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Oddly enough, the light we see about us is not real light. The Pyramidal Prism Prison Projection -- by Zen Gardner....

Oddly enough, the light we see about us is not real light. The Pyramidal Prism Prison Projection -- by Zen Gardner....
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Date: Wednesday, 27-Feb-2013 15:30:25
Prison Prism – The Narrowly Confined World of Visible Light
"Visible Light and Visible Truths – Are All Severely Limited"

By Zen Gardner
Contributing Writer for Wake Up World
Oddly enough the light we see about us is not 'real' light.
It’s a 'lower level', energetically illuminated, projection called “visible light”.
We call it light, but like so many things, there are real versions and layers of imposter or incomplete versions.
It’s not just semantics.
We see in 'just a very thin slice' of the big energy picture.
The perfect analogy to locked-in, stringently limited perception versus true conscious awareness.
It appears to be a metaphysical discussion, but this is very applicable to everyday living. In fact it’s essential. Which is why it’s so discouraged.
And this analogy, with the 'light spectrum', is a perfect one.
Conscious understanding is the 'real', yet 'non-physical' (invisible) light.
If that’s the True light, what is this other one we so readily use to measure and supposedly understand the world around us?
When people say they “see” or understand something, within what wavelength are they operating?
It would be interesting if people were calibrated for their 'capability level', so we’d know who sees the 'real' world, and who just sees the highly limited, and confined, 'visible' world.
They used to be called seers, shamans, visionaries, mystics, elders or the like.
Fact is, we’re all each of those things … we just need to wake up to it and exercise these innate gifts.
And again, that’s what 'they' fear and try to suppress.
Visible Light and Visible Truths – Are All Severely Limited

So many people take what they 'see' at face value and according to accepted interpretation.
They operate as if what they’ve basically been taught to understand or perceive is true, and base their lives on it, before they even have a chance to question anything.
The parameters are set within a highly contained, meticulously designed society, so by the time they have the impetus to question the fundamentals they’ve been given, they’re already well on their way to total serfdom.
And to question all this is anathema to this carefully constructed society.
This is why when a deeper or more realistic mega-model is exposed to people it is very hard for them to accept.
A lot of social issues are also at play, but basically we’re 'seeing' - hardly anything - of what’s really going on around us.
Predictably that viewpoint is discouraged.
Instead we’re told we make our own destiny … within 'their' framework of course.
Whatta joy.
Similarly, within this limited “visible” band of light or energy, what is manifested or projected within this realm, is but the tip of the iceberg of related fields of energy and information that everything resonates with and is intrinsically attached to.
To not grasp this inter-connectivity is to miss the big picture, real perception, and people are left to draw conclusions or be told conclusions based on a very limited and untrue narrow band of a contained reality.
Same as this visible light spectrum.
It’s absurdly short-sighted, so to speak. (Note: Never mind considering other dimensions… I mean, c’mon…)
Comparative Relativity Comparing with Itself … Relatively
To interpret anything on that stringently limited level of understanding, as being explainable by something else on that same limited level, will never make real sense .. neither here nor especially in the full magnificent scheme of things.
This is something quantum physicists are finally concluding, that sages and shamans and enlightened individuals have known for eons.
NOW, apply this limited, self-comparing, incomplete, contained world perspective, to the world of the mind, social interactions, understanding science or history, etc.
Our small shallow world of perception is just as limited, if, we cannot appreciate the entire connectivity of everything, and realize things are never as they seem.
Here’s the rub.
What do the societal controllers do, from wherever they may hail? Take full advantage of this disadvantage;
“Ah, these beings think they’re little slice of perception is the whole shebang! Perfect!
We’ll explain everything to where it appears to make sense even though it doesn’t. We’ll just make sure it does, and slap down anyone who says otherwise.”
The Pyramidal Prism Prison Projection
If manipulators are already working over this sorrily susceptible and easily limited race, virtually lost and imprisoned in this grand limited illusional “spectrum” of things, what would we expect such a world to look like?
Wouldn’t it be like this one? Here and now?
Would this accumulated insanity we’re witnessing make sense? Or the endless wars on ourselves for easily manufactured reasons to benefit the energy sucking controllers?
The overall milking of a highly motivated and productive race of beings seeking satisfaction, safety and security to suit the invaders’ sick, parasitic designs?
Piece of cake. A walk in the park…an inter-stellar gold mine of exploitable energy for the most aggressive invaders.
Just give these earthlings the projection they need to keep their wheels turning and their “assisted” limited understanding where you want it. “Not much chance of them seeing beyond it, we got it all under control.”
Sick..but is it true?
The Happy Ending
Fear not.
Who knows who’s doing what, but there’s an answer to every question.
And for those who DO see beyond our carefully scripted illusion?
Ha! Fight us they will, but to no avail. Even the Archons or how ever you perceive the assemblers are trembling, cuz the awakening is under way and cannot be stopped.
They know it, and that their time is almost over. Why is this so?
It’s inter-dimensional and Universe would have it so. Nasty abusive parasites will not be tolerated. But it apparently takes time, and we’re not too good in that department either.
Our limited comprehension is clearly just too short sighted, but that’s the cosmic reality.
We’re encased in these wondrous fleshly/spiritual bodies, but we are connected to Universe and all its wondrous gifts and power.
And all will be well. Somewhere, somehow.
Trust me, we are hooked up to everything we need to be!
Fear not, and don’t be afraid to see the full Truth.
I don’t know it all, but I’m looking … with open heart, open mind, and anything else I can summon. And that’s what matters.
Our heart transmitters are fired up and we can trust those through and through!
I hope you are reaching out too. We all need to get on board and magnify the Truth and Love vibe any way we can.
We’re bringing it on Home! That’s where it belongs! And we already are!
Keep on!
Love always,
(12th February 2012)

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Oh ho. Love conquers all. Love is all and all there is.
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