Monday, March 26, 2018

The Holman Clause - SES Rats on the Run !!!!

The Holman Clause 
SES Rats on the Run !!!!
Trump is a genius

Trump slipped "The Holman Clause" into the $1.3 Trillion Omnibus Bill he just signed. The Holman Clause gives the president the right to pay any federal employee $1/year. Trump can pay all the Deep State (SES people) $1.00/year and I doubt if they stay on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:35    Holman Clause 

11:30   Trump built himself in billions and billions in the Omnibus Bill that he can do whatever he likes with it.
Lots of SLUSH and Trump as the director of the military can take out a drop of that,  eg. build the wall. (The $9 billion Obama set aside for burner cell phones for minorities - really a slush fund for Hillary...Trump has that now!)

17:50  As soon as we take control of the U.S. Treasury, the debt will be wiped out because the debt is fake.

SES Rats on the run !!!!


just some dude with dsl and weapons. said...

Your all going down, In this life or the next...

Anonymous said...

Copy that, DSL!!!