Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Your jury rights are powerful

 Your jury rights are powerful
Date: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 9:26 AM
LOOK how the courts fear you when you tell the truth about your jury rights.

Pay special attention to the links at the bottom below the movie.
States are beginning to wake up and realize their power in the nullification of bad law.
Jury Nullification Activist Jailed 145 Days for Distributing Info

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Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this ... i am preparing to introduce my jury to their nullification rights when i challenge Maine's driving laws ... i am facing 2 OAS's (operating after suspension) with 5 supplementary charges which all originated from my failure to receive DMV notification of a request for medical review (which was no longer valid) and because i did not complete the review they suspended my license without proper notice (as evidenced in my driving record showing USPS NOTICE UNDELIVERABLE) and which has now exploded into 7 'criminal' charges ... I have been successful in delaying my trial for a year and am now preparing to organize my evidence and pick my jury for a trial sometime this summer ... both handbooks will be very helpful with creating my opening and closing statements !! THANK YOU !!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Information...thank you!
Stop avoiding jury duty...use it to exert your people power but do it with true justice for the people..."No victim...No crime"... Do not follow the instructions from the Judge...he is out of line and over-stepping his power by doing this.
We can take back our country and get rid of these unconstitutional laws if people will get information and inform others, especially those on a jury with you. Be a leader and teach others. Please watch the video of the layman's guide:

"This is not talking about letting a murderer go, it is about getting rid of tyrannical laws."