Friday, March 30, 2018

To: The de facto corporations of Earth, posing as our lawful governance,

If you have not read our previous work, titled, MILITARY TRIBUNALS FOR TRUTH, FORGIVENESS, AND RECONCILIATION, you will find it here:

Brothers and sisters!
Stand with me, in defiance of tyranny, to relay the message that we will no longer allow our brothers and sisters to be victimized by a corporation that has corrupted its purpose from that of service to one of piracy and operating for maximum profit at the expense and blood and liberties of the living people.

Join the rolls of the National Assembly call, so that we may peacefully assemble, redress grievances, and give lawful notice to the military to arrest the perpetrators.  Please stand with us by doing the following:



We THE People, assembled, had 32 states in attendance on last nights National Assembly conference call, for those paying attention, thats a quorum (2/3) of the states in attendance, the military is waiting for you to join our ranks.

We THE People, assembled, do give permission to the military for the united states for America, to temporarily occupy American soil and demand that the military seize the criminals who are poisoning our families, stealing our properties, kidnapping our families, ransoming our kidnapped families, all under the guise of lawful governance.  We, the great living peoples of America, have been violated via copyright infringement to our names, harmed by way of personage; the unlawful creation of a straw man trust, in our names, so by way of attaching debt to said trust and by way of stealing property by way of falsely representing property by said trust and by way of voter fraud by way of voting trusts of persons well known to be dead, deceased, living no more!

ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, come by way of land, sea, and air, swarm around these criminals and seize them and seize them now,  The people have awakened and we plead for you to be our lawful heroes once again, no longer the mercenaries for corporations to maximize profits from death and war, but to be restored, as our rightful heroes at arms, who swore an oath in their hearts and minds to the lawful living breathing peoples of this great land we love known as America.

To the Militaries of the nations of the world, do the same, step up and receive your reward, the enemy is weak, and the enemy is prime for the plucking, roots of the weeds and all.  Snatch them up so we may begin the peace that we so very much demand and deserve.



STAND UP!  Join the peaceful jural assembly with the National Assembly, organized by the Michigan Jural Assembly at


Warmest Regards From,

One who desires peace and quiet free from threat by evil corporation pretending to be lawful governance.

Our Creator, who art in heaven, may you give this message wings, anoint it with the Holy Spirit, so that it may be translated into all the tongues of the nations of Earth, free us, free us now.

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Anonymous said...

When they feel you crossed them; they have a supply of people, persons that look human, clones, soul-less animated bodies, and driverless cars; to mess with you.

They are masters of contracts.
Never invite them to contact you, never invite them to challenge uou; never invite them to face you; never invite them to find you.
They are without rules and the invite with no rules leave you experiencing the offer in terms you never would have accepted.

Abrupt cancer, facing a threat - taking action and being criminalized by a jury of their choosing.

They are hidden you are not.

If people would just unregister from their system and ignore their news, don't discuss their shootings, don't discuss their planes release of whatever, don't care what bill they pass, don't sign their papers when they kidnap you.

People die in their facilities while under contract. They are released, eventually with no record, or dismissed charges when they do not.

You don't know who you are. They know you don't know by what you say and do.

When people tell you who you are; you say it's new age, you say its blasphemous.
They don't care that you don't want to know or refuse to accept who you are.
The day you know you are their equal.
As long as you don't know; they can get you to do more wrong than they ever have.

Anonymous said...

so should we still petition and utilize the right to peaceably assemble?

Freewill said...

Most definitely! Nullify the 1871 contract!

Unknown said...

What about starting with our liberty of locomotion? The right to travel on the highways OPEN as a matter of RIGHT to the traveling public.

Anonymous said...

It is open as a matter of right. When you get a ticket locate your city or state risk management claim form.
File a claim dor unlawful arrest.
If you read your state code for roads and highways, as long as you are not using your car to make money, they cannot claim you operate or drive. But if you deliver or move people or property from here to there then you are driving.

If you do not drive you are on the constitutional land of your constitutional state of "whatever"

If you drive/transport people or property from here to there for profit or hire then you are in "this state" ; a construct that is not land not physical, not tangible but a law called [choice of law in a place called "this state"]

File your claim with risk management.
They either pay or tell you it is not corporate policy.
If they say that, then 60 days after filing the claim, you can sue in small claims the city police or state patrol, or sheriff's office.
Small claims is easy. Take the citation. Hopefully you defaced it with, words like, public vehicular traveler, and not in this state, and stuff like, traveled on highway/roadway/state highway or something to small claims and argue the state code definition of those words have the word travel in their definition, and you didn't use the motor vehicle improperly. You didn't transport people or property from here to there for profit of hire in a choice of law in a place called this state and point out the citation doesn't mention you using the motor vehicle that way.

Some city police may get service of process through an office like city clerk or mayor's office.
Some state agency may get process od service through secretary of state office.
Stop signing their contracts like you agree with them.
If you don't write your disagreement before you sign. Court uses your signature as you agree. That's why people don't win in court
You sign you agree and then fight the ticket. Duh. Show you don't agree at first contact with that ticket

Anonymous said...

Exposing The “Secret Owl Society” Soaring Through History

Anonymous said...

If all men are endowed by the Creator, either you KNOW this or you don't.
If you don't, you petition them because you believe they have power over you and you consent to that perceived power.
Why? Because it's a known fact all men are endowed by the Creator and you choose to not be of those who are endowed of your free will.

They don't mind you choosing ignore-ance of the fact that all men are endowed by the Creator.

They don't mind you voting for them to control your mind (govern)(ment[al])

They don't mind you following everyone else and doing what everyone else does.

They are endowed by the Creator to do what they want with their lives.
You chose them.
They can make a promise to a million people and satisfy the promise for one and have done their job.
You can't put a square peg in a round hole and demand the death of the one that built the round contraption because your peg don't fit.