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February 27th, 2013
07:50 PM ET
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Video: Senior White House official emailed 'you will regret doing this,' Woodward says

(CNN) - Veteran journalist Bob Woodward of The Washington Post said Wednesday on CNN's "The Situation Room" that a White House official told him "very clearly, you will regret doing this" after publishing a piece rebutting part of the Obama administration's argument on the sequester.

The Washington Post's Bob Woodward said on Wednesday that a "very senior" White House official threatened him over his continued public disagreements with the Obama administration.

Woodward has repeatedly accused the White House of "moving the goal posts" in the fight over the looming budget sequester. He has been challenged on the facts of his assertions many times, but has not strayed from them.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday, Woodward described a tense series of exchanges he had with the White House.

"Well, they're not happy at all, and some people kind of, you know, said, look, we don't see eye to eye on this," Woodward said. "They've said that this is factually wrong, and it was said to me in an e-mail by a top --"

"What was said?" Blitzer prodded. "It was said very clearly, you will regret doing this," Woodward said.

"Who sent that e-mail to you?" Blitzer asked. "Well, I'm not going to say," Woodward said.

"Was it a senior person at the White House?" Blitzer asked.

"A very senior person," Woodward said. "It makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, you're going to regret doing something that you believe in."