Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dad Kills Kids & Self: The Philip Marshall Story


Dad Kills Kids & Self:
The Philip Marshall Story

February 26 2013
by Daniel Hopsicker 
There are 27,386 books about the 9/11 attack being sold on  Amazon.

The authors of 27,385 of them are still alive, or dead from natural causes.

That leaves Philip Marshall, author of a self-published book about 9/11 called "The Big Bamboozle."

In a small town in Northern California earlier this month, Marshall, a 56-year old ex-airline pilot, murdered his two children, Alex and Macaila, in their sleep, and then took his own life.

That's what happened...at least if you believe the police.

But there are others today encouraging the notion that the Marshall family tragedy was, instead, a sinister government 'black op.'

Marshall, these people say, was in possession of secret knowledge about the 9/11 attack, which he was about to reveal to a waiting world.

Is this just another unspeakable human tragedy, in a time, and a country, where such things have become all too commonplace? Or a fiendish government black op designed to keep 'we the people' from ever learning the truth?
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