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Reader BB: "The time is very near for all of them to go home."

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Reader BB: "The time is very near for all of them to go home."
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 23-Feb-2013 21:37:16

Thanks kindly for your time, BB
Re: Video: Doomed To Repeat It - All Roads Lea....
Once again Lion, my warm greetings to you and to all of your group that makes these words possible to all of our fellow man to read and with all of my respect to all of you out there.
(please forgive for my writings)
The first Universal questions starts from childhood and the words are:
What are those bright lights up in the skies Mother?
Ahh! those lights are called Stars! my dear.
Then humans dream of travel into space not knowing before they arrive to their dream star, they have to consume much resources from Planet Earth or dry it up before they get there.
Even the highest invention of humans never work in the Universes and they don`t even have the exact map to explore the Universe and its secrets for there`s no road map in the Universe and they knew they will surely lost in that "Vast Universe" but pretend they knew everything and its secrets.
Humans are "Star born beings" but secrets are hidden within them for millions and millions of years ago and all Star Beings are not originally from Earth but from far Galaxies and Planets.
Many of those Star Beings are the one who came here on Earth are "Contributors" of their own designed like living things.
Their ship cargo was..Seeds of plants, all kinds of fruits, that are now available to us, all kinds of designed plants that grows on land, thousands of flowers in different designed, thousands of butterflies by its designed.
Many Star Beings also contributed their designed like different kind of fishes in the ocean like fishes for harvest, fishes in the middle of the oceans, and fishes live below the ocean that evolve in a very high temperature near the underground volcanoes many millions of years ago.
Some Star Beings also contributed their designed animal species in many forms to grow on Earth and there are thousands of its kind.
They all observed their own designed in different time and season as they watched them grows while Mother Earth nurture all of them with harmony to each other with each unique beauty.
Mother Earth don`t produce DNA but nurtured all living things that have DNA.
Those Star Beings who`s been here are with the "Law of Creation" and follow the code of Celestial Beings that is base from the Source of All.
To shared everything they had as a preparation for human evolution.
Those star beings used smaller spacecrafts from their ship as they observe the whole Planet and their designed matured and available.
Many of those beings didn`t make it back home.
They were shot down by the intruders that they are aware of.
Their ships are not for battle but for exploration and observation of living things and many of them died but their spirits are here on Earth and very alive as a human form beings.
Their spirits are trapped in 3rd Dimension reality.
The time is very near for all of them to go home.
Their real home where they come from.
They are the the "Star Beings Space Missionaries" who brings love to other beings who dedicated their designs for Earth to grow for the coming evolution of man millions of years ago.
Their memories now as a Star Beings are almost gone and their spirits are totally asleep.
But as humans, they are very active physically, and very awake.
The humans who love deeply the nature on Earth and are very close to its natural beauty, and that are peace loving people, they are the same Star Beings from the very far Galaxies and Planets and the "Lost Missionaries" from their home planets.
The natural connections of humans from all living things are deep rooted from their spirits. They are the lost Star Beings missionaries and was shot down by the intruders, they are the designers of those living things millions of years ago in Earth counting.
The purpose of the next message is to show you the view where your spirits remembers few details and open memory doors where you been there millions of years ago before you proceed to come to Earth and contributed your designed that are accompanied by your fellow being.
In the middle of dimensions in the Universe, lies the "Hidden Library Planet" that was designed by the "Celestial Beings" connected to a very powerful electromagnetic force fields of lights in many layers and levels where the Library Planet resides in the middle of that powerful forces.
The entrance or portal is in between dimensions known only by the Celestial Beings and all members of peaceful Universal Community from another Planets and Galaxies.
The sacred secrets to go "In and Out" in that Planet library, are within their minds that synchronizes the fields with their ships that leads them to the opening portal right through the docking area near in that library.
There are only few of that Planet library and can be found in any Galaxy nearby but in the same placement.
That hidden Library/Libraries are only accessible to the peaceful community and that Library Planet are only designed for them.
That is the place where all information are stored in records Billions of years ago in Earth counting.
All the secrets of designing things from plants, animals, fishes, fruits, living animals that flies, building spacecrafts, energy that runs different spacecrafts, building Planetoid, or Biosphere, Ancient history of Planets all over the Universes and Galaxies, and many more.
The Information are "Endless".
It is all free for peaceful spiritual beings to explore.
Those beings who visits there also shared their new discoveries and stored the complete pattern and prototytpe designed for all to share for the good of all as they all move together to the beyond.
Here is what it looks like into that library.
I believe many of you had been there but no recollection at all.
From 50 degrees upward level to 15 degrees downward level, are three screens formation and each screen are around 40 times the size of a screen in a movie house.
They are placed in diameter formation around you.
There are many of them in that area and they are all over the Library.
In there, there are no books but screens.
They are designed to hang up there in purpose to see the Grand view.
Those screen have their own designed to interact with the brain of any beings who are welcome there.
Those screens will answer minds to what you want to see, what you want to learn, what you want to know, and what information you need.
It shows history of information in motion.
It is a playback recorded collections of information in motion i may say.
Those information stored in there are the major achievement of all peaceful beings and their tools to the beyond.
In that Library, the flooring are green grass with walkways made of Sapphire glass with soft lights in it.
There`s also a stream of sparkling waters and landscape.
In there, you can feel the natural you, the total half human, half spiritual being.
A kind of spiritual environment in another dimension.
In that Library Planet, there`s no guard, no librarians, but very much protected by the living energy that holds the Planet in that hidden place between dimensions that was designed a very, very long time ago by the Celestial Beings where it will stay forever.
In there, Universal History are kept and all secrets are hidden to any Intruders.
The very powerful electromagnetic pulse of lights that protect that Planets have also mind to confront and it is capable to destroy any spacecrafts of any kind to melt it down from the inside to the outside from many miles in radius.
That Planet Library are also complete of everything that supports the visitors needs until the needed information are completed.
These short details are enough to bring some memories that will bring flashes in your resting hours.
Then until here where I stop these massages, and I am glad also that even in this rough time of life, I can send some useful things as your tool to look deeper and to know who you really are.
My greatest thanks to Lion who been trying to arrange this all for you.
With all of my respect to all of my fellow beings.

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