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Sheriffs rising up

Subj: Fwd: Sheriffs rising up . . . . (in their dreams, only, though)
24 February A.D. 2013

It's terrific to see law enforcement, especially the traditional, County law enforcement, standing up to the political power-play coming out of Washington.

Those organizations that don't accept any "federal money" may actually be distant enough from the system they decry to be in position to have something worth saying.

However, it's one of the great double-minded concepts in our present situation for anyone arguing "constitution" this or "constitution" that while both accepting and spending/using "funny money." It's all the more a problem for those systems or organizations that get "federal funding."

There'll come a day where the "package deal" nature of the "constitution" will strike a resonant chord. In other words, where there's any part of it missing, then it's not just that part that's missing. It's the whole that's missing.

Therefore, there'll come a day where all this "constitution-ist" thinking will give way to our present reality, for there'll come a day that it'll register that there simply cannot be a "constitution"-based system and a "funny money" system simultaneously. For there to be a "constitution"-based system, there must first be a Law of the Land "choice of law" in active application. The "best evidence" of a Law of the Land "choice of law" is the general circulation of honest weights and measures, e.g., gold and/or silver Coin.
That hasn't been the situation in "United States" (not in the United States, but rather in "United States") since circa 1965. Since that time, we've been dealing with a Law of the Sea "choice of law," for only a Law of the Sea system can tolerate the general circulation of "funny money." As was proved in the situation with Rome, straying from an honest system of weights and measures is national suicide.

At the end of the day, then, as well meaning as these Sheriffs are, and as supportive as people are from coast-to-coast of that organization of Sheriffs, they're all kidding themselves that rallying around the "constitution" is going to make one bit of difference. With every supportive donation of "funny money," they all self-confirm that we're on a totally different planet right now from a system that could in any way even begin to recognize a "constitution," much less one that could in any way be limited by such concepts.

With every "dollar" unit of "federal reserve notes" that they use in that effort, they all the more solidify the very position they say they oppose. They support their alleged opposition with every financial breathe they take.

The "law" that the vast, super-majority of this nation "votes" for every day is the Nazi-communo-fascists' promoted "choice of law," for that is what comes with the "funny money."

God [YAHUWAH] can't and won't help an flagrantly unrepentant nation, and it's about as flaming rebellious as it gets to use "funny money," which is a "vote" for the "law of man," instead of honest weights and measures.

In addition to that, IF there's a gun-grab measure initiated by the national system (which operates "federally," as in "by agreement"), THEN what the "feds" will be enforcing will be a "gotcha agreement" between the individual and that national system. For a STATE, or any of its law enforcement people, to try to interfere with the national system's enforcement of those individual obligations will be for the STATE to be liable for "tortious interference," among other things.

Therefore, IF these "constitution-ist" Sheriffs really want to make a contribution to law and order in this nation in their own communities, the very first thing they could do is teach legal reality where they live. That's a bitter pill to swallow, but the longer the "constitution-ists" live in that day dream, the worse the nightmare when reality starts to set in. They need to stop accepting "funny money," whether from the STATE or from the national system, and they need to stop promoting as law a set of concepts that have never been law in America, and absolutely have never been law in "United States." Once they get their people thinking commercially, then they'll get their people acting commercially, and in this way, they'll be in a position to distance themselves from that system that exists to vex us all.

Until they start thinking commercially, and then acting commercially, they are not only not helping themselves, but also their dragging those in their own communities right down that drain with them.

May The Lord God Almighty, as our Savior, namely YAHUSHUWAH, cure the prevailing blindness regarding our present legal reality in time for it to matter.

There are solutions to the problems, but there's nothing that's going to be solved by continuing to throw the "constitution" at things. Even America never had that set of concepts as law, and "United States" exists to deny and defy everything under the heavens regarding limited "government."

Where to start? When the Sheriffs stop accepting "money" from the national system, and when they get the small/family businesses in their communities to start allowing their patrons, patients, clients, and customers to pay the bills with honest weights and measures, they'll be establishing a "defensive perimeter" around their communities that the "feds" will have a difficult time dealing with. Not an impossible time, for the "feds" will always have the authority to enforce the "gotcha agreements" that those individuals with such "gotcha agreements" have entered into. But, where such agreements are formed under the Law of the Land standard rather than the Law of the Sea standard, the evaluation standard for those agreements is dramatically different, enough different that the seams start coming apart on the baseballs.

A "constitution-ist" Sheriff who deals solely with "funny money" is an extremely double-minded individual. May The Lord God Almighty show them the difference in time for it to matter.

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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