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"The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions… ANSWERED"

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Reader, link: "The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions… ANSWERED"
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Date: Wednesday, 27-Feb-2013 02:00:00

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Reader Isabelle sends us the link to a detailed blog article, posted February 26:
The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions… ANSWERED
The full article includes links and some graphics.


Anonymous said...

Here is an important question:

Why are we expecting the Rothschild's to do something good for humanity?

Heather announced the Rothschilds help her write the OPPT language and I am shocked to see sites that pride themselves to be helping the people and our liberties promoting this crap. You think the Rothschilds suddenly had a change of hearth and now want to help humanity? Really??? No wonder nobody could understand the language, the purpose, the benefit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

Anonymous said...

FOR WARNED IS FOR ARMED govern yourselves accordingly.


… THE TENDER FOR LAW – THE UCC FOR IDIOTS (c) 2013 ROGUESUPPORT INC. under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


As promised, I am now going to cover the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (or UCC, for you idiots who type with your thumbs.)

FUCK! Myths about THIS shit, sure has “done the rounds”, hasn't it? No more myths have been generated, out of a piece of regulation, than the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE!

The dumbed-down, but very accurate, explanation is that the UCC is a standardized LEGAL mechanism, to resolve disputes in commerce, where such commerce utilizes the world reserve currency.

At the moment, the world reserve currency is the US DOLLAR. This doesn't mean it's American law, but it most certainly covers the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and all the US shores and waterways.


If you watched Money as Debt III, you saw a brief explanation as to WHY gold became a world currency. It was universally accepted, around the world.

The UCC provides this very same function by being the very LAW you TENDERED when you used the US DOLLAR. This effectively means the UCC covers the UNITED STATES and any JURISDICTIONS, real or implied, which can and/or do use the US DOLLAR.

In order to make use of the UCC, you must either be in the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, and/or in one of the waters, shores or tributaries of the UNITED STATES, and/or conducting business in US DOLLARS.

I, for one, love the UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE. If you have a fleet of ships and you do business in AMERICAN DOLLARS, and don't have any debt, you're pretty much as free as a human being can get in 2013.

If there is anyone that says the UCC is anything else, they are, in fact, lying to you. The purpose behind the UCC is to have COMMON INTERNATIONAL LAW regarding COMMERCE. ABOVE ALL;ITS DEFAULT ROLE IS TO DETERMINE JURISDICTION!

...idiots. (Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have to say that! FUCK OFF!)

The UCC allows certain presumptions regarding accounting that would simply be impractical in a corporate environment. The fact that roles are clearly defined, and MARITIME ADMIRALTY LAW is heavily integrated, makes owning a ship, or even better, a fleet of ships, a very liberating idea, for the UCC protects you. The UCC guarantees that other users of THE TENDER FOR LAW that offered this JURISDICTION, will protect your interests by presumption.

This whole “Dean arrest thing” has distracted me from my larger goal, and now I have to stop and dumb things down. I certainly hope my explanation of the UCC is clear enough.

Now ponder how stupid a CLAIM against such “constructs” actually is.
OK, you know what?'re all too stupid...I'm going to have to explain it.

Let's cover a few fundamentals. I'll try not to use large words so the “BELIEVERS” won't get confused.




A human that is registered with the NON-PERSON GOVERNMENT IS A PERSON.

A human, and that stripper they fucked last year and has since squirted out a NEW human, and THEREFORE, said NEW human is registered with the NON-PERSON GOVERNMENT IS A PERSON. (That's what you get for fucking strippers)


ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD poses as a “TRUST”. A TRUST cannot make a CLAIM. Only a PERSON can make a CLAIM.

Anonymous said...


The GRANTORS of the TRUST have NO STANDING to make a CLAIM once the TRUST is commissioned. They have no more power to do so than the guy, whose signature is on a Ten Dollar bill, has the AUTHORITY to tell you how to spend it.

ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD, and their ilk, will happily talk as EXPERTS on the UCC, and I'm pretty sure NONE of them has actually used the UCC.

So, let's do a side-by-side comparison as to who is more qualified to speak on this subject:

I, unlike OPPF and “FREELOADERS-ON-THE-LAND”, have actual VALUE. As I type this the general consensus of the LEGAL AND BANKING SYSTEM says that I can, without question, UNDERWRITE half a Billion Dollar's worth of BONDS converted to MONEY OF EXCHANGE. Think about that. On a whim, I could inject half a Billion Dollars into the economy. This means that unless you use those dollars to purchase my value, the entire net worth of the country will drop by half a Billion Dollars.

If you think it's frightening that one privileged man wields the power to do this sort of thing, pat yourself on the back because that is the proper response. Ethics is the only thing that stops me from doing that. But that doesn't really help much in COMMERCE. An ethical guy with a gun, in the end, is still just a guy with a gun....

….Enter the UCC.

The UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE in COMMERCE, only recognizes whatever currency is the world reserve currency. This of course is the US DOLLAR. This means that every other currency touched by the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND is simply “acting” as a US DOLLAR (or part thereof).
Muammar Gaddafi was wiped off the face of the earth, because he dared point out that the world's currencies are propping-up the dead, hollowed-out carcass that is the UNITED STATES. He raised the point that, according to the little, green book that got him into office, He was pretty sure that LIBYA'S economic wealth was to go to its people.

I hear people stating that the war on LIBYA was ILLEGAL. Sadly it wasn't. The UCC made it perfectly LEGAL.

LAW IS A TRUST. According to the TRUST, Gaddafi's attempt to change the currency was a BREACH OF THAT TRUST.

THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE can be viewed as the grand, de facto law that exists where no other de facto law exists.

Therefore according to IMF TREATIES, if there's no law at a particular place, the UCC is DEEMED to be the de facto law.

You will notice that there is nothing to LIEN or FORECLOSE ON in the UCC. UCC is a “legal traffic cop”, directing traffic to its appropriate JURISDICTION.

Treating a TRUST like a PERSON makes any further documents produced as a result, FRAUD. Such documents are OF NO FORCE AND EFFECT.

In short, ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD is, by its very nature, based on an ILLEGAL concept.

...but that's not the worst of it. UCC, like any OTHER TRUST is based on CONSENT. Let's look into LEGAL UTOPIA! We needn't bother with silly things like consent. IT'S LEGAL PARADISE! Ferst we must get into the right “headspace”.

Since all of you like to form uninformed opinions of me, and what a bad man I am, I'll put this next scenario in the context of “me”, because your self-created loathing of me will allow you to accept this concept, in your empty little heads.

SO, Imagine if you will that I, the KEEPER OF THE AQUILAE TRUST, decided that I wanted to do something FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, because you're too stupid to do it yourself. With the arrogant presumption that I even have STANDING to do so, I, without your CONSENT, make a DECLARATION that you get a “chunk of the world's wealth”; and to ENFORCE that I drafted some AWESOME LAWS, as I do not “believe” (belief is the only thing that would cause a rational human being to think this way) you are capable of managing your own affairs...

Anonymous said...


...hey wait, this is starting to sound familiar. But I'm not like the GOVERNMENT, I know what's best for you! I'm just here to help; and anybody who doesn't want that help is clearly a “hater”, and are jealous... maybe even criminals and psychopaths. Why, anybody who doesn't want my help is mentally ill. That's safe to say! In fact, I'd better amend my awesome laws so that I may lovingly and humanely dispose of these mentally ill.

Got the picture?


Now just replace “me” with those “three guys” in ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD, and that is what is being sold to you. I cannot make this any clearer.

You'll notice I didn't use the word TRUST.

Scams like this diminish the word in much the same way GOVERNMENTS have diminished the words “human rights”. As this is my forum, I think I will prevent the concept of TRUSTS being diminished any further by this scam.

So OPPF it is.

Before I get started about this, I'm going to raise another TRUST system. It should have died at the outset because one guy ends up with the money. I'm talking about bitcoin, except you can TRUST and VERIFY bitcoin. It is a mathematical process that requires no trust. You don't need to trust bitcoin any more than you need to trust 2 + 2 = 4; and that's why bitcoin is a perfectly viable currency until the guy who started it gets all the money.

It is an automated-accounting, self-regulated currency. Bitcoin is the by-product of our knowledge of fundamental universal truths regarding numbers. For math is a pure discipline. There's nothing more to learn about it, and trillions of undiscovered things you can do with what we know.

I see a beauty and elegance, and even humour for those who can read the math in bitcoin. And that's why you can TRUST, because you get to VERIFY.

Now let's look at the ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD.

Those that can't be bothered clogging up valuable intellect with bullshit, can reduce OPPF to its base components...and it basically goes like this...

Three guys “reclaim” the world's wealth by way of the UCC, backed by the people in the TRUST. Except in every context with the UCC SERVICING NOTICE, etc., they are all LEGAL CLAIMS. The mere fact that you are GIVING NOTICE acknowledges the process. A TRUST cannot make aggressive moves like SERVING NOTICE and MAKING A CLAIM. A TRUST has AUTHORITY over what it RECEIVES. TRUSTS exist to fulfill a purpose based on ASSETS it has RECEIVED.



And a TRUST can only RECEIVE.

Anonymous said...


The AQUILAE TRUST, for example, has a PRIMARY MANDATE to restore EXECUTIVE POWER to The House of Windsor. This is a relatively unattainable goal. I don't think I'll see Queen Elizabeth II saying, “Off with his head” in my lifetime, but that is, in fact, its PRIMARY MANDATE.

As it is a PRIVATE TRUST (PRIVATEER) we stand by to SERVE The House of Windsor. The House of Windsor can give AQUILAE an ORDER, and can TRUST that the ORDERS will be followed, even though The House of Windsor has no LEGAL or LAWFUL AUTHORITY over AQUILAE.

Every TRUSTEE is aware of this, and if 'Liz says, “Suit up and go to war”, we “Suit up and go to war”, because we said we would and she can TRUST us to do so.

PROMISARY NOTES have the CREDIT and WORTH of those making the promises. ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD are making promises they cannot LEGALLY AND/OR LAWFULLY keep.

It is therefore reasonable to presume, based on the preponderance of EVIDENCE, that the ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD exists SOLEY for the purpose of profiting from your credulity.

You have often heard me speak ill of Robert Menard, but I want you to pay close attention to what I speak. Robert Menard tells the absolute TRUTH about the law. In fact, I dare say you can almost (but not quite) TRUST what he says about law. If it's the TRUTH it doesn't matter who says it. 2 + 2 = 4. It doesn't matter if I say it, or if Robert Menard says it, or if Charles Manson says it...2 + 2 will still equal 4.

However, Robert Menard lies through omission. If you ever want to see Robert Menard fumble around, and ask bullshit-deflecting questions, just ask him what “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER” means.

ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD is FRAUD at the outset. Always remember the noble lie. If it requires BELIEF in anything, spirits, gods, fairies, etc., you are being sold FRAUD. There are no exceptions to this rule.

From childhood you are sold the lie that faith and trust are equal, and they reinforce it with other lies like, “You must respect the beliefs of others.” Think about that for a second. Why must I respect the beliefs of others? Why have belief at all? If you examine the concept, belief is an end. It means you don't have to go looking any further. It means you can “just assume”, never having once examine WHY it should be believed.

Observe the threads in this very forum. My mere public position that “your ignorance does not equal my knowledge” immediately gets a million ad hominem attacks. I collect the names you call me like trophies, and all of you that call me these things remind me that none of you are capable of having original thought.

All because I have offended your “beliefs”.

And you enter with the arrogant position that if I don't believe what you do, there must be something wrong with me, which reveals your hypocrisy. You see, in order for you to have the opportunity to say these things about me, you most certainly would have had to initiate the communication; because the only reason you would talk to me is because you want my knowledge.

I would not talk to you. Your very beliefs negate the possibility of UNDERSTANDING. You have nothing of VALUE for me, and presenting an “alternate view” which focuses on bullshit always seems to neglect to mention the fact that it is, in fact, focused on bullshit.

In short, belief has no VALUE. Those who say it does are selling you FRAUD, and you must always suspect the motives of those selling demonstrable FRAUD as TRUST.

The most primitive example of the self-imposed ignorance of belief can be found in Roman Numerals; and before I start with this I just want to remind everyone that the Ancient Greeks calculated the circumference of the earth, so the concept of zero was well-known throughout history. If you BELIEVE otherwise, examine the source of that belief and you will discover it is, in fact, bullshit.

Anonymous said...


The number zero represents fifty percent of all math in existence. If you do not understand that statement, and do not understand why that is, you are not qualified to speak of math. I digress...

I think of my own personal knowledge of computer science, and the vast technological powers I wield simply because “nobody else knows how to do it.” I cringe in empathetic fear for humanity when I look upon its nine billion souls, all in some way, intimately tied to science and technology, and knowing nothing about science and technology. Even the most simple-minded amongst you cannot be so stupid that they cannot see this situation is a recipe for disaster.

And every day, I'll hear some ignorant, credulous adult, with an imaginary friend, declare that I am ignorant, and that I am “closed-minded”, of course; and this is my personal favorite, that I'm “mentally ill” or some sub-category therein.

These people truly believe that their ignorance is wisdom, and that their belief equals my knowledge; and that is precisely why I DO NOT RESPECT THE BELIEFS OF OTHERS.

Let's jump back in time to the Romans. The Romans had a technologically-evolving society. Mathematics and computer science were actually in heavy use, and numeric policy and process allowed those that could conceptualize the math to engineer aqueducts that are working to this day.

Computer Science is profoundly powerful knowledge. I have the ability to literally speak to the universe, and it will speak back – in numbers. The test for intelligence is the test of understanding prime numbers, for these things are universal, and all of it requires not one scrap of belief.

Those who don't see that only prove my point, because it's as true as 2 + 2 = 4...

...and I'll demonstrate with the Romans.

Bookkeeping's a boring job, isn't it? Those who have been saddled with such a task will know what I'm describing when I speak of numbers dancing in your head, and you, being a pattern-seeking mammal, indulge yourself in the boredom by seeing how you make these numbers dance in a pattern you have not yet seen.

This is actually a very profound process and a lot of people miss it. The last thing the Romans wanted were smart bookkeepers. Bookkeepers make the rules. None of you see that. Watch “The Agenda” with Steve Paikin. VALE and the Chartered Accountants of Ontario sponsor the show, and they'll proudly tell you how long they've been setting PUBLIC POLICY.

None of you are aware of this, because none of you think; and Steve Paikin's shows are for people who can think, so there's zero risk of discovery.

You can see for yourself, your masters laughing at your idiocy.

All the belief in the world is not going to change that reality....

...back to the Romans.

A society that's growing as a result of computer science needs to hide the computer science part. I know more than you do by default. I've simply dedicated more time to any subject you raise than you have to studying it. It doesn't matter what you believe...this is simply true.

I don't possess any mental powers you don't; and I don't possess any mental powers that the bookkeeper with “dancing-numbers-in-his-head” has.

You can see where this is going.

Discovery of computer science is inevitable, and accountants will find it first. I'm not going to find any gold in the Klondike if I don't go to the Klondike. You're not going to find computer science if you don't go to where math is used constantly.

So, the problem is reduced to one simple goal. How do you stop a smart, little bookkeeper from discovering computer science, without affecting the quality of his work? Enter the Roman Numeral system.

Anonymous said...


Literacy was restricted to the upper casts; and the ignorant will leap and cling to what they can understand. In less than one generation the Roman Numeral system was injected into society with the DECLARATION, “This is math!”

...and there you have it. The next generation will truly believe that Roman Numerals are actual numbers. They show the math function, and thus no one has reason to believe that the declaration, “This is math” was a lie, or that anyone's agenda was being served by believing that lie.

Such beliefs cause the believers of Roman Numerals to say that those “crazy people” who have no faith in the Roman Numeral system and their kooky religious terms like fast Fourier transform (FFT), Fibonacci Sequences, and calculus are just products of their ignorance... this sounding familiar?

Do you get the idea?

And so we return to ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD.

In the comments below I'll go step-by-step through the very base principles your beliefs have made you blind to. Unlike any other time in history, we all have the wealth of human knowledge at our fingertips. The ONLY weapon that those who work against your interests possess, is your ignorance. Belief is what gives ignorance VALUE to them.

Ignorance serves those working against your interests.

The people who sell you these FRAUDS are so effective because they truly believe in them, and of course that belief serves another unseen agenda...

...because the people that mean you harm, don't actually know you. It's not personal. You're a cow to be herded, because THEY took the time to learn things YOU didn't.

And to the adults with imaginary friends, I dare say you attribute every “good” quality in you to that imaginary friend; and all the bad qualities in you, you attribute to yourself, because you're “a horrible wretched sinner” that needs “forgiving” for some unknown crime called “sin”.

There really are people that laugh at the fact that immorality is sold as morality. It gives them comfort that in 2013, declaring that you're an adult with an imaginary friend is not only “normal”, but is in fact a prerequisite for becoming President of the United States.

I'm told that Governor of Alaska is another possibility too.

I'm still trying to figure out why stating the truth is “ego”. It is always the first motivator that I'm accused of. I suspect it's loosely connected to the other strange belief that people's hurt feelings make my position wrong; and if they're Christian they seem to think some sort of harm should come to me as a result. They counter this vile thought with some empty expression of “love”, because Love hasn't been diminished by belief enough!

You have to see things from my perspective as well. When you declare that you're “offended”, there's an automatic process that I programmed, with intent in my head, and it routes all data from that point on, to the same place in my head that I route whining. For, in the end, when you say that you're offended, you should just presume that my response is, “So what?” You're whining does not change what I said.

Anonymous said...


All that being said, I request you, friends, comrades, brothers, sisters, to try to keep the banter to a minimum; and I know I'm as guilty as you are for this...

I've had a good stern talk with myself on the subject regarding this thread.

I am going to go through this whole document of THE ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD. We're going to play “Biology Class” with this piece of LEGAL BULLSHIT.

I am going to put this fake “living document” (powered by “Belief”) on the stainless steel table, and while it cries out for mercy, I shall carve out its entrails, piece-by-piece. And we shall examine these entrails while it writhes in pain.

And then we'll toss away those pieces because they don't survive the light of understanding. At the end of our little legal biology class, with two goals accomplished, you will see the ONE PEOPLE'S PUBLIC FRAUD for what it is, and I will have given it the slow and painful execution it so richly deserves.

Anonymous said...

You seriously need to chill out Anon 8.35AM. You also need to get your facts right before you criticize and defame others. You have got this Rothschild connection to Heather completely ass up. Go back and read the facts that have been so transparently provided by Heather. You are very simply creating drama due to your own misunderstanding of the information Heather has brought forward and so generously shared. Oh, and by the way, rather than attempting to mentally understand every expression in the UCC filings, try using your heart to feel them instead, it may help. I wish to well in creating the reality that feels right for you in every moment.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention this cash-less society that she wants to set up. Everything on a debt card, so we can all be tracked. The same day I heard Heather talk about this, I saw an article that Bill Gates is on the same page with her and that is something the NWO was pushing for......., no cash, just a tracking card, basically.
I have listened to some of the shows that she was on and read some of her postings and I thought to myself.......if this girl just did all of this to the Powers That Be and is trying to shut them down.....including large corporations and bankers, she would have a lot of people looking to silence her, .......unless she is on their side and helping to get all the awaken people back in line by making them believe they have been set free........
You can read on where a man tried using their suggested method of fighting a court case and he was promptly sentenced to 27 years in prison. I am sure the judge just made an example out of this case with such a lengthy sentence....people who already filed your paperwork to supposedly declare yourself "FREE", without taking the time to study all of this.....I don't think you know what you have gotten yourselves into.
And oh yes, if you are a Dinar holder......Executive 10333 allowed an AMERICAN CITIZEN to own Dinar. If you have officially declared yourself FREE and dropped out of the SYSTEM, you are not still considered a citizen, so............ARE YOU NOW ILLEGALLY HOLDING DINAR? Will you be able to cash it in, or did you just screw yourself, AGAIN?
It's funny how Heather targeted the Removing The Shackles website.....just out of the clear blue, picked that one to contact about OPPT. The owner feels HONORED that she was contacted to get the word out on this. I think she was used, big-time.
The owner used to give out insider info on the new financial system and the DINAR. Now, she has turned almost exclusively to this OPPT stuff. However, how many of the DINAR holders went on to jump on this band wagon and file their "FREEDOM PAPERS"? Makes me wonder what was the motive?
I can see it now.......people who have declared themselves free of the system, think they are RICH upon RV. Then their bank accounts get confiscated ...."Sorry you are no longer an American Citizen, so you did not legally own the Dinar. We will be taking it, thank you".

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is not what Heather said at all! The Rothchilds DID NOT help write the Trust. This was discussed in great detail last night, on blogtalk 'collective imagination' show. Also, people grow and change, correct? Are you insisting that anyone with a certain last name be judged by what others with the same last name?

Anonymous said...

A Trust cannot liberate you, it just puts a different master (Grantor) in place. The Grantor of the Trust sets the RULES for the beneficiaries to benefit from the is yet another shadow government or in this case the old one with a new "soft and fuzzy" cloak of deception to Lord over you via their money god. Freedom comes from our Creator... we do NOT need a TRUST to proclaim our liberty for us when it comes from the GRANTOR of the TRUST, we must proclaim our own God given freedom and liberty. Think with your free brain everyone...we often are slaves of our own making, not because we are but because we accept that someone said we were, so we act like we are and keep asking the slave master for freedom, its insane. Break free of that kind of programming and be your own person and defend our God given Rights... and enforce our founding documents that are binders on the government that started this "slavery programming". WHY do you think they keep wanting to make null and void the Constitution and they NEVER mention the Bill of Rights, or the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE... why? ... why did they take this important information from their schools? Have you even read them? You'll never be free until you can act and think like a free person...a free man DEFENDS HIMSELF AND HIS FAMILY instead of cowering at the slash of the master...and our DEFENSE IS proclaiming the LAW OF THIS LAND and enforcing it. Pretty simple folks.

Anonymous said...


I know it musta been a bit laborious posting all 7 parts to that rant, so I thank you for taking the time to make that visible.

Anonymous said...

On Feb 26, 2013 Winston Strout weighed in on 1) UCC - what it is and what it isn't 2) Trusts - what they are and what they aren't and OPPT. It is important to listen to Winston share his knowledge and cautions.

Anonymous said...

Stop with all this USS bullshit.

Read Casper's latest update for some real intel.

Poof is an idiot. He claims to have been on other planets. 100% certifiable Fruitcake.

Anonymous said...

Who give this arrogant woman the right to bond all of humanity into this trust? who the hell does she think she is? oh! that's right!!! she is a LAWYER, and because she is far superior and because she's got friends in high places i.e. THE ROTHSCHILDS (But don't worry, this are not the same Rothschilds that we love to hate, just people with similar last name :-) ) she goes ahead and does what the GOVERNMENT has been doing for the past, like, forever,for our own good, because we are too stupid to take care of ourselves. She is bringing forward ALL of the ELITE'S ideas, a Cashless Society is a goal of the elite because that way the will have more control over us.(is all in the name of progress and technology)
I am surprised people that have been on this fight suddenly think this criminals can change overnight and be on our side. Really? do you understand if we win that will be the end of them?

Anonymous said...

Removing the Shackles now working for the ELITE. Heather working with the Cabal. I always thought it was strange Nobody was trying to silence her, isn't that the way they work? Maybe the Pope resigning was just for show to give people confidence. I am going to be watching this and counting to see how many more people are going to be stupid enough to file this paperwork and get themselves a long stay in campfed or the nearest prison.
Maybe if people use their hearts they will only get half the time. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thank you John, I know is a painful task, but somebody has to do it!!! and it has to be somebody with knowledge, I am only acting from my instinct, my gut was telling me, this is too suspicious, why did she take the liberty to bind all of humanity without asking us first? Why is she not making an effort to make this simple for people to understand? why is she not openly telling people this paperwork did not help her save her house? why is she not telling people she got arrested because of this paperwork? Heather is now talking about a cashless society, we know that has been a goal of the ELITE for a long time and BILL GATES Supports that idea as much as he supports vaccinations, and now I hear the Rothschilds are involved on this OPPT paperwork? A few weeks ago she was taking credit for the price of gas going down, I wonder what happened? Gas prices are back up with a vengeance, that too, to me was a red flag. I know I will never file or use paperwork I can't understand but I know desperate people will do, like that poor guy that got 27 years for using it. sad. Heather should be helping him!!! But I hear she doesn't even live in the USA, maybe she stays at one of the Rothschilds property....mmmmhhh

Anonymous said...

Some accurate intel for once:

Anonymous said...

All of humanity is bonded to the creator, not the trust. You're missing the point, which is self-evident that we are all first responsible to that from whence we arrived (call it source/god/all that is/allah/yahweh/gooseberries/whatever). It's the language stated in the Constitution of the U.S.A.

She's coming from a position that many people hold, which is that we are all part of "source" that decided to experience itself. We are all here to experience. That is it and all. That is our job. And her attempt is that to allow us to experience freely, without being beholden to laws we didn't agree to or slavery we don't desire.

HOWEVER, if enough people ("parts of source") decide they're not ready for that or they don't want that yet, this will never work. It's dependent on enough of "source" to agree on this new way in order to effectively make it work.

At this point, all you have to do is choose whether or not you want to continue to play the game of old or a new game. If you want to experience a feeling of responsibility to government/corporations or a responsibility to your heart - first and foremost.

And not even that. It's just your job to be and do. If you don't feel pulled by this message, it's not time for you to experience what it means yet. That's all.

Leosun said...

Why the anger about what comes first...or which is more important? The Debit card so we can be we aren't already? The man Cody, cited on RTS has a long standing court case. The OPPT Peeps are trying to help him at least...what is Anon above trying to do for Humanity? Can we all try to work together for our common freedom and abundance?

Anonymous said...

Well, anonymous, that wrote parts 1 to 7 you haven't told us much of anything. There are people hungry for instruction and wisdom but if it is kept from them what did you expect? Who instructed you? Are you actually the incarnation and embodiement representing the linear programming of the matrix? You look down on and scoff insultingly at other humans that are not equal to your intellectual capacity. Can you instruct humanity and offer solutions to universal human life forms and the multi-dimensional aspects represented by it all and why would you or not?

Anonymous said...

LOL Soon your nesara and dinar rv will be initiated!! Any day now... oh tomorrow... no its sunday... no, sooner than you think haha. then you wanna throw stones at oppt. go hang out with yer pope, he'll save you

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There is no need to wonder if the OPPT is lawful or not. Time is changing with the shift whether you are ready or not. Your eternal hearts know the truth. All will be awakened, then you can decide. The bottom line is, why are you waiting for someone else to save YOU? Save yourself. Change yourself. Change your mind. If you can not fathom the concept of loving your brother or sister and all mankind, then what is it you do want? Look in the mirror. People can complain all they want to, but the real question is what are they doing to change their environment, the outlook people have of their world and what are they doing to contribute to a world without war, disease, poverty, homelessness or even helping with getting pure water and food to the people? Have a nice day and smile. YOU woke up this morning not homeless with food. Think of others that don't for a change.

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Citizens are slaves!