, because these should be found to be the chief offenders);’ a fact-checking partnership with Stanford University and corporate media non-profit groups like the Local Media Association and the Poynter Institute; and a new service meant to expedite reader subscriptions to pay-gated news websites, among other new projects,” explains Mint Press News writer Elliott Gabriel about the upcoming changes. (Can't wait to find out what the 'upcoming proposed changes' will be  - bet we won't find ANY thing against the TRUE offenders.)

Alleged “Russian meddling” in 2016 presidential election being used as excuse to censor the web

This sudden rush to censor the internet by Google stems in large part from the hysteria over alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election. Hillary Clinton and her hordes of brainwashed supporters somehow convinced themselves that the Kremlin handed the election to Donald Trump, and ever since there’s been a massive push to control the flow of information online in order to prevent this type of scenario from ever again occurring.

Caving to pressure from leftists to “do something!” in response to these made-up allegations, Google has promised to alter its algorithm in order to stifle information that liberals don’t like, while propping up information that they do like. Google will, in essence, become the ministry of propaganda for the left, seeing as how Google maintains a formidable monopoly over digital content.

Meanwhile, independent news outlets like Natural News and many others will continue to see readership traffic directed elsewhere, making it that much more difficult to counter the official narrative of any given issue. The legacy press will once again attain full control over the flow of information, and any information that runs contrary to it will be sanctioned as “fake news” and blocked from turning up in search engine results.

There was a time when former Google and Alphabet Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt argued that policymakers and others should accept the internet and “allow innovation to flourish” rather than try to stifle it. But now his company is succumbing to corporate and governmental pressures by making it clear that it stands against free speech, and in favor of total government and corporate control over the “news.”

“This new model overwhelmingly favors those who see information and journalism as an article of commerce alone,” adds Gabriel. “It poses a stark threat not only to internet users’ ability to access information, but to the ability of citizens and social movements that hope to interact with, participate in, and wield influence over the political and economic activities that determine our lives and the fate of communities across the world.

Sources for this article include:

The Vengeance of the Lord Has Come

By Anna Von Reitz

Last night Our Father appeared to me in the guise of a young man.  He took me to a place where they were torturing and murdering a child.  This I was forced to watch for a few seconds before He turned me away and said to me, "The vengeance of the Lord has come.  Because they have done these things, I shall cause them pain in their minds and hearts, so that they run mad in the streets and claw at themselves like animals--- but, lo!  They cannot die!

They will throw themselves from the cliffs and drown themselves in the sea, yet find no relief, and in the end, when they have known every pain that they have caused, they shall be burned to plasma ash (reduced to hydrogen atoms). No record of them shall be kept. It will be as if they never were. Even I will not remember them or call their names anymore."

I answered, "The vengeance of the Lord has come. Selah!"

He placed His hand over my eyes and faded the memory of what I had seen to make it bearable for me....

Our Father's mind is always free and open, always ready to be pleased and joyous, forever ready to be delighted, endlessly merciful and generous.  But He is also the Ruler of the Universe, the One who sets the times and spaces, the Soul of Justice and Order. 

As these things come to pass, and we see men and women that we never suspected of such evil struck down in this manner, we will be shocked and may question the Justice of what is being done.  We will also become aware of how numerous and how deceitful they were, putting a fine face on their cruelty and madness, so that nobody should know the depth of their depravity.

Many generations of Mankind have waited and wondered and prayed for the Justice of Our Father, because there was no Justice at the hands of men. Many, many millions of us have suffered and died and lived truncated lives because of this infestation of demons in our midst, demons who have hated us and used us as food.

That time is coming to an end now and Perfect Justice shall be done, far beyond our ability to imagine---or inflict. Those who have been in league with demons and sought their power from them, the liars and the gossips, the cowards who knew and did nothing to end it, those who profited themselves from it, and most of all, those who have worshiped Satan and Lucifer in the dark, will know the Left Hand of God in the days to come. The demons they have fed, will feed upon them.

He has said it and it will be; we shall see it in our days. There is no doubt that what I have seen is in the present time and that His Word is for the present day. There is no more waiting, for Our Father purposes to deliver us, and His Word has been spoken on this day: they are condemned for their evil and the suffering they have caused. Their punishment has been decided and spelled out. They shall be paid back to the full:His hand is stretched out against them. Their hour has finally come.

For the rest of us, it is time, too---time to bow our heads and accept our deliverance and do all that we can to be upright and honest and fearless, to acquit ourselves well, and to show our discernment.  Only those who can discern evil can avoid it, so sharpen your wits and your skills and do your best to endure against it, until the tares among us have been removed and the Earth is at peace again. 

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One of over 300 videos terminated from previous YT channel
 If anyone can provide us with the rest of this interview, we will post it
For all to see and hear!!!



'Michelle' Obama · Pedophile Entrapment