Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Q and 8Chan Hacked!

The last post made by hackers. Most likely CIA deep state!


Anonymous said...

Any understand Russian language? I don't, but the computer screen is written in English.

Title says something to the extent that the Russian Spy Poison used in the U.K. can be online for free and made as cheap as $28 dollars?

Now... Tell us, U.S., "Q" and the gang WTF us this shot really all about?

Look here:

Anonymous said...

FOLKS -- please read that posting carefully - the top portion of the alleged Hack notice is from 'Anonymous'. The bottom portion is the only bit from 'Q', and 'they' replied: "You FAILED."

Steve Motley identified ( most probably correctly ) Who is Q, yesterday, which set off these endless hack attacks all today.

Here is the Motley report, identifying Q: Retired Marine – True Identity of QAnon Revealed – 03/27/2018 –
Since this came out, the Q site and the original Chan sites have been under constant attacks today, as shown on the Q page:

I think its going to be a very busy Easter weekend.
Munder put this out (see pic of social tech ceos and bo): Q TIDAL WAVE INCOMING BUCKLE UP –
Compare them to the companies named by Q.
Then look at the names suddenly in trouble:

Stuff is hitting the fan. As Roy Potter says, "Prep, Pray, and Stay Out of the Way."
Roy is on Y-tub: roypotterqa, and on twit as: roystonpotter
Good luck, everyone.

Anonymous said...

There is a company in CHICAGO that makes the same alleged "Russian made poison." because they are making antidotes for it and therefore make the poison to test it. Even if the poison was from Russia, that is no proof it was used by Russia - Israel and cia use other countries weapons to blame on those they want to start a war with - same tactic used by Bushs, Hitler, Obama, Nero, the Caesars, et al.
These HRC, BO, SHRUB KLAN and Co, thugs will do anything to create wars, thinking it will stop their arrests and executions for treason. They will fail.