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Alaska Assembling

By Anna Von Reitz

 Thank you for the kind words of support.  It is often a lonely battle at the start when you set out to "change the world"--- but very gradually, over the course of many years, others begin to see what you see, and as they do, it's like the process of wood catching fire..... first a spark, then an ember, and then a flame.  

What my blessing has been is first of all to have been lucky enough to have good teachers in school and out; without them, I wouldn't have been able to grasp the evidence and find the material.  The second great blessing has been the many older researchers who were on this path before me--- Howard Freeman, Jean Keating, the Informer, Mary Croft, Lysander Spooner, Douglas MacArthur-----so many, many great Americans who "saw part of the elephant" and described it from one or more perspectives, so that I, coming along a few years or decades later, was able to piece together the whole picture and actually describe the Great Fraud in a logical and documented way. 

It's the logic of it as much as the documentation that gets people in the end.  They begin to see what is in front of their faces and also what isn't there that should be, if what they are being told in the public schools is true, complete, and correct.  

Sometimes it is just a single thing that sets them off and sends them down the rabbit trail.  

I know that my journey began with just such a single incident and I still remember precisely what it was.  I was home from school for some reason, probably had the flu, and I was watching the confirmation hearings of Nelson D. Rockefeller as Gerald Ford's Vice- President on television.   Nelson D. was asked how much money he made the prior year?  He answered something outrageous like four hundred and eighty million in personal income.  Then he was asked how much money he paid in federal taxes?  And he answered----none.  After some gasping, the question was rephrased and asked again--- are we to understand that you had 480 million in personal income and you paid no federal income taxes?  Nelson D. bridled up and said something like, that's correct. None. 

And then they just went on as if nothing had happened, but something had happened.  A teenager in the Midwest had had a glimpse of the underbelly of federal fraud and a question had arisen in my mind ---- what did Nelson D. Rockefeller know that I didn't?  It was the pursuit and the long, long trail to get that answer that has led to all the rest. 

Other people have other questions unique to their lives that sends them hopping down the bunny trail.  Tragically, it's often during or after a stint in a federal or federated "state" court or prison that they wake up and realize, hey, something is drastically wrong....and they start searching, but not always finding.  In fact, seldom finding.  It has taken many years and many sacrifices by many people to dissect and nail down the Great Fraud.  It's probably twenty years since I first realized that it began with the so-called Civil War (thank you, Lysander Spooner and Ulysses S. Grant and Jefferson Davis and Mark Twain!) and all the time since has been spent ferreting out the details and developing processes to unravel the spider's web all the way to the present day. 

Perhaps the hardest thing for people to grasp is that the National Government that is supposed to be their instrumentality internationally, and under their control, has been mothballed and "held in abeyance" for 150 years, and that we have been deceitfully "represented" in the meantime by a British (and more recently French) Territorial Government hired to perform certain essential government services for us, instead. That's why their infamous Pledge of Allegiance says, "and to the Republic for which it stands".  Why would our Republic need anything to stand for it? 

It's also hard for Americans to grasp the fact that the Territorial United States and Municipal United States are literally foreign, in the same sense that Spain or Germany, are foreign, with respect to them and their country.  And it is almost impossible at the beginning to make them stop thinking and saying that they are "citizens" and re-train them to say that they are "non-citizen nationals".  

I am having some luck explaining it to them in terms of them being conscripted into the French Foreign Legion.  You have been shanghaied and press-ganged.  One morning you were an honest American Tradesman living on the land and soil of Kentucky, the next morning you woke up as a Foreign Situs Trust in the State of Kentucky. 
This has the same effect as waking up on a tramp steamer bound for Morocco.  Suddenly, you are a French soldier, obligated to serve the interests of France, wear their uniform, salute their officers, follow every jot of their military code..... In our case, we were conscripted to serve in the British Merchant Marines and never told a word about it, which has the same effect.  Suddenly, we were considered subjects of the Queen, obligated to obey British Territorial law, etc., etc., etc., 

The European powers have had quite a go of it, jerking us around, pillaging our people, stealing the value of our labor, controlling our public policies, conscripting us and sending us as gun fodder in their wars for profit, and increasingly, depriving us of the guarantees and material interests that are rightfully our inheritance. 

It's also difficult to make most Americans understand the gravity of the situation we are in right now.  With both foreign Territorial and Municipal "Government" corporations in bankruptcy, we would have been left at the mercy of international Bankruptcy Trustees named by Secondary Creditors---international banks.  We are the actual Priority Creditors, but we were asleep and they counted on us staying asleep.  The Secondary Creditors, the same international banks that engineered this circumstance coming out of the so-called Civil War, planned to take our entire country as abandoned trust property--- chattel to pay the debts of the Territorial and Municipal United States Government corporations.  

We objected and we stood up in the nick of time and it is still a pitched battle.  

There were, if I recall correctly, 37 states enrolled as members of The United States of America (Unincorporated) as of 1860.  All the rest of the states created since then have been what I called "states-in-waiting"---- which, unfortunately, includes Alaska.  These Western States had their land rolled into state trusts, for example, the Alaska State (Trust) under the control of the [Territorial] State of Alaska.  We were promised all the rights and prerogatives of a State, but because there was no competent Natioinal Congress operating after 1860, we -- like Nevada, Utah, alia -- couldn't actually be enrolled as states in the actual Union.  This places us in a very odd and dependent quasi-statehood category in terms of international law. 

Over the last few years, many thousands of Russians have immigrated to Alaska.  You see them everywhere.  That is because Russia made a claim to take back Alaska as Russian property, based on the supposed "abandonment" of our land jurisdiction and the fact that our lawful government (so far as they knew) hadn't been heard from since 1860.  They said that they were the only sovereign government having claim to Alaska, and they would have made that stick, except for the Athabascan Chief objecting, and for us, asserting my husband's hereditary office as Head of State of The United States of America (Unincorporated).  So the danger of being swallowed up by Russia thanks to legal chicanery has been narrowly averted, but that does not resolve our quasi-statehood status.  

Resolving that requires that a majority of the 37 actual states of the Union assemble themselves into a viable National Congress and officially enroll the Western States as States of the Union.  At that point, our local assemblies kick into full force and effect and we finally achieve the status we thought we had in 1959! 

Now, some Alaskans will think that this is the moment to declare Alaska as a separate country, but believe me, it is not.  We just narrowly avoided the necessity of taking Russian language courses.  This is not the time to push any luck or do anything but get ourselves organized and properly claiming our birthright political status and heritage---ready to participate in our restored national-level government, and fully educated and informed about what has gone on for the last 150 years in America and worldwide. 

I am attaching some helpful learning documents.  The first one diagrams what happened when FDR shanghaied and redefined our Trade Names as Territorial Foreign Situs Trusts, which were then considered "missing" from the public records and "presumed lost at sea".   All the resulting NAMES are attached to specific legal fiction PERSONS, that the rats have operated "in our names" for their own profit.  This is how they hypothecated debt against us and our assets without our knowledge or consent.  Unraveling their fraud requires correcting the public records concerning us, reclaiming our "missing" Trade Name and all the derivative NAMES, and returning them to the land and soil of our actual birth state.  

The actual states are called Wisconsin, Missouri, Florida, Ohio ----- they are not "States of" anything.  And many Alaskans, including myself, were lucky enough to be born in these states, so that we can immediately reclaim our Trade Names and birthright political status without questions.  However, for those born in Alaska or one of the Western States that are still states-in-waiting, it is necessary to (1) take reference to an ancestor -- parents or grandparents-- who were born in one of the actual states, or (2) go ahead and claim the land and soil of Alaska as your permanent domicile and wait for the actual statehood declaration to be complete and the enrollment finished. 

The next helpful visual aid is a series of three charts that shows how the government is supposed to be organized and how it morphed over time into what it is.  You will note that there is exactly one (1) entity that straddles the interface between the green LAND jurisdiction and the blue SEA jurisdiction ---- The United States of America (Unincorporated).  This organization was formed September 9, 1776 to be the agent and instrumentality of the colonies and later, the states.  It is the first union formed and it is still standing and is still the lawful government of this country.  It holds our side of the treaties and service contracts made via the constitution process---and when a "federal" contractor fails, the powers delegated to it revert back to The United States of America (Unincorporated).  

This is how and why we have been able to protect the states and the people despite the National level of our international service providers being mothballed and despite the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal Government corporations.  The United States of America (Unincorporated) re-issued its Sovereign Letters Patent and named new "federal" service providers in 2015.  We also successfully demonstrated that we have, as a result, a viable militia and that our American Silver Dollars are still in circulation and still viable money.  

The third helpful attachment is a pdf copy of the monograph I wrote for President Trump to being him up to speed.  People need to read it in "sound bites" as intended.  These are short "blasts" of information that you need to take in and internalize, then let those pieces take form like a jig-saw puzzle in your mind.  Most people can do this, some cannot.  For those that can organize information in this manner, this is the fastest way to gain a handle on the whole situation.  

Finally, I am including the promised simple map of the counties of Alaska, which we have re-populated and which you are in the process of assembling.  

Good luck and godspeed.  Every Alaskan needs to be fully informed and motivated to get involved in the effort to restore the lawful government and nail down the official ownership of the land and soil of Alaska for Alaskans.   I could say the same thing for every Utahan, every Idahoan, every Nevadan.....  and as for the rest of the states, we all need them to get themselves back in order and assembled, so that they can welcome us home, too.  


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