Thursday, March 29, 2018

We the people are done talking

On Mar 28, 2018, at 9:23 PM, Ron Vrooman <ronvrooman38
On Mar 28, 2018, at 9:23 PM, Ron Vrooman <> wrote:
we the people are coming for the corporate governance. Constitutional Republic instead
of color of law.
We have spent a lot of time trying to hold our county elected or appointed officials
accountable. Many have said if you can make anything happen then let us know? Well finally
"The State of Florida State Wide Common Law Grand Jury"
now has something to brag
about! They scored a win! Check this out !!!!! You will be impressed with this video !
The power is inherent in the people !
Mark Schmidter
Please re post everywhere?
This video is about, 12-27-2017 Felony Crime Count Number 62; wherein the Charlotte
County Sheriffs Office, UPS, State Attorney, and Circuit Court, Racketeered, within organized
conspiracy, on easy prey victim David Alan Dowdell.
The victim David Alan Dowdell, in accord with the Supreme Law of the Land, Common
Law, protected his God given rights, and “Demanded To Amend With No Delay” to the
racketeering criminals.
David Alan Dowdell, case number: 17002342F is now ready, from the aggressors, for
REMEDY. Please review his affidavit.
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just some dude with dsl said...

Production value on this youtube video is comical... Whats with the stardust effects? The narration is also very outsourced...

Anonymous said...

Florida has NOW set a precedent, so, the other states need to follow suit-{ I know, what are the chances of that happening, right?} Wishful thinking, at best-

Anonymous said...

⚖♕♖♘ ✠☭✡☠✪⚕☢⚒ ♘♖♔⚖


Freewill said...

These wins have been happening since Jeff Sessions ordered the courts to start obeying the laws.

Anonymous said...

It's about time Sessions finally got off his ass, and he should have done his job months ago, see, he's stuck between a rock and a hard place, between handing an arrest warrant to 'Killary' and this is the reason it has taken Sessions this long to file anything,{ He is scared shitless, and he is TOAST, anyway} and him being part of the Uranium One scandal, he's going to be screwed either way, and doesn't matter at this point, and will be a wonderful, happy day for all of us when these treasonous bastards end up in Gitmo, OR, worse-