Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Garlic and heart disease

   This dissertation goes beyond the article posted below, but it is presented in good faith. ***
***  I recommend 2 cloves of raw garlic and two tablespoons of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. -  IMHO -

  It does several good things, although it's tough to take the portion, nightly. 
  It's a synergistic natural tonic, a  pipe cleaner regarding heavy metals,like calcified arterial walls,and also  effective in controlling some antigenics, like some  fungal presence in the gut , and some parasites, bacterium, and viruses  and , including very possibly, reducing the calcified arterial plaque bottlenecks, as I have been pr-ivied , (told)  . A good cleansing regimen , an anti-bacterial formula, au-natural, not harsh on the system not at all expensive, normally on hand in a good cook's kitchen and not known to have any dangerous side effects,nor is it toxic .

  Also make sure you get yourself a good portion of,  
Vitamin C, and that will help delimit the cholesterol patches that form from the lack of Vit. C. : Refer to Dr. Mathias Rath's study on relating the lack of Vitamin C (Scurvy Syndrome)that he concluded leads to arterial plaque  buildup of cholesterol patches to heal arterial ruptures(due to mild form of ancient mariner's  malady, Scurvy) and as such compromises the arterial walls,like scurvy, but subliminally and  repeatedly in the arterial walls, as it is related to a Vitamin C deficiency, not at a critical level, that would produce signs of external bleeding from the eyes and , even the ears, and skin lesions.
  Like Dr. Rath says, dogs, in their current flesh bodies, are pure carnivores,but they never get hardening of the arteries- Why , you ask . The OMNISCIENT  CREATOR equipped the dogies with a sufficient, Vitiamin C producing  endocrine system. ***

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