Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where's the money?

Please pass this on to everyone. Pay close attention to the last section and we can truly have and Independance Day to be remembered forever.
If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.


Where's the money?

This question exposes the silly world we live in and how badly we are informed. The being informed is the core issue and how silly we all are not to think for ourselves. Trust the media or government actors now have a whole new meaning.

There are approximately 70,000,000 homes in America
let us say that the aggregate average payment would be 2000 per month per home per mortgage times 70 million homes.

The monthly total is $140 billion per month, Cash Flow.

This works out to 1.68 trillion per year.
The average length of a mortgage is set out in the amortization schedules as 20 years.
20 years times 1.6 8 trillion equals $33.6 trillion dollars.

I repeat $33.6 trillion dollars.

And we bailed out the banks?
Now let us look at the other side.

Where did that $33.6 trillion dollars come from that back the alleged loans to the homeowners of America?

Good question isn't it?

Is this 33.6 trillion dollars earned and placed into the money system by the people, or is it created by the banks?

All of this 33.6 trillion dollars is represented in our homes, a real hard asset, and we the American homeowner have possession!!!!!   Possession is 9/10 of the law.  Not codified in law or a maxim of law, just an urban legend.  Restated:  In a property dispute (whether real or personal), in the absence of clear and compelling testimony or documentation to the contrary, the person in actual possession of the property is presumed to be the rightful owner.  (Check Wikipedia).
And even better is that the titles are in our names in and on the public record as fee simple ownership in our names.!!!!

The bank system is nothing more than a management system for our labor. All of our labor is what backs the private money issued by the Federal Reserve, bank credit.
Simply put we the alleged borrower gave a promissory note to a bank. The bank exchanged the deed and possession of the house for the promissory note. A simple exchange, an executed complete contract, paid and complete and closed by Operation of Law. At that point you have a valid contract with consideration and exchange of valuable property.

The alleged lender, bank, and its contract contain two parts, the Promissory Note and the Deed of Trust.  This is a single unit of contract.  The Deed of Trust references the loan received and its note, as a single unit.  When the bank separates its own contracted position splitting the note from the Deed of Trust, it destroys its own contract.  Thus, Carpenter v. Longan, 83 US 271 controls.  There is no available position for the bank or those it sold pieced of its contract to, such as securities investors that could state a claim because there is no valid contract after splitting.

The bank then sells a security, the valuable property we gave the Bank, the promissory note sold into the open market.  Remember, the law says any note with a maturation date greater than 9 months is a security instrument.  70% of these securities are guaranteed or backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, or FHA, government-sponsored enterprises. These GSE's are now in receivership, insolvent, under Federal Housing Finance Agency, an alleged conservator over the BAIL OUT.

When the bank sold the promissory note as bundled in a security they were paid.

The questions to all American homeowners are: “Is the bank paid back at that time, when they received the payment for the security?” “And, could the bank sell securities that have no value?”  Funny how that pesky promissory note has value to the securities buyers, but not to the bank at the exchange. HOW DOES THAT WORK???????????

The real party in interest holding the security is the only party that could have claim against our homes. Why? Because they are the only ones with value in the transaction along with us. The banks have no value in the transaction, they are simply a transfer agent in an exchange.

Remember, under 1933/34/35 U.S. Securities’ law, the issuer of the value, you, the note and Deed of Trust issuer
must be advised that the instruments issued will be used as securities.  No notice, no value later!  It would appear that after the splitting of the note and Deed of Trust and the securities’ violations that the Promissory Note and Deed of Trust would revert to chattel property status.  This means a demand for return might expose “Where’s the Money?”.

Given the statements being true, and I can find no evidence that they are not, the bank proceeds against the homeowner for payments for 20+ years.

But wait!!!!  It gets even better.

The residential market is apparently only 25% of the total property value market in America. The other 75% is tied up through commercial property, agriculture, and raw material properties.

Even grade school math and multiplication will tell you that if we use the same rate of $2000 a month for all of these properties were looking at over $100 trillion dollars in value.

Essentially were looking at 130 to 140 trillion dollars in real estate assets.

Where's the money???????????

Isn't it held secure in our property that we have title to and possession of.

If the banks cannot identify where the
Trillions of dollars came from, for an alleged loan, funds such as depositors or investors funds, disclose the history of these funds, and the true ownership, along with a transfer document proving they release their ownership of their property, the trillions of whatever, then the banks have no interest in our properties.

Is this so simple that it strikes all of you readers the same way?????

Lets finish up the silliness!!!!

For example, I am your debtor and I owe you one million dollars (FRN’s):
I say I will pay you back in 1 Million seconds and 1 Million seconds = approximately 12 days.
I say I will pay you back in 1 Billion seconds and 1 Billion seconds = approximately 32 years.
I say I will pay you back in 1 Trillion seconds and 1 Trillion seconds = approximately 32,000 years.
This is now, according to bankers and politicians and judges, 130-140 times 32.000 years, so how many years is that? REALLY SILLY ISN’T IT WHEN THE SIMPLE FACTS AND TRUTH ARE TOLD!!

The allegory of seconds is to give you a scope of what a TRILLION IS.  Try for a clear set of visuals.  Careful, don’t go into shock!

Foreclosure by a Bank or Trustee, or Attorney, or Assign is a Trespass on Title, invasion of executed contract.

Seems like open theft, Breach of Peace, to me.

This is how simple, on point, direct questions expose the Truth.

Principles first, facts second, law third, and the procedure of a simple question, “Where is the Money?”

Truth is sometimes stranger than the fictions we live in.

From a reviewing associate:  This added proposal should be passed around for discussion so we can decide together what to do with it.  Now, here is the question we should all be asking ourselves; “Do we want to change the debt slavery system to a monetary system, “a money system”, and get ourselves out from under their debt-slavery system?

Here is how this can be done in a matter of days.

On July 4th 2013 everyone stop paying all mortgages (residential and commercial), credit card debt and all unsecured loans.

It will only work if a majority of the people and corporations will commit to doing this.

You must get this out to everyone you know between now and July 4th for it to work so we all get out from under the debt slavery system.

We the people have all the power if we choose to use it.


ProfJim said...

From the article: “The alleged lender, bank, and its contract contain two parts, the Promissory Note and the Deed of Trust.”
Let’s think about this. There might be another two part document.
The title of the “Promissory Note” is more realistically “Promise and Note”.
For the sake of this article let’s define “document” as a group of words on a subject.
Question: Can we place two documents on one piece of paper over one signature? Answer: Of course.
So, the promissory note contains two documents: A note which created the funds to buy the house. The other document is a “Promise”. Let us concentrate on the promise.
First of all, promise is quite an ugly word in legal. From Black’s forth:
PROMISE. A declaration which binds the person who makes it, either in honor, consequence, or law, to do or forbear a certain specific act, and which gives to the person to whom made a right to expect or claim the performance of some particular thing.
As a sidebar, “pledge” is just as ugly. For example if you make a pledge to PBS when they are huckstering for money and don’t pay up, PBS can send the sheriff to collect.
In the promise document you promise to pay the bank $837.53 every month or the bank can have your house.
THE PROMISE IS UNRELATED TO THE NOTE. You are paying the bank every month for…well…for the hell of it.
Is there an out?
Again from Black’s forth:
NAKED PROMISE One given without any consideration, equivalent, or reciprocal obligation, and for that reason is not enforceable at law.
Well, it’s kind of an out. Notice that it said “law” not legal.

Anonymous said...

If everyone commits to doing this on July 4th, 2013, it will work, and we win, hands down! If we can get that many people to get into agreement together, there is nothing that we together can not accomplish. It's called unity, and it is a powerful position.

Anonymous said...

This top info is all wet.
When you apply for a 'loan,' you SIGN the 'request'.
The banker draws out the 'loan' amount from YOUR secret Treasury account.
Your Treasury account number is the number on the front of your Birth Certificate and/or the Treasury account number is on the back of your Social Security card (Such as C12345678).
[Do an Engine search for “birth certificate bond”.]
Your Treasury number is listed on the New York stock exchange.
Also, all numbers of lawyers, bankers, judges, congressmen, senators, many officials, etc., are listed too.
The banker is mainly interested in securitizing your SIGNATURE(S).
The ‘loan’ is peanuts.
The banker has taken the money out of your Treasury account and gives it to the seller.
The only investment the banker has, are the papers, pen and ink at the 'closing.'
At this point, the property is YOURS but wait.
The banker wants you to SIGN more documents, that actually 'DEED' the PROPERTY BACK to the banker.
1—The banker wants you to pay, such as $1,000+ per month (years of loan & all other numbers, fees or expenses are ignored for this example), for the $100,000 'loan' (one times payments).
2—You commit your self to 20 to 30 years of payments to the banker (two times payments).
3—The banker could insure the loan (three times payments).
4—In a default, Uncle Sam subsidizes more payments (four times payments).
5—Plus you lose the property, if you fail to complete your payments on time (five times payments).
Plus the banker(s) generates $1,000,000 out of this ‘deal’ for your signature(s).
Don’t hire a lawyer, because they cannot legally and honestly represent the common man.
The judge will disbar the lawyer, if ‘your’ lawyer uses the law too successfully.
The lawyers are usually a BAR member (non-United States citizen).
They are a foreign (British &/or United Nations) agent to you.
The county records will record you as a TENENT (or renter, non-owner).
You will have to pay property taxes as a ‘renter’ or tenant!
The Federal Reserve Notes are INTERNAL currency to be ONLY used BETWEEN the Federal banks.
The gold was stolen off the citizens at ~$20 per ounce (Later raised to $35 per ounce).
You will be arrested if you use gold and/or silver in transactions.
You COULD have used your signature to ‘purchase’ goods & services.
But you were given Monopoly funny ‘money’ instead (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES).
But the de facto ‘government’ has secretly hidden, how you could use your signatures for goods/services.
The de facto ‘government’ has been incorporated, such as UNITED STATES CORPORATION.
Have a good day, if possible after this.