Wednesday, March 28, 2018

March 28th Q Posts


Anonymous said...

As long as these Acts of War,(chemtrails) continue, nothing will change or is changing for the better of life period.
Anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

The (true) Q site (created after the Chan site was overloaded) :
HOWEVER - Since he following Motley report was put out yesterday, there apparently have been multiple attacks on the Q site and Chan sites non-stop. The Swamp is scared.
Retired Marine – True Identity of QAnon Revealed – 03/27/2018 –

Anonymous said...

BADASS, he said "timing of the release".


The timing of the release........ Oh, yeah bring home the baby and make it GOLD BACKED!!!

BADASS... Goes in line with the Petro-Yuan and a two month "international" hold... YOU GOT THIS PRESIDENT TRUMP, GOT IT GOOD!

Nothing more to add!

Anonymous said...

Like Q says stay strong. I'm following and hand writing it all down. Archive. Don't give up!!!! I understand people are worried cause the bad guys still Chem trailing etc. Tired of not much sun and its hurting me at this point. D- A- Royal Jelly helping pain and weakness etc. Bravo to you all. Thank you all who share the Q's. We are more awake then the they think, Tha's why they are scared. Don't like seeing their dirty in sun light in front of God and everyone else. Thank You Trump!! Thank you all here. Happy Easter.

just some dude with dsl said...

Everything is meant to be. The outcome will be good! If not, death isn't the end.