Sunday, March 25, 2018



THE purpose of this document:  IS to unite the clans of awakened thought in a common direction with a common goal.  One government for every country, truly of and for the people, a de jure representation, which means, “of one’s right, and not what we currently have, de facto corporations operating for maximum profit, and masquerading as governments.   De facto, which means, illegitimate but in effect, it was not always so.  Why were we not told of this?

Did you know that our governments, local, city, county, state and federal were not always incorporated?
Do you know what it means to be incorporated?
It means the entity is a corporation, a fictitious entity, something made up on paper, and by word crafting and legal definition, becomes an entity, legally defined as a person.  If you look up, “legal definition person,” you might be horrified, do it, Google it, so that you may step into the light of consciousness and be awakened.
Why have you been lied to?
Why have you been told, “Well that is just the way it always has been”?
How can a corporation be of and for the people?  How can a real living individual be on the same level playing field as a fictitious entity, a corporation is not living, it is not real, it is a piece of fiction, how can you be represented by something that is not real and living?  Were you not created in the image and likeness of the great creator?  How can a fake piece of fiction represent the likeness of the creator in all the creator’s glory?

It was not always so!  Did you know that since the civil war we have been run by a militarized corporation, think about it, commander in chief, secretary of the state department, post master general, surgeon general, attorney general!
Did you know it was not like that before the civil war?
Did you know that the first commander in chief was Abraham Lincoln?  Did you know he was a card carrying member of the BAR? Do you know what that means?

That means Abraham Lincoln was a lawyer!
Did you know that our founding fathers very distinctly put in place rules against any lawyers or attorneys holding office?  Do you know why?
Do you know what it is to be a member of the BAR?
Do you know what BAR stands for?
It stand for British Accredited Registry!
King George was mad after the revolutionary war, so were the rest of the monarchs, oligarchs, and the church of Rome.
Why you ask?  Because we Americans were meant to be kings and queens wherever we stood, the ground underneath our feet to be sovereign land, a place where we could not be detained, harassed, imprisoned, fined excessively, and being free from from taxation! This was the great creators intent for all men, woman, and children everywhere no matter where they stood.

Do you know what it means to say, no tax on tax?  City Tax, County Tax,  State Tax,  Federal Tax, Permits, Fees, Fines, They continuously sell us the same goods over and over and over again, !
Did you know our taxes pay for research, and then we must pay $40 to read the research article!  Did you know that our taxes pay for the courts, but then the courts fine us excessively once again, again and again.
Did you know our taxes pay the courts, but then we must pay to print off a court document?
Did you know that our taxes pay for cures for cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s, and then they either sell that cure back to us as super expensive little pills, and even worse, did you know that they withhold the real cures?  Did you know that scientists and researchers are murdered to prevent the cures and technologies from being known by the people?  Do you believe this is obviously because more money can be made from treating the symptoms than curing the disease?

Why is all this so?  Because the de facto corporations have corrupted their purpose, they have cheated their way into all encompassing positions of power, and now they are running for maximum profit!  Every dawn of each new day breathes death to new scams, new so-called natural disasters, all devised to increase profits, so that these vermin make more and more money.  New false flags to enslave the populous, to promote war, death, and the manufacturing of bullets, bombs, and guns to profit from blood, your blood, the blood of your mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.  How can you stand idly by while your own blood is spilt not just across the land but around the world.  We are all many, but we are one!

This is what the enemy hides from you, we are one group of real living people, with hands and feet, living on the land known as Earth, we have such a beautiful history that has been hidden from us by deceit, lies, and murder.  Embrace one another and stand triumphant against our oppressors!

My Fellow Americans, my fellow brothers and sisters around the globe, now is the time to rise to your feet, let your voices be heard!  Let me hear the greatest awakened and pissed off giant roar!

Add your names to the scrolls of history here and now, by adding your names to the rolls of the National Assembly Call of peaceful and lawful assembly, provided by the Michigan Jural Assembly.

Last thursday’s National Assembly Call had 21 states in attendance, 30 states in attendance and assembled are required in to prove that we are ready to govern.  Once 30 states are in attendance, we shall instruct the military to arrest the perpetrators.  Stand with us and make your voices heard.

Email your first name, state, county, and country to CONTENTMANAGER1@YAHOO.COM and join us on the

National Assembly Call,
every thursday at
6pm Pacific
7pm Mountain
8pm Central
9pm Eastern Time
Each call becomes more important than the previous, you cannot expect happiness in life unless you represent yourself and your will to self govern.

Let it be known to all, that ours is a message of peace, compassion, and loving, lawful assembly, so that no government or criminal organization may call us rebel rousers, terrorists, or anarchists.

Let this message be heard by all the world, speed word of our peaceful jurisdiction rising from land to land across ocean and ocean, from the bottoms of the valleys across the mountain tops divide, from the great plains to the great deserts, unresting and unstoppable abroad!

Tell Q, and Anna Von Reitz, Tell Jordan Sather, Tell Corey Goode, David Wilcock, Tell Alex Jones, and Dr. Michael Salla.
Tell Sean Hannity, CNN and MSNBC, Tell Tucker Carlson, Tell George Norey, Anti School, and Dr. Steven Greer.  Tell Suspicious Observers and the SGT Report.
Tell Dr. Michio Kaku, Tell Gerome Corsey, Greg Braden, and Regina Meredith.  Tell President Trump, all of the puppet congress and all of the puppet senate, tell all the puppet world leaders on down to your local, city, county and state puppet politicians, and puppet representatives, tell your friends and family in law enforcement, send this to all the military and everyone you know in the military around the world!  For the militaries of the world shall be our hero’s once again!
Tell everyone, everyday!

Announce unto them whom you meet, send word to those you know, that the freedom bell rings once again in the minds and hearts of patriots from America to China, to Russia, and Africa!  Let no stone be unturned, let no country, man woman or child not be free from this moment forward.  There is enough resources for everyone to be happy, for everyone to live in abundance, enough land for everyone to have a place to call their own.  Do you not understand that their exists hundreds of livable miles both above us and below us.  The technology to grow crops in places of darkness exists to turn those dark spaces into glorious places of vibrant life.  Tell everyone, herein lies the answers and remedies to our problems, tell them all, so that the freedom bell continues to ring forever from this day forward to infinity and back.

Tell everyone, everywhere, everyday, that here in this document lies the answers and remedies to all our hardships.

Let me ask you some simple questions, then I will give you all the answer that you seek to remedy the evil that has befallen you.

Why is America no longer the shining ray of hope for the world that it once was?
Why has America dimmed to darkness at the behest of banksters, profiteers, and their puppet politicians?
Why do politicians promise one thing and then slight us by doing another?
Why does the pirate owned fake media bend to the will of blood lusting, and war mongering criminals?
Do you feel that your vote counts?
Why do the de facto governments of the world, pay more attention, strict inspection, and supervision for the rules with regard to international athletic doping scandals, but every day and every time we have a vote anywhere in the world, the de facto corporations cheat, they steel the vote, hack the election, falsify voter registration.  Why do the dead vote?  Tell unto me now, how is that so?  Why will these falsely representing de facto corporations masquerading as lawful governments, not allow we the people to have civilian supervision over the voting process in every nation?  Why does international athletics have such a high bar, but the act of voting should be so corrupt, that which ensures the rights of We The People, our liberties, freedoms, and safety has been turned against us, weaponized to ensure the maximum profit of corporation masquerading as our lawful governance.  Which is more important, the sanctity of the vote, or the sanctity of fair competition, or should they be equal?  Do you see?  Are you awakened?

From this day forward, We The People, assembled, decree that all voting around the world shall be free from corruption and have an always present, international committee of civilian authorities representing, We The People assembled, that manage, inspect, and supervise all elections, which forever from this day, voting shall only lawfully be performed by the casting of paper ballots, each voting location complete with un broken video for use in audits and oversight, all rights and access to the video and access to the voting results, being forever available to any real living man or woman of We The People assembled, until a proven method free of cheating can relieve the use of paper ballots, computers and machines cannot be trusted and are too easy to be programmed by the de facto corporations masquerading as your lawful governance.

I say to you, that deep down, in a place you do not wish to think about, because it pains you, you know your vote does not count.
Why is that so America?  Why is that so Earth?

Have you or someone that you know, had their home invaded and then stolen at gun point by those who allegedly swore an oath in service to that which was assumedly represented by the Bill of Rights or by lawful peaceful representation?  How can the de facto corporation government lawfully take any property or value from any real living human having hands and feet without violating the Bill of Rights where it says we all have the right to Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness?

How can they steal from us?  How can they take from us against our will?  We are all kings and queens made in the creator’s image. Does that not violate the Bill of Rights?

The right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and to peacefully assemble, so that we may redress grievances, this is a god given right, just as our founders said, not just for America, but for the whole world/  What are the rights granted by the creator?
Life!  Liberty!  Pursuit of happiness!  To peacefully assemble and redress grievances!  To live unadulterated, unbrutalized, in a free, loving, and compassionate reality.  Let us always be prepared to defend our God given rights, but let us never take those rights away from other real living humans or other sentient beings!  Let us be protectors of Earth, so that we may be protectors our solar system,  and protectors of our galaxy, so that we may be protectors of those God given inalienable rights across the universe divide.

What UNHOLY HELL happened to America and the world?

Did you know that there is no hole in the ground with the body of Jimmy Hoffa?  Did you know that after being shot in a house, his body was transported to a commercial food processing kitchen, where his body was placed into a tub meat grinder, then canned, and labeled “Hoffa Chow.”  Did you know that the cans of “Hoffa Chow” were passed around as a gag gift to upper mafia elitists as a clear message that this is what happens when you resist the will of the crime syndicate?
Did you know that there is no hole in the ground or body of Jimmy Hoffa because he is spread across the surface of the Earth in the form of decayed canine fecal material?  Yes, that is correct, they fed him to their dogs.  Point of fact, the truth is usually stranger than a lie.  These are the criminals that claim to be your rightful governance.

Militaries of the world, seize your slave masters!  Seize our slave masters!

America!  Earth!  Do you feel it?  Can you hear it?  Are you witnessing the rising of change and the will of the people to say, “No more will we stand idly by while our lands and homes are stolen, while our family members and friends are brutalized, raped, and murdered, while those around us are found convicted of victimless crimes, and our piggy banks raided in violation of “no excessive fines,” that which, was promised to us, and so clearly betrayed.

Do you know what an OXYMORON is?  A wealthy peasant does not even amount to a flies fart to that which is an oxymoron like the term victimless crime.
Did you know, that the Supreme Court upheld that a crime must have a victim?
And, did you know that the Supreme Court also found that the state cannot claim to be the victim because it is in fact a corporation and a corporation cannot sign a contract?

America, why have you been lied to?  Why have you allowed yourselves to be pacified, put to sleep, and suffered at such deceit and treachery?

America, I will tell you why.

It is a term known as a “Just Noticeable Difference,” it is a scientific term and philosophy, which, when properly utilized by our corrupt governments, realized that small changes can be made over time, so subtle that the test subjects (YOU) never know what happened, and all of a sudden, one day, you wake up, a slave, owned, by a slave government that is slave to its globalist masters.

Some people call these evil creatures the illuminati, some say, the cabal, some say, the military industrial complex, some say it is the oligarchs, however, I and others, simply call them all, “The Crime Syndicate”.

I say unto you, patriots of America and patriots of the nations of the Earth, it matters not, for they are criminals, wolves in sheeps clothing, devaluing your currency through lies and deception, stealing your stocks and bonds through insider trading and manufactured deceit, and to boot, the seizing of your property by lies criminally perpetrated under unconstitutional taxes.

Did you know that World War I killed one-third of the gold miners?
Did you know that World War II killed another one-third of the gold miners?
Did you know that from 1941 to 1949, the U.S. government made it illegal do crush rock possessing gold and silver?
So, did you know, that after the great wars, only 1/3 of the gold mines were open, and then the government forced all of those gold mines to close down for nine years, all the wooden timbers rotted out,  and mining tunnels unsafe and deteriorated.

Why would an investor want to invest in a hole in the ground that has become a tomb for the next men to make the mistake of going inside?
Did you know that only 5% of that one third actually reopened, 95% of that one-third never opened back up, that equates to 98.35% of the gold and silver mines of America being shut down, forever. How do you like them apples?  Qui bono?  Goodbye exit Gold Standard stage left, and enter fiat fake fictional paper printed at the behest of bold criminal culprets collaborating together through secret channels and by conduct of malice soul intent on the destruction of the people’s ability to protect themselves through the fruits of their labor.

And then lies were produced for you, all told that all of the gold and silver was gone, gotten already by the old timers, a flat out lie, perpetrated by the murders of millions of our ancestors in the Great Wars, all so they could abolish our gold standard of currency and give us this fake, paper, monopoly funny money, which is then devalued at such a fast rate that money if left in the bank decreases enormously by the time we are ready to retire or to pass to our heirs.  These green backs are backed by nothing, this is one of the greatest thefts the world has ever known, if not the single greatest.

The de facto corporations are sucking life off you like batteries.  You are energy for these evil monsters.  You are a slave America!  If you live on planet Earth, the same for you, all good little slaves.

Will you accept the red pill?  Or will you take the blue pill and remain asleep?

Do you believe the funny looking, strange clouds and accompanying haze in the sky are an accident?
Do you believe these chem trails are just the result of natural commercial air traffic?
You have been lied to.
Don’t believe me?
Go to the grocery store, buy a gallon of distilled water (water that is purified of impurities via steam purification process) pour the distilled water into a large bowl or pan and set it outside for a month.
When you send a sample of the exposed and now contaminated distilled water for an RCRA, hazardous analysis you will find it has been corrupted and contaminated by above EPA levels of aluminum, barium, and radioactivity, that is all due to intentional decay of our real living environment.

Do you believe that the drastic rise of Parkinson’s, diabetes, and Alzheimers is coincidental?
Would you believe me if I told you that our enemies moved to kill us as quickly as possible because the realization of the Internet has corrupted their plans because information of malicious crimes moves too quickly around the world and prevents the criminals from fully executing a coverup for their crimes and thus prevents the following white washing by the criminal, pirate, fake media.
Would you believe me if I told you that all of these self inflicted ailments exists as a trillions of dollars per year illegal and criminal exploit?

Rise up and rise up now!

My fellow Americans, fellow brothers and sisters of Earth, take back your original jurisdiction constitutional form of republic governance.  Repeat history with us once again and make this nation and the world a shining ray of hope, light, and compassion for not just Earth, but for the Galaxy, once again, we are following in the footsteps of our forefathers and are drawing from their knowledge and historical precedence in order to reestablish the lawful de sure government (the government of one’s right).

We have discovered the answer to all our problems, all due to a small number of patriots, living on the land, called Michigan. These aforementioned patriots, retraced history, discovered the true history, not the lies that we are taught in public brain washing schools to create robots that do not think for themselves, but the real true history of our forefathers.

The true history and the answer to our problem begins and therein lies with Article 1 of The Bill of Rights, God given rights to every living man, woman, and child.  Therein, you will find, that “The people have the right to peaceful assembly and to redress grievances.

Just like our founding fathers did to to that bastard King George, we shall now do again, so that our military and the militaries of the world, the only group of concentrated patriots, will rain down upon our enemies and capture them by the millions so that they shall bother us no more.

To the military of the united states for America, to the militaries of the many sovereign countries of Earth, to our brothers and sisters at arms, to all the white hats, to the alliance, to the protectors of this great sovereign soil, this great sovereign Earth, free us from our captors, deliver us to justice, we demand peace.  We deserve peace.  We shall not rest until we have found said peace.  We demand remedy to our grievances.  We have been murdered, we have been tortured, we have been made slaves by way of personage, deceit, treachery, press ganging, bribery, corruption, by way of politicians and power mongers that pay to play at the cost of the living people living on the true land jurisdiction.

We demand that the militaries of Earth freey us from the jurisdiction of the sea, and allow us to return to lawful de jure, body politics, of and for the people.

America and Earth, I say unto you, that is enough of the bad, now for the good.  I bring tidings of great news.

The people are awakening in droves, not just in America, but around the world.  The de jure peaceful assembly of the national jural assemblies is rising, it is rising to restore the light, to give back hope to the masses, not just in America, not just on Earth, not just in this Galaxy, but to all sentient beings and to the great Creator in everything that is represented to infinity and back.

National Assembly Call News:
Last Thursday, the National Jural Assembly Conference Call on a National Quorum, took roll, and counted representation from 21 states.
Minutes were recorded!
This National Quorum is supported by members, through out of pocket donations, and of their own volition and free will, un-solicited!
Each meeting schedules into the next.
All meetings are based on the 1854 Jefferson Manual.

Jurisprudence Book 38a, page 340, the first line reads, “When the de jure grand jury rises, the de facto jury must sit!”  You the ones that you have been waiting for.  This is the historical answer that you seek that automatically remedies all the pain and suffering that has befallen you.

The 1871 chartered corporation U.S. INC, was hired to perform 19 essential government services, on behalf of, and for, We The People and for the people.
Do you know why?
How does a government hire a corporation to pretend to be the government?

The de facto corporations have violated their contracts in order to become corporations for profit, involving piracy against the people.  Through word crafting called legalese, they use a forked tongue and deception to steal, imprison, and enslave the people for profit, you are nothing but battery to them, a life force to suck dry, and for as long as it continues, your energy and the fruits of your labor shall not be yours and yours alone, and shall be stolen at the will and behest of our slave masters.

Good news though folks, their contract was to end when the people return to self governing.  Here me now.  This time is at hand. The end of the age of a darkness and the new beginning of a golden era of light awaits you.  Add your names now to the scrolls of history and to the rolls of the National Assembly Call by way of the :

Michigan Jural Assembly
by emailing:


People have the right, listed in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights, to assemble and redress grievances.

Donald Trump told you and he told the world in his United Nations speech that he is returning the power back to the people!  The military and patriots throughout our great country are waiting for you to prove that you can stand and be recognized in peaceful assembly and they await your instructions.

Rise up and stand with us so that we may redress our grievances just as our fore fathers did to that bastard king george,we shall do unto these criminal elite once again just as we did to that so called king, henceforth they shall be cast from our shores and never return.  You are all kings and queens, made in God’s image. Stand as kings and queens with us now.

I repeat, the military is waiting to hear your voices, the Michigan Jural Assembly, you will find everything you need to know at the Michigan Jural Assembly Website, including but not limited to:

Conference call time, same time every Thursday
7pm Mountain
8pm Central
9pm Eastern Time

The handbook of how to assemble your peaceful assemblies and historical information that was hidden from you is located on the Michigan Jural Assembly web site.  Why did public schools train us to be good little slaves?

We are many, they are few, we have the military of the united states for America and the militaries of the world, the greatest concentration of patriots sworn to arms, sworn to defend the rights of the people.  Here us now, militaries of the world, size them, turn on your masters and seize them, turn on our masters and seize them, seize them and bind them.  But let them live, undamaged, unharmed, not a scratch.  Any single member of the military deliberately disregarding this capture alive and unharmed mandate, shall and will be investigated and potentially deemed a traitor by way of effort to subvert and conceal the truth. Non-military and non-law enforcement people of the world, peacefully stand by as the military performs their duty.  Do not take matters into your own hands.  This is a peaceful undertaking.  We The People will stand by as you perform your duty.

Email your first name, county, state and country to CONTENTMANGER1@YAHOO.COM

We are many, we once were anonymous, now is the time, rise and stand with us now.  We can forgive, but we can never forget.

Hear this.  We decree that our enemies will be treated with compassion and will not be sentenced to death, let it be known, mercy shall be shown to those who switch over to the light, for the rest, we shall keep you alive forever, so that you may be studied like the rats that you are, we shall not repeat the mistakes of the Nuremberg Trials and the subsequent death sentences, such mistakes covered up and concealed so much evil that we should never have known by keeping those criminals alive, forever.  Come to the light and receive quarter, forgiveness, and your inheritance, as free men and women turned to the light against the forces of evil!  Aid the light and receive redemption, the rest of you scurry you little furry vermin.  The renegade warriors of the family of light are here to liberate this planet. If you are hearing this, you are a renegade warrior of the family of light.  We call out to our galactic brothers and sisters to stand with us and assist our endeavor, hear our cries and pleas for help and deliver your assistance.

My name is Jeff and I live on the county known as Washington County, on the land known as Oregon, join me, join the National Assembly Call, by emailing your name, county, state, and country to CONTENTMANAGER@YAHOO.COM

To our slave masters: We are not afraid of you, we have the might of the militaries of the world behind us, surrender now and we shall give you quarter, aid us and receive redemption, assist us and receive complete forgiveness and equal rights to your inheritance, flee from us and spend forever, with excellent nutrition via feeding tube and I.V. if necessary, well exercised on human sized gerbil wheels, and escorted by robots that cattle prod you if you step out of line, or we might just put you on cold cold ice, forever….

We the people hereby demand; immediate seizure of all ill gotten funds, the immediate seizure of all criminally culpable corporations, and the immediate seizure of all assets belonging to the criminal elite and of all their collaborators who sold “We The People,” down the river.

We The People hereby grant amnesty to all those criminals and collaborators who immediately assist with unwavering resilience in the peaceful transition, all ill gotten funds shall be seized, but funds rightfully had shall be returned to those criminals and collaborators who turn to the light and assist the forces of the light as redeemed warriors of the light by their immediate assistance for the forces of good.

These assets and entities all seized are to immediately be held in trust as reparations for war crimes committed by enemy combatants both foreign and domestic for their crimes against humanity.  All ill gotten funds and resources are to be made payable by dispersement, overseen by “We The People,” assembled, as reparations and recompense for the global theft, suffering, and murder of our mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Great change is underway.  It will be bumpy, some industries like, coal, energy, oil, gas, and chemotherapy are intentionally outdated and have existing replacements that are clean, effective, and efficient.  Some jobs will quickly disappear, fear not, the ill gotten funds and assets are millions of times more than you can fathom, thousands off trillions of dollars of ill gotten funds that shall pick you up and carry you and your heirs on the shoulders of angels from here to infinity and back.

From this day forward, those funds and assets shall smooth the transition to the golden age.  Your peace, happiness, freedom, and financial freedom are not at hand, nay!  The time is now, the time is here, the time is today.

Do you want an RV?
Do you want Nesara?
Do you want Gesara?

Rise with us and claim your inheritance from the dark age of suffering as we move into the thriving light of flourishing wealth not even imaginable.  I tell you, it is real and the funds and assets nearly infinite.

We have been led to believe that we live in a world lacking resources.
Did you know this was nothing more than a dirty lie told in order to control.  The truth is amazing, our resources are inexhaustible.  But our environment is truly exhaustible, and that is why evil powers have poisoned, chem trailed, radiated, our air, lands, and waters, all part of a system of corrupt mechanisms of control.  Can you look up and see the poisonous clouds stringing lines of poison that blend into a haze, can you see them above your heads?  Do you really expect the right hand of the de facto corporation to slap the left hand of the de facto corporation? Nay!  But I promise you my brothers and sisters that the true real living patriots of the military do intend to hold the oath they swore in their hearts to protect the people no matter what. Certainly do not confuse this with the deceptive oaths sworn, those oaths found written on paper in the form of legalese fork tongued deception as they swore allegiance to corporations and evil globalists via names of entities that they thought represented the people, but did not.

Read the oaths of office, read the oaths of judges, read the oaths of law enforcement and read the oaths of the military, you will notice that it does not swear allegiance to the living people of the land, but instead to an abbreviated name, such as United States.  What is the United States?  It is the name of a corporation.  The real name for our country, before it was corrupted, was the united states for America (spelled just like that with exactly that case referring to caps vs not caps).  Did you know that legally the name, united states, is different than United States, and that THOMAS JEFFERSON is legally different than Thomas Jefferson.  You have been deceived Earth.

Will you stand with me, will you stand with us all?  We are many! The enemy is few, the enemy is weakened, and the enemy is small in numbers!  However, remember, military and law enforcement only, civilians shall not execute arrests unless by the duty bestowed upon them.

Do it now.  The time is it hand, the answers and remedy to our victory discovered.

Did you know that Jeff Bezos is not the richest, wealthiest individual in the world?  Nor Bill Gates?  Nor Oprah Winfrey?  Nor any of them combined.

Did you know that these were lies to cover up the truth, that the richest crime families are trillionaires a thousand times over!

If your job is eliminated during the transition and you wish to keep working, you will receive equal pay until you are trained for your next destined field of endeavor, but this hardly matters, because the reparations and recompense owed to you for the crimes committed against you, will provide you the choice to never work again if you so desire.  These monies will not all go to lawyers that have betrayed you, no, they will all be received by you and you alone.  The lawyers on the other hand are all to be arrested as collaborators and criminals unless they can prove otherwise.

We have suffered at the hands of pirate, criminal, thieves, and overlords that know too well that more money is made from destruction and from the rebuilding from destruction, and from treating the symptoms of disease, and by causing the disease, instead of actually curing the disease.

Did you know that there is no profit to be made from free energy and that is why we burn plants for energy?  Fear not if you are a coal miner, your reparations and recompense for crimes committed unto you shall free you financially, the same if you are in any other career that is replaced during this peaceful transition into the future of technologies that have been stolen from us, locked away from us, discovered at our tax payer expense, stolen from murdered researchers and scientists.

You will not have to work again if you so desire, however, we hope you will continue working hard with us to build the world of tomorrow that our children can be proud of.

You have been lied to, deceived into working and toiling every day for the scraps of paper that they freely print at our expense until they are worthless and our lives are stolen from us, one day waking ups to dying in bed and our families are penniless.

No longer shall we stand by, being radiated by radio active isotopes and poisons when the clean solution exists already.  No longer shall we ride on the so called commercial airlines, slow flying tin can coffins that burn plant fuel, the technology to fly to mars in 45 minutes exists, and we have it.  This is why the pentagon has shown you in the last days to wake you up to the reality that our future is at hand and we have the technology that powers craft that can travel to the stars in hours.  Travel around the world safely in minutes.  That is your future! That is your birthright!  We are designed in God’s image and are destined to spread to the stars and be peaceful loving masters of this solar system, the galaxy, and the universe beyond!  Rockets will not be sold to us as false goods to travel from Los Angeles to New York, all while the rest of everyone else sucks rocket exhaust, nay, arrest these criminals!   I say unto you our brave brothers and sisters of the militaries of the world, free us from our chains and free us from our captors, free us from our slave masters, free yourselves, seize them and seize them now!  Thy shall not lay a finger upon them, not a scratch on their head, our enemies are destined to live forever, our enemies that become our friends and assist us as heroes to be fully forgiven, let it be known that they shall keep their inheritance of that which was gotten by honest labors, all ill gotten funds returned to the will and use of We The People, assembled.

Redress your grievances now against the criminal elite and against the criminal de facto corporations posing as governments, stand with us, rise with us, make your voices heard.  Japanese generals once said that America was a sleeping giant, I say Nay.  The Earth is the sleeping giant.  Rise with me, rise with us, be seen with us in one common goal for peace, love, compassion, and a golden age that was promised to us by God.

Do you want to be free?
Do you want an RV?
Do you want Nesara and Gesara?
Do you want to be rich, beyond your wildest dreams?
Do you want to be free from taxes and inflation, and free of all those things that drain the life force from the fruits of your labor?
Do you want to live for hundreds of years?  Do you want your children to live for hundreds of years in peace and prosperity?
The technology and resources exist already, stand with us now and the the fruits of your past paid taxes shall be unhidden and exposed for all the world to see, there are hundreds of years of advancement being concealed from you at your expense in money and blood, and life, your life and the lives of your children, stolen from you.  Here me now.  Rise up.  Stand up!


The militaries of the world stand ready, awaiting your instructions, the militaries of the world stand ready to seize for you all your Golden Age.

Are you ready for the meek to inherit the Earth?

Stand with us!


Seize your birthright!  Seize the Earth here and now for the glory of our peaceful generations of the children of Earth forever to come!

The military of the united states for America and the militaries of the world are herby noticed by the living people living on the land known as America and by the living people living on the land known as Earth, to seize our slave masters, their assets, and their ill gotten monies, all immediately placed and held in Trust, power over which, delegated immediately to the assembled, We The People.  The de facto corporations can no longer pretend we are lost at sea, they shall no longer place us in the jurisdiction of the sea, we are not dead, we are not missing, our names are not spelled with capital letters, and we are bringing suit against all of you criminal vermin for copyright infringement on the names our parents first conceived before providing you with those names so that you could birth a straw man trust for us in all CAPS LETTERS and pretend we were missing so that you could hold our assets in Trust for us.  We bring suit against you for these grievances of mass copyright infringement against every real living person on the real living land known as Earth!  Damned be you all who do not immediately yield to the forces of light and beg forgiveness and warrant forgiveness by unwavering diligence and support of the efforts and exploits for Truth, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation of We The People assembled.

We The People, hereby grant absolute amnesty and forgiveness to any and all perpetrators that fully commit to the light and fully submit to the will of the assembled, We The People.  Any criminals that do not immediately make way and fully surrender themselves to the peaceful transition are hereby sentenced to life in prison, sentenced to live forever, so that you shall never reincarnate ever again.  We hereby commit these unyielding souls to the deepest darkest depths of our memory and cast them from all our shores, so that they shall never know Earth as home for them again.  The children of any and all unyielding criminals and collaborators shall remain free as long as they themselves are not culpable, but shall be stripped of their inheritance, reparations, and recompense, they shall not immediately rise with us, but we shall treat them with loving compassion always and eventually, when enough time has passed, we shall raise them up as equals, with full rights to their inheritance, but the hardship of that transition shall remain in place to encourage their parents to resist the thought of being a martyr for their dark lords.





The next assembly call on Thursday for the National Assembly Call by way of the Michigan Jural Assembly web site, is the the most important call yet!  We must have a quorum of states in attendance, with your help, we will have much much more than a quorum (2/3 states) in attendence and we shall be free of those who would call themselves our masters forever!


Anonymous said...

Article Quote,

"Let it be known to all, that ours is a message of peace, compassion, and loving, lawful assembly, so that no government or criminal organization may call us rebel rousers, terrorists, or anarchists."


Anonymous said...

To all patriots please post this on all blog sites you visit.We need nine more states and we can get them by Thursday.Let us moveforward at lightning speed.

Anonymous said...

Lying and hiding in plain sight some links to start with:

Don't want to say anything more - We the People must take the airline and other major passenger transport and electricity generating industries to task. Let's investigate and bring our minds together and expose the lying elite farming us as their fools. Out of thin air!