Saturday, March 31, 2018

Magna Charta 61

By Anna Von Reitz

Please bear in mind that the "nobles" also called "barons" writing this were in fact kings in England, barons in France. 

The term "settlement" has been used in various ways so as to confuse the issues. 

The Settlement of the Norman Conquest is the carrying out of King William of Normandy's Will--- THAT is the "Settlement" that matters. 

But the rats will try to confuse you using their much later "commonwealth settlement" terminology, in which paupers were "settled" on wasteland donated by the King of England and administered by the Roman Catholic Church.  

Be aware that your people are NOT paupers, not part of any commonwealth, and not subject to that kind of "settlement" which is basically a bowl of porridge being offered in exchange for their lawful birthright.

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